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National Signing Day: Live Blog

By on February 3rd, 2015 in Football 3 Comments »

Good morning everyone. This is the day when we finally discover who will be in the 2015 Auburn Football class. It’s a big day for college football. We be covering all of the NSD events at Track ’em Tigers and at Auburn Tiger Bloggin. thru 12:00 noon Central Time.

As soon as possible we will post the news as each player faxes in his Letter of Intent (LOI). Come join the discussion during the Open Thread as we welcome the newest members of the Auburn family.

Please note that no comment totals will be displayed on the front page counter as this is an open thread, you must click on the “Read Full Story” button to view the comments. The last comment will be posted at the top of the thread under “New Entry”. Let’s get started.

Last night was a busy one. 4-Star Defensive End – Prince Tega Wanogho committed to Auburn late yesterday afternoon, and later 4-Star Athlete – Darius Slayton decommitted from Georgia and committed to sign with Auburn. His announcement came thru social media, Twitter to be exact.

Stay tuned as we try to keep up with the day’s happenings….

Gree February 4, 20155:25 pm

Any word on Godwin?

domaucan1 domaucan1 February 4, 20155:10 pm

Thanks to Koolbell and all you great guys at TET. We really appreciate all the work you do. Keep up the great work and to all you great athletes who signed with Auburn today, REMEMBER:

War_Eagle_2010 War_Eagle_2010 February 4, 20154:55 pm

A good day for AU, looks like needs were fairly well addressed. Now it’s time to see if the defense can start dragging the offense down, the opponents offense that is.

MyAuburn MyAuburn February 4, 20154:52 pm

By my count we got 5 of the top 100 players in the nation according to Rivals.

MyAuburn MyAuburn February 4, 20154:46 pm

I don’t know what school officials are in charge of that coach but he should be given a reprimand if not a pink slip. If he really was holding the LOI hostage (UF) that was a bush league stunt.

AubTigerman AubTigerman February 4, 20154:11 pm


BhamTiger99 BhamTiger99 February 4, 20154:09 pm

AU has just confirmed it has received Cowart’s LOI.

AubTigerman AubTigerman February 4, 20152:55 pm

Cowart status tweet via Brandon Marcello ‏@bmarcello 46s47 seconds ago – Byron’s mom Lacroria, “We are getting ready to fax it RIGHT NOW, it’s #Auburn, trust me it’s Auburn”
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Tigerstripe Tigerstripe February 4, 20152:44 pm

Cowart’s twitter is deactivated; CeCe Jefferson to UF

Tigerstripe Tigerstripe February 4, 20152:37 pm

Apparently Cowart is now wavering and is in a non-committed status…

friedca friedca February 4, 20152:12 pm

Enjoyed the excitement and happy with who we got. Thanks guys. War Eagle!

AUwaterboy AUwaterboy February 4, 20152:04 pm

I’ve been in and out this morning with work but just want to say I appreciate TET and esp. KoolBell’s running this thread. I don’t always comment but I’m always lurking around. Glad to be a member and glad to be an Auburn Tiger. War Eagle!

TigerWoman TigerWoman February 4, 20151:58 pm

Good job y’all. Thanks KB – No place better than Track ’em Tigers!

Pine Mt Tiger Pine Mt Tiger February 4, 20151:53 pm

Yes, Thanks KoolBell. I always follow this thread every year. Another great job!

GBAU83 February 4, 20151:46 pm

Thanks KoolBell and the folks from TET. Great job and right on top of all the action today.

AubTigerman AubTigerman February 4, 20151:45 pm

Stay tuned for Coach Malzahn’s post NSD press conference scheduled for 3:00 p.m. today.

AubTigerman AubTigerman February 4, 20151:42 pm

Thanks to KoolBell for running TET’s Open thread today.. AND … thanks for all who stopped by today for our coverage of NSD – whether you commented or just kept up with the news – our readers are very important to us here at TET.

AubTigerman AubTigerman February 4, 20151:38 pm

Still waiting for Byron Cowart,Elijah Sullivan,Jordan Colbert,Javarius Davis’ LOI – (Hanky panky appears be going on with Cowart’s HS coach)

Col.Angus Col.Angus February 4, 20151:37 pm

If its true that Cowart’s coach is holding his LOI because his son is a coach at UF, that is beyond disgusting. What a sad and pathetic little man. I know he or his kid was looking at getting a payout of some kind, but this is just ridiculous. One more reason I should never pay attention to recruiting. Its just slimy and gross. I really feel for the coaches who have to go through this crap.

