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Morning Musings: Picking Up Steam

By on February 8th, 2017 in Basketball, Football 5 Comments »


Auburn basketball… picked up its fifth conference and 16th total win last night after defeating Mississippi State in a high-scoring battle that seemed like it would never end, 98–92. Mustapha Heron led the way for the Tigers once again as he scored 17 points with six rebounds and four assists. And freshman center, Austin Wiley, has continued to improve, even at such a young age. 

I’ve had my doubts this season, but Bruce Pearl has been able to ease my worries a bit recently with a string of strong performances. Auburn has quietly stepped into the NCAA Tournament spotlight as a bubble team following wins against TCU and Alabama—a season sweep against the Tide. Barring a season-ending collapse, the Tigers will make a postseason tournament of some kind. Whether it’s the NIT or the NCAA Tournament is still up in the air, but there’s no question that Bruce Pearl has this team headed in the right direction.

Art Briles will never… coach any level of football again. And that’s a good thing. It’s disgusting to think just how much knowledge he had of the entire situation during his time at Baylor. Auburn dodged a bullet with that one, and it was very encouraging to see just how quickly that idea got shut down by university officials. 

On the note of Baylor, given everything that has surfaced regarding the program over the past few years, and now with the latest news of an assistant coach being involved in a prostitution ring, I believe the only fair punishment would be to give the football program the death penalty. The NCAA needs to allow the immediate release of all Baylor players as well as cover the cost of scholarships for players that transfer to schools that have no room for more scholarship athletes.

Do I think that this will happen? No. Absolutely not. The NCAA has continued to show its incompetence over the years regarding sanctions, and it seems like the association places a heavier focus and punishment on institutions that break recruiting rules over universities that cause actual harm to other people. It’s sickening, to say the least.

The coaching carousel across the state… is an absolute circus at this point. Nick Saban is having trouble holding on to an offensive mind that fits his system…and his personality. First, a week before the College Football Playoff, it was Lane Kiffin that was “let go.” It was no secret that the two were constantly butting heads throughout Kiffin’s tenure at Alabama, and the Tide’s quiet offensive showing in the SEC Championship game seemed to be the final straw for Saban. Then, Steve Sarkisian was brought in to take over the reins as head play-caller. This experiment lasted one game. 

It’s pretty apparent that Saban is, and has always been, a complete and total control freak. The man demands to have a handle on all facets of the program.

The whole situation is just fascinating to me.


  1. awbee75 says:

    I’m not going to get into whether Baylor should or should not get the death penalty, but I’ve always wondered just how the death penalty affected SMU. It’s been going on 25 or 30 years since they got hit and I don’t think they’ve ever recovered in all this time. Is that what we want for Baylor? There are a lot of good facets of Baylor that would be affected with a death penalty. Perhaps the NCAA recognizes this and has opted to never go that route again.

  2. audude audude says:

    It is easier for the NCAA to handle recruiting violations as they are not governed by Federal, State or Local statutes*. They must tread carefully in the legal arena as there are costly implications that go with mistakes, more costly than recruiting violations.

    All that being said, as a governing body for collegiate sports, they have been blind sided by this and don’t seem to have a grasp on what they should, could or must do. Maybe they are waiting until everything is brought out into the light to move forward. We kick the NCAA when they punish schools, we kick the NCAA when they do not punish schools. But above all we expect them to be the high road for collegiate sports. They have failed this to date on the Baylor debacle.

    * some laws are on the books but nothing country wide.

  3. AUwaterboy AUwaterboy says:

    No one should get the death penalty after Miami was caught with underworld connections providing cash, jewelry, sex parties, strippers, and paid for abortions after strippers got pregnant by players/recruits, … and received no punishment. NCAA = joke!

  4. neonbets says:

    …it seems like the association places a heavier focus and punishment on institutions that break recruiting rules over universities that cause actual harm to other people. It’s sickening, to say the least.

    Sounds good. So what about The University of Missouri? The arrest-records for Mizzou and Baylor are surprisingly comparable. Each has a lot of rape allegations, a lot of drugs, violence, assaults, etc. You’d be splitting hairs if you say that Mizzou has a respectable culture, but Baylor doesn’t. [If you doubt, just do a Google search of– “university of missouri athletes arrests”– You’ll see a newspaper opeds on ‘Mizzou Rape Culture”, and you’ll find that the Mizzou athletic department is one of the worst offenders in athlete violence, assaults and arrests. ]

    Do you think Mizzou should get the Death Penalty? If not, how about some significant NCAA sanctions? Or, is it somehow different in Columbia?

    A lot of schools would be in trouble…and maybe that’s a good thing. But this isn’t just about Baylor. Georgia is high on the list, and Auburn’s record isn’t exactly stellar.

    Even then, the issue of sanctions isn’t so simple. On the flip side, Title IX has made a mockery of due process. A mere allegation equals ‘Guilty!’ with no meaningful opportunity to defend one’s self. Should the NCAA take the allegations decided in the Kangaroo Courts of College Campuses into account? It has to, right? The NCAA can’t exactly tell the Universities under its aegis that it doesn’t trust or respect their judicial rulings.

    But, as AuDude stated earlier, respecting the rulings conducted by the universities would open the NCAA to a ton of litigation.

    It’s an ugly, complicated mess that doesn’t lend itself to the Hashtag Justice of social media.

  5. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    …..I’m not sure how the laws are in Texas, but Briles and his accomplices might well be facing prison time, if it had happened in Alabama.