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Morning Musings: Preparation

By on August 30th, 2017 in Football 10 Comments »


Auburn’s recruiting win this week… came in the form of a commitment from the top running back in the state of Alabama, Asa Martin. In this era, any time Auburn and Alabama are gunning hard for the same in-state guy and the Tigers come out on top, it’s cause for celebration. Huge pickup for the Auburn coaching staff.

Auburn’s depth chart was released today… and with the starting spots laid clearly out on paper, it’s clear that the defense is going to be a commanding force this season. The unit is loaded with not only talent but, more importantly, experience. Eight upperclassmen line up on the defensive side of the ball this year. I have very high hopes for the 1–2 punch of Deshaun Davis and Tré Williams. Expect the pair to be household names by the year’s end.

On offense… Chandler Cox will need to be the team’s most versatile player. Expect him to line up from the wildcat again this year, but also expect to see more passes to the junior H-back. Remember how vital Jay Prosch was as a lead blocker to the 2013 offense? Cox will carry the very same role and needs to match Prosch’s effectiveness if the Tigers want to play at a championship level this season. 

God forbid… something happens to Jarrett Stidham this year, but I do feel great about the alternatives in veteran QB Sean White as well as freshman Malik Willis. I mean, how many FBS teams have alternatives as good as these guys? I hold firm to the belief that a healthy Sean White would have taken Auburn to the Iron Bowl with a conference championship and playoff birth on the line. 

Thankfully Auburn doesn’t have to start with Clemson again this season as Stidham, who hasn’t played an official down of football in two years, will be given time to settle in before the bulk of the schedule hits him starting in week two. Not much of a buffer period, but at least it’s something.

Lastly… if any of you are planning on making the trip to Mizzou this season, hit me up at my email ( with any questions you may have about the city. Columbia, in my humble opinion, is second only to Athens as the best SEC college town/campus. There is plenty to do, see and eat while you are here, so please don’t be afraid to reach out with any questions you may have. Words truly can’t describe how much I’m looking forward to seeing the orange and blue flock to my college campus this fall.


  1. BirminghamEagle says:

    Deshaun Davis is a beast and I’m looking for Tré Williams to have a big year this season.

  2. WarEagleinKC says:

    Columbia is a top two SEC town?? Have you ever even been to Auburn? Lol.

    Columbia is total trash, and I’m thinking about not even going to that game. I’ve been there for every basketball and baseball game, and I’m not sure I can take it anymore. Fans, city, everything about that place is just awful. I would hate to put any money into that town after their university showed it’s true colors over the last couple years. Maybe the football team will have another epic meltdown and forfeit the game because of…. ya know… racism.

    Will you be pulling for AU in this game?

    • Cole Locascio Cole Locascio says:

      Yes, I have been to Auburn countless times. Yes, I will be cheering for Auburn. This is going to be a special season — I hope you don't miss out on going to a game in your backyard because of political reasons from events that occurred two years ago.

      • WarEagleinKC says:

        Still not sure how you could compare Auburn, Alabama to CoMo. The game day atmosphere there is one of the saddest in sports, and I’ve been to UK and Vandy…. Going to basketball games there and seeing maybe 200 fans 10 mins before tipoff is something I will never forget.

        The town itself has nothing to offer, while Auburn is one of the most special places I have ever been to.

        And after the poor showing of the administration two years ago, they have done nothing to reach out their conservative student body, which is why they keep seeing drastic drops in enrollment. I believe there are plans to tear down dorms now too?

        Granted, this is all coming from a KU grad (who is also a lifelong AU fan) so my hatred for all things mizzou has only grown over the years.

        WDE & RCJ

      • uglyjoe says:

        Cole, probably not coming to Columbia anytime soon, but I trust your opinion. Thanks for all your great work – very much enjoy reading your stuff

  3. AUglenn says:

    Of course he will be pulling for AU WareagleinKC. Eventhough he resides in Columbia, Cole is an Auburn guy for life.

  4. audude audude says:

    Great up Cole. I don’t know how you have time going to school and writing for TET. You are definitely a Tiger through and through. I stopped in Columbia , Mo a couple of summers ago coming back to Ohio from a Colorado vacation and it seemed nice enough. Don’t think I’ll make it out for game but thanks for the offer.


  5. clm0001 clm0001 says:

    I’ll definitely have to reach out to you sometime before the Mizzou game, Cole. A few old AU band buddies and myself will be making the trek. Never been to Columbia, but looking forward to checking it out. Good up as always!