I sure hope we don’t get Kouandijo’d.

Tigerstripe Tigerstripe February 4, 20151:36 pm

We are at 28 total with 24 officially signed LOI…Prince Tega will get a waiver though. Can we sign Jefferson?

AubTigerman AubTigerman February 4, 20151:30 pm

GG Robinson said on Twitter he had a sleepless night over his choice & thanked the Auburn Family but signed with Louisville. – Class guy. Best of Luck GG!

AubTigerman AubTigerman February 4, 20151:25 pm

Also, we have experienced some problems with our server this morning. We will be taking steps in the next few days to solve that issue – hopefully – completely.

AubTigerman AubTigerman February 4, 20151:22 pm

KooLBell asked me to let all know he is experiencing some technical difficulty folks. He’ll be back as soon as he can.

friedca friedca February 4, 20151:13 pm

That’s crap, the kid said his intention it’s not up to the HS coach to change that.

KoolBell KoolBell February 4, 20151:05 pm

Adults, this is b******t! The Armwood head coach’s son is an assistant at UF. That’s the problem.

KoolBell KoolBell February 4, 20151:03 pm

Not yet DT, not yet.

KoolBell KoolBell February 4, 20151:02 pm

Ed White athlete Javarius Davis has committed to. Auburn

DothanTiger DothanTiger February 4, 20151:02 pm

On my lunch break. Has anyone heard if Elijah Sullivan or Jordan Colbert have sent in their LOI?

DothanTiger DothanTiger February 4, 201512:59 pm

That’s wild

KoolBell KoolBell February 4, 201512:52 pm

Lots of flack around the coach at Armwood High where Byron Cowart went to school. Evidently the coach wanted Cowart to go to Florida…

KoolBell KoolBell February 4, 201512:33 pm

Byron Cowart has stated that he left his signed LOI to Auburn with his coach, and is not sure why it hasn’t been faxed yet

MyAuburn MyAuburn February 4, 201512:30 pm

Rivals has us at #6 and 247sports has us #8 in class ranking. Big discrepency is star ranking between the two of a couple of players.

KoolBell KoolBell February 4, 201512:28 pm

Looks like two spots left with CeCe Jefferson, Terry Godwin, or someone else to fill

KoolBell KoolBell February 4, 201512:27 pm

Sorry about that guys and dolls, I had some technical difficulties, but they seem to be resolved for now.

sullivan013 sullivan013 February 4, 201512:03 pm

Has anyone counted the number of recruits who mentioned “Will Muschamp” in their acceptance?

KoolBell KoolBell February 4, 201511:42 am

If my math is right, we have one spot left. We will see what happens. It will be a little while, so I’ll go make me some lunch. Be back soon. War Eagle!

Col.Angus Col.Angus February 4, 201511:41 am

Dang!! Bagman must have gotten the wrong directions to the dropoff for Ivey.

Good Luck Martez! I hope Cowart gets to run over you a few times in the SEC Championship game sometime soon. LOL

Tigerstripe Tigerstripe February 4, 201511:40 am

I hear that the recruits for Georgia Tech and Stanford are utilizing a Rube Goldberg’s machine to reveal which college they will be attending…

KoolBell KoolBell February 4, 201511:39 am

Martez Ivey chooses Florida wish him the best.

aufreak aufreak February 4, 201511:33 am

What an exciting day! They should make NSD a holiday cause there is no work getting done lol! WAR EAGLE!

KoolBell KoolBell February 4, 201511:33 am

Great job today, KB!! War Eagle! Thanks, War Eagle!

Tiger on the mountain Tiger on the mountain February 4, 201511:26 am

Great job today, KB!! War Eagle!

KoolBell KoolBell February 4, 201511:25 am

Auburn has received the nations #1 recruit LOI Byron Cowart is officially an Auburn Tiger!

Tiger on the mountain Tiger on the mountain February 4, 201511:23 am

w00t!!!!! But, what’s up with the chucky doll…yikes, man.

KoolBell KoolBell February 4, 201511:22 am

Did we just snag the #1 recruit in the nation?? Yes ma’am, we did!

Tiger on the mountain Tiger on the mountain February 4, 201511:20 am

Did we just snag the #1 recruit in the nation??

