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My Report From Atlanta

By on December 8th, 2013 in Member Post 4 Comments »

War Eagle, everybody! Well, It’s the morning after, and after getting about 3 hours of sleep, I’m back at work and typing this on my phone, so excuse me for any grammatical errors. I just couldn’t wait.

I rolled in to Atlanta at about 10:00, went to College Park and road MARTA in. We went straight to Fan Fare and dinked around. Most of the stuff was for kids, but we did enjoy some of the interview pannels.

Ben Leard proved quite prophetic. Buck Belue asked the pannel to predict where the SEC teams would end up in and Ben stated “Auburn will be in Pasadena. They will win tonight, and Ohio State will lose.” Pretty ballsy.

We then went over to meet former Tiger LB Takeo Spikes. He was very accomodating and signed my helmet (the one in my profile pic). He said “let me doctor it up for ya.” And wrote “War F’ing Eagle” on the back. Epic.

I engaged as many Mizzou people as I could, and they were all very nice. The mid-westerners are my favorite group of people from my travels, and they were represented well.

The Dome might as well have been Jordan Hare with a roof on it. The crowd was amazing! The game went just how I wanted: high scoring, close, with us putting them away at the end.

When one of the Mizzou fans said “We are killing ourselves! They’re not beating us! We’re beating ourselves!” He was immediately corrected by his Mizzou buddy: “No, they are running over us. That Mason fellow is the best back I’ve ever seen.”

We hung around to high-five some players and take it all in a little while, and headed home, stopping by an Auburn fan-filled Waffle House in Bremen, Ga for dinner. We figured hell, if it’s good enough for Gus, it’s good enough for us! When I got home, the first text I read was from a friend, telling me of the fate of the Ohio State University.


  1. AubTigerman AubTigerman says:

    We may have been on the same train Sand Mt. We also rode the train in from College Park around 10 a.m. Wonder how close we were in the stadium. What section were you in?

  2. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    …..I too, had good experiences talking to the Mizzou folk. Mason… he’s elevated himself to legendary status. 46 carries? Are you kidding me? 304? I was kinda sad when Gus had ’em take a knee late. Mason only needed 4 more yards to break the all-time Auburn single game rushing record…

    • SandMountainTiger SandMountainTiger says:

      Yeah, it beat the heck out of my experience with Tennessee fans in ’04. As far as the record goes, well there’s always next game 🙂 As good as he’s been, I think jumping to the pros after this season might be a mistake. He’s a bit undersized (didn’t really hurt Ray Rice, to whom I predict he will be compared), and I think one more year of seasoning could really round out his game.