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My two cents, and that is all they are worth.

By on November 26th, 2012 in Member Post 7 Comments »

I am by no means a fair- weathered fan. So many of you will jump me and call me a traitor, a non-believer, etc. That is all fine with me. I got the same thing in 2010. I do HOPE that we did not pay for Cam, and so far nothing I have seen makes me think so. The fact our coaches are being investigated again makes this look even more questionable. I think it fair to say, no matter what it is worth, the entire nation thinks we are a slimy, dirty, and good ole’ boy program. I have to say I do agree. 

     Look at the history we have with coaches being fired. Dye- sanctions, racist phone calls recorded when paying players. He then becomes the AD, and is still overreaching in his role in the program. He goes on air with and says he would take 10 Chiziks over 1 Saban. What an idiot. Can AU greats not just move on. Can the program not just move on. The biggest disappointment to me in the last two days is the announcement of Sullivan, Jackson, etc. on a “search committee”. This is a big red flag for me. The good ole’ Auburn connection is still in place. Did Saban have ties to Bama? No. He was a Michigan State/LSU/NFL man. He is a winner. Hate him if you must, say the media kisses up to him. He is the absolute best in the game. He is a winner and so is the bama program. Period. We need new blood to go out and hire a guy that wins, ties to the program or not. Not Petrino, as he is an embarrassment to his old program, and to coaching as a whole. 

    I can take losing. That is part of the game. I have spent thousands of dollars going to AU games since I was a small child. I own an embarrassing amount of Auburn gear. I am OBSESSED with Auburn. I do, though, expect values in my football program. I expect coaches that respect the fact that  their players are students, and that pay attention to their personal, not just athletic, potential. I do not respect hiring firms to ensure players are not acting up. Good players play, mess-ups should be kicked to the curb. I do not respect dirty programs. If you look at the history of coaching at Auburn, it is obvious that coaches are answering to more people than the fans and the Univ. President. This is a cancer that is making us a national embarrassment. Period. We are a joke, and the huge contract that was given to Chizik too quickly is just bad business. The fact that Jacobs was not fired mid-season and a new AD was not hired prior to the firing of Chizik is a joke. 

    My only hope for this program, and to me it is THAT GRIM, is that Auburn hires an outsider, that is a proven winner, and is man enough, letting the AD know this in his interviews, to stand up to the good ole’ boys network. Our next coach needs 100% control. He needs to have a clean tract record, and run a good program. Pat Dye needs to exit gracefully, including his radio job. We have had enough of his ridiculous comments. He is HURTING US!

    I would throw tons of money, and complete control, at David Shaw from Stanford. That man is pure class and a winner. He has high academic standards and they are not an issue. His players are the most composed and his team exudes great fundamentals. He is also an outsider, and a breath of fresh air. We would be lucky to have him. He is currently paid 1.5 mil. so we could easily double that. If not him, Gus is the best option, though I doubt he will leave his program. Fisher just told an Orlando radio station he is going nowhere. 

     I have loved this university and followed the program since I can remember. I can stand losing, and I see that being something we will face. I will not accept more sanctions, more NCAA investigations, more shady firings with no transparency. I will not stand for hiring trash like Petrino. I hope none of these things are coming our way. I will keep the faith. I believe in Auburn, and love it, but I am trying hard to see the silver lining. 




  1. Tiger on the mountain Tiger on the mountain says:

    I’m so on board with David Shaw! You have no idea.

    I actually listened to Finebaum today. When Pat Dye came on, I just had to shake my head. Much respect to what he has done in the past, but in the present he sounds drunk (probable) and/or senile (likely). His incessant assertions that he has nothing to do with this current search doesn’t help.

  2. Tigerz Tigerz says:

    +1 … well said … thanks for sharing!

  3. KevinATL KevinATL says:

    What hurts worse than watching Bama build an empire? How about having a Bama fan friend tell me, the week after the national championship celebration at AU that Chizik was a fluke, and he will be gone in two years. He also said Bama and LSU had left AU in the dust, and we are a third tier program. I hate when I have to go back to him and tell him he hit it directly on the head. No one can take away our 2010 championship, but this fan, for one, will still fly his auburn flag, and stickers, and magnets, but I will no long fly the 2010 banner. It was a fluke, and everyone including myself knows it. Scarb was soooo right in his article today. We played like crap on defense that season, and we were extremely lucky. I hoped we had a program that was going to compete for championships, but we were simply a one trick pony. I attribute it not to Cam, though he was a huge part. That team was all Malzone. No one can take that title away, but I cannot help but have a bad taste in my mouth from 2010…..and that is very, very, sad to say about a championship season.

  4. Third Generation Tiger Third Generation Tiger says:

    I agree with you about Jacobs. He should have been fired LONG ago. I disagree with you about Pat Sullivan and Bo Jackson. Neither one of these guys give a damn what the Auburn good ‘ole boy club thinks.

  5. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    …..One thing about Pat Dye is that his athletic director term was concurrent with his football coaching days. I think everyone realized that wearing both hats was too much, as Auburn’s talent level peaked around 1988, then slid as his last two teams finished without a winning record.

    …..Auburn hired Mike Lude (after the U of Washington didn’t renew his contract) in the summer of 1992, and Lude was the guy who hired Bowden. Then Lude left after two years, and David Housel served from 1994 till Jetgate finished him off, making way for Jacobs.

  6. KevinATL KevinATL says:

    Am I the only guy in the world that thinks we let go of Bowden too soon? I liked him. He was a winner. Look at his history at AU. One losing season, and we fired him ( “he left”) mid season. I hear the rumors about cheating with Lowder’s daughter ( or some other important figure). I say if there were indiscretions, why not let them be known. Looks a lot better then letting someone go in their first losing season. The shadiness in his firing has been a constant theme since he left. We never quite hear the entire story. I do not hear a lot of AU fans that agree with me, but I think we dropped the ball on that one.
    My guess is he did not please the good ole’ boy network and that is why he was let go so quickly. That and he was a midget.

  7. DBAU81 says:

    David Shaw would be a tremendous hire, but even assuming he’s on the list (and I haven’t seen any reports that he is) it would be hard to pry him away from Stanford. You are absolutely right about Pat Dye and the need to make a clean break from the good ole boy network. That has to start at the top, however, meaning that Dr. Gogue needs to fire Jay Jacobs and bring in a strong, competent AD and give him the authority and autonomy he needs to overhaul the entire department as he sees fit, without outside interference from anybody. But….I don’t see it happening any time soon.