KoolBell KoolBell February 4, 201511:20 am

5 Star OT Martez Ivey will announce whether he plays for Florida or Auburn in 15 minutes

SEC_Eric SEC_Eric February 4, 201511:13 am

Four-star WR Darius Slayton’s LOI has been received by Auburn

Col.Angus Col.Angus February 4, 201511:08 am

You have to admire Holland’s confidence “I’ll be playing football the next 3 to 4 years at…..Auburn University”.

He’s already planning on leaving early!! Boy, I sure hope he’s that good!!

Col.Angus Col.Angus February 4, 201511:06 am

Beckner weeps for the Bagman cash he forgoes…..decided he wanted to stay close to Mama.

Seriously though, its nice to see a kid get emotional about where he is deciding to go….even though he dissed Auburn by picking up an Auburn pennant and saying “Thats the wrong one..” before getting to the Mizzou pennant he use to make his announcement.

And are these kids the ones who want to do these announcements on TV??? Beckner looked and sounded like that was the last place he wanted to be this morning.

KoolBell KoolBell February 4, 201510:54 am

Auburn announces that Jeff Holland’s LOI is in

hello2196 February 4, 201510:53 am

Oh ok, guess it’s confusing to me cause I’m on ET. I’ll be looking back at 11:35 ET. Good job this morning KB

Tigerstripe Tigerstripe February 4, 201510:51 am

Beckner going to Mizzou

KoolBell KoolBell February 4, 201510:50 am

Ivey will announce at 10:35

-Early morning, G.G. Robinson, DT/DE (will announce on Twitter): Louisville (committed), Auburn.
-7 a.m., Torrance Gibson, QB (signing at 7, ceremony shortly thereafter): Ohio State (committed), Auburn, LSU, Miami.
-8 a.m., Carlton Davis, CB: Auburn is a huge favorite.
-8:10 a.m., Byron Cowart, DE (ESPNU): Auburn, Florida.
-9 a..m., Ryan Davis, WR (Bright House Sports Network): Auburn, Florida.
-9:30 a.m., Jeffery Holland, LB (ESPNU): Auburn, Florida, Ole Miss.
-9:45 a.m., Terry Beckner, DL (ESPNU): Auburn, FSU, Missouri, Ohio State.
-10:35 a.m., Martez Ivey, OT (ESPNU): Auburn, Florida.
-11 a.m., Javarius Davis, CB/ATH (at School, on Twitter): Auburn, Florida, Louisville.
-1 p.m., Kendrick Norton, DT (at School): Auburn, Miami.
-1:05 p.m., CeCe Jefferson (ESPNU, ESPN): Auburn, Alabama, Florida, Ole Miss.
-5 p.m., Terry Godwin, WR (FOX Sports South): Georgia (committed), Auburn. – See more at:

hello2196 February 4, 201510:48 am

Have we not heard from Martez Ivey yet?

KoolBell KoolBell February 4, 201510:47 am

Montavious Atkinson is in. He’s a 4 star linebacker

KoolBell KoolBell February 4, 201510:44 am

Beckner is next, although many believe he will choose Missouri

KoolBell KoolBell February 4, 201510:41 am

Carlton Davis is official! Defense Auburn Defense!

Col.Angus Col.Angus February 4, 201510:36 am

If we get Jefferson, even Saban might drop a duece in his pants.

AUglenn February 4, 201510:36 am

Come on CECE, join the Tigers too!

AUglenn February 4, 201510:35 am

Finally – Welcome to Big Kerryon!

KoolBell KoolBell February 4, 201510:33 am

Kerryon Johnson is official!

AUglenn February 4, 201510:32 am

Cowart and Holland! DEFENSE – DEFENSE – AUBURN!

Tigerstripe Tigerstripe February 4, 201510:31 am

Cowart said he’d bring Davis, Holland AND Jefferson…let’s hope he’s that good of a recruiter

Col.Angus Col.Angus February 4, 201510:30 am

Great Googey Moogey. I have dreamed of the day when we would have a deep and talented LB corp to go with our line.

Lawd….I’m getting the vapors.

Col.Angus Col.Angus February 4, 201510:29 am

I think the goal today is field a team of 4 and 5 stars.

And how good of a punter do you have to be to snag a 3* rating? Shannon is going to be a big part of this class before its all said and done. I still miss Steven Clark.

KoolBell KoolBell February 4, 201510:29 am

4 star LB Jeffery Holland chooses Auburn!

AubTigerman AubTigerman February 4, 201510:28 am

That’s funny Colonel

KoolBell KoolBell February 4, 201510:23 am

4 star LB Jeffery Holland is next to announce his decision at 9:30

Col.Angus Col.Angus February 4, 201510:21 am

I love it. The “Bagman” is ranging far and wide this morning!

Now that we have a Nigerian Prince, the Bagman can take a few years off, right after I help the Prince get his vast fortune transferred to his account in the states that he sent me an email about. The great thing is I get half!!

KoolBell KoolBell February 4, 201510:21 am

My count is 17 right now, not an official count

SEC_Eric SEC_Eric February 4, 201510:13 am

How many have signed with Auburn so far including Juco’s & the ones already on campus?

SEC_Eric SEC_Eric February 4, 201510:12 am

‘little brother” love it.

KoolBell KoolBell February 4, 201510:10 am

PAC 12 Top 100 recruits 16
ACC Top 100 12
Auburn and it’s little brother across the state: 15

KoolBell KoolBell February 4, 201510:08 am

Tigers are bringing in the Blue Chip prospects

KoolBell KoolBell February 4, 201510:05 am

Ryan Davis chooses Auburn over Miami, FSU, and a host of others!

Tigerstripe Tigerstripe February 4, 201510:04 am

Just going by the announcement schedule but what happened to the Holland and Beckner picks?

KoolBell KoolBell February 4, 20159:59 am

Ryan Davis, the 4 star WR is next on the Auburn hopeful list is next to announce.

Jay Coulter Jay Coulter February 4, 20159:59 am

Really enjoying this KoolBell. Nobody does it better.

KoolBell KoolBell February 4, 20159:55 am

If so, next year they could end up #1 in recruiting. But that is too far away to tell right now….

KoolBell KoolBell February 4, 20159:54 am

The big question is whether Auburn can finish with the 2nd best class in the SEC.

DothanTiger DothanTiger February 4, 20159:52 am

Kerryon has been about as solid for AU as anyone the last few weeks.

KoolBell KoolBell February 4, 20159:49 am

Kerryon has not sent in his LOI yet, so its not official. But I’m not worried

AUglenn February 4, 20159:48 am

love seeing AU steal one from Urban meyer

Tigerstripe Tigerstripe February 4, 20159:47 am

I see we have RB Kerryon Johnson… was he already in the cupboard?

AUglenn February 4, 20159:46 am

Your on loud and clear

KoolBell KoolBell February 4, 20159:44 am

Is this thing on?

AUglenn February 4, 20159:44 am

War Damn Eagle!

KoolBell KoolBell February 4, 20159:35 am

Bruce Pearl is on the live feed for NSD

KoolBell KoolBell February 4, 20159:34 am

Carlton Davis, the 4 star DB flipped from Ohio State to Auburn! War Eagle!

AubTigerman AubTigerman February 4, 20159:29 am

Off to a great start!

AUglenn February 4, 20159:28 am

Hail to Lutzie!

KoolBell KoolBell February 4, 20159:28 am

Another Linebacker! Richard McBryde is in!

KoolBell KoolBell February 4, 20159:26 am

Jalen Harris, the Tight End who was coached by Phillip Lutzenkirchen has signed with the Auburn Tigers

Tigerstripe Tigerstripe February 4, 20159:26 am

Did we not get Carlton Davis?

KoolBell KoolBell February 4, 20159:25 am

@AUwaterboy, I don’t think Jefferson is coming if all the talk recently is correct. Holland is almost a lock, so there’s that…

KoolBell KoolBell February 4, 20159:21 am

The only thing Auburn is waiting on is Slaytons L.O.I.

KoolBell KoolBell February 4, 20159:20 am

Darius Slayton is officially an Auburn Tiger. The 4 start WR flipped from UGA last night, and made his announcement official earlier today

AUwaterboy AUwaterboy February 4, 20159:20 am

Cowart has said that CeCe Jefferson and Jeffery Holland would sign at same school with him. Hope he was right.

Tigerstripe Tigerstripe February 4, 20159:15 am

Come on Beckner, Marshall, Ivey and Jefferson…

AUglenn February 4, 20159:15 am

The biggest? wow again!

AUglenn February 4, 20159:13 am

Wow! That should put us in Top-5

KoolBell KoolBell February 4, 20159:13 am

Signing Cowart is as big as any in Auburn history. He will become the highest rated recruit in the history of Auburn football

DeepseaTiger February 4, 20159:12 am

That is a good start would be great if the others follow suit.

Tigerstripe Tigerstripe February 4, 20159:10 am

got Cowart!!!!

KoolBell KoolBell February 4, 20159:09 am

#1 overall recruuit in the 2015 class agrees to play at Auburn!

Im4Auburn February 4, 20159:09 am


Tigerstripe Tigerstripe February 4, 20159:08 am

times below are ET

KoolBell KoolBell February 4, 20159:08 am

As far as I know, those times are all Central Time

KoolBell KoolBell February 4, 20159:07 am

Outside Linebacker 4 star ay 6’3″ Darrell Williams is officially an Auburn Tiger!

DothanTiger DothanTiger February 4, 20159:06 am

Good morning everyone. I’m taking a break at work to check out TET Live Blog of NSD. I’m looking for a great day today … hopefully Top-5 finish. War Eagle!

Im4Auburn February 4, 20158:57 am

Are the announcing times posted below CT or ET?

KoolBell KoolBell February 4, 20158:55 am

His Dad is an actual King in Nigeria.

Im4Auburn February 4, 20158:54 am

I heard he is of royal blood.

Tigerstripe Tigerstripe February 4, 20158:54 am

Morning! WDE… Work production just went down for me today.

Im4Auburn February 4, 20158:53 am

Are the announcing times you posted below CT or ET?

friedca friedca February 4, 20158:53 am

Ok maybe I’m gullible, but is Tega Wanogho really a prince? If so that is pretty cool. Great start so far, War Eagle

KoolBell KoolBell February 4, 20158:53 am

while we are talking typos it’s Prince Tega Wanogho Jr.

KoolBell KoolBell February 4, 20158:52 am

You are right it’s HORTON sorry for the typo folks!

GBAU83 February 4, 20158:50 am

I believe that is Michael HORTON (not Norton). AU page has it listed as Horton.

Pine Mt Tiger Pine Mt Tiger February 4, 20158:45 am

That’s good news. It was a serious injury to the Prince. May recovery would be fantastic for him.

Pine Mt Tiger Pine Mt Tiger February 4, 20158:45 am

Welcome Mr. Norton!

KoolBell KoolBell February 4, 20158:44 am

Auburn can sign 28 in this class, they will sign all 28.

KoolBell KoolBell February 4, 20158:43 am

Michael Norton a Florida commit has flipped, and signed with Auburn! It’s official.

AUglenn February 4, 20158:41 am

How many do you think we’ll sign today KoolBell? how big will class be?

KoolBell KoolBell February 4, 20158:38 am

Tega Wonogho has been diagnosed with a clean break on both bones in his leg. There was zero tissue damage, and zero nerve damage. Fortunately for him. Doctors have stated he will make a complete recovery, and should be healed as early as May

KoolBell KoolBell February 4, 20158:36 am

-Early morning, G.G. Robinson, DT/DE (will announce on Twitter): Louisville (committed), Auburn.
-7 a.m., Torrance Gibson, QB (signing at 7, ceremony shortly thereafter): Ohio State (committed), Auburn, LSU, Miami.
-8 a.m., Carlton Davis, CB: Auburn is a huge favorite.
-8:10 a.m., Byron Cowart, DE (ESPNU): Auburn, Florida.
-9 a..m., Ryan Davis, WR (Bright House Sports Network): Auburn, Florida.
-9:30 a.m., Jeffery Holland, LB (ESPNU): Auburn, Florida, Ole Miss.
-9:45 a.m., Terry Beckner, DL (ESPNU): Auburn, FSU, Missouri, Ohio State.
-10:35 a.m., Martez Ivey, OT (ESPNU): Auburn, Florida.
-11 a.m., Javarius Davis, CB/ATH (at School, on Twitter): Auburn, Florida, Louisville.
-1 p.m., Kendrick Norton, DT (at School): Auburn, Miami.
-1:05 p.m., CeCe Jefferson (ESPNU, ESPN): Auburn, Alabama, Florida, Ole Miss.
-5 p.m., Terry Godwin, WR (FOX Sports South): Georgia (committed), Auburn.

Pine Mt Tiger Pine Mt Tiger February 4, 20158:35 am

Hope Wonogho gets well soon, we can really use that guy.

KoolBell KoolBell February 4, 20158:33 am

Looking for the info on the Ivey announcement.

KoolBell KoolBell February 4, 20158:32 am

Wonogho is actually royalty from Nigeria with tremendous upside.

KoolBell KoolBell February 4, 20158:32 am

6’8″ Defensive End Prince Tega Wonogho is now official

KoolBell KoolBell February 4, 20158:32 am

Cowart isn’t set to announce until after 8 am

TigerWoman TigerWoman February 4, 20158:30 am

Jaunta’Vius Johnson just signed?

TigerWoman TigerWoman February 4, 20158:24 am

When is Martez Ivey suppose to announce?

TigerWoman TigerWoman February 4, 20158:23 am

War Eagle auhemi

auhemi auhemi February 4, 20158:22 am


AUjason February 4, 20158:19 am

Where is Byron Cowart?

KoolBell KoolBell February 4, 20158:18 am

Torrance Gibson chooses his first love Ohio State. Best of luck to him. 5 QB’s in that rotation.

Pine Mt Tiger Pine Mt Tiger February 4, 20158:17 am

Very glad to see Jordan Colbert on board. Safety and D-Backs are a critical need.

KoolBell KoolBell February 4, 20158:16 am

Jauntavius Johnson a 3 star DT is official!

Pine Mt Tiger Pine Mt Tiger February 4, 20158:16 am

Thanks KB!

KoolBell KoolBell February 4, 20158:15 am

4 star QB Torrance Gibson will announce shortly, and we’ll have it for you here!

KoolBell KoolBell February 4, 20158:05 am

4 star Jordan Colbert is a safety, and now an Auburn Tiger!

AubTigerman AubTigerman February 4, 20157:52 am

7:50 and we already have three in the house?

KoolBell KoolBell February 4, 20157:49 am

Kaleb Kim a second Offensive lineman! 6’4″ is on the board!

KoolBell KoolBell February 4, 20157:42 am

4 star Offensive Guard Marquel Harrell is now on the board!

KoolBell KoolBell February 4, 20157:38 am

It’s a pleasure uglyjoe. Slayton’s flip is huge. 1st he is a true receiver, with great hands. At 6’1″ he can get the ball up high, and that is important. He also is the Georgia high school champion in 100 meters and 200 meters sprints.

KoolBell KoolBell February 4, 20157:32 am

The #1 Overall player, Byron Cowart is set to announce his decision at 8:10 this morning on ESPNU. This announcement may set the tone for Auburn today.

uglyjoe February 4, 20157:28 am

Thanks for doing this KoolBell……if the Slayton commitment goes through, how big of a deal is that…..and was it expected?

KoolBell KoolBell February 4, 20157:19 am

Ian Shannon, the heralded punter is in! Welcome to the Auburn family Ian!

KoolBell KoolBell February 4, 20157:16 am

Good morning DT, coffee in hand, and three computers running. Let’s do this!

DeepseaTiger February 4, 20157:07 am

Morning KoolBell looking forward to seeing this all play out today.

KoolBell KoolBell February 4, 20156:50 am

Here is a list of possible signees today:
Martez Ivey
Byron Cowart
CeCe Jefferson
Terry Godwin
Deon Cain
Jeffery Holland
Carlton Davis
Ryan Davis
Kendrick Norton
Torrance Gibson

Mike Horton
Javarius Davis
Sheldrick Redwine
G.G. Robinson
Camion Patrick
Dominique Reed

KoolBell KoolBell February 4, 20156:40 am

Good morning everyone, War Eagle!

KoolBell KoolBell February 4, 20156:39 am

Today only for this special event, Track Em Tigers and Auburn Tiger Bloggin” will join forces to bring you National Signing Day.


  1. AubTigerman AubTigerman says:

    Thanks for doing this KoolBell looking for a good day!

  2. AubTigerman AubTigerman says:

    Thanks again to KoolBell for running TET’s Open Thread. AND Thanks for all who stopped by today for our coverage of National Signing Day – whether you commented or just kept up with the news –

    our readers are very important to us here at Track ’em Tigers.

  3. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    …..Indeed, Kool! I wasn’t able to check in but a couple of times on a busy morning. Thanks so much for handling this! You did a great job.