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Monday Musings

By on December 16th, 2013 in Football 11 Comments »

It’s back to football today for the Auburn Tigers. While their fellow students begin the first day of Christmas break, Auburn players turn their attention back to the football field after a week of finals, graduation and award banquets.

Gus Malzahn plans to follow a similar calendar to that used during the 2010 title run.

“I thought we had a solid plan in 2010,” Malzahn said. “Anytime you have a month before you play, you’ve got to be strategic. You have to rest your guys enough mentally and physically, but keep them as fresh as you can and get your work done.”

This time around the shoe is on the other foot; with Florida State getting most of the attention as the heavy favorite and keeper of the reigning Heisman Trophy winner. It’s a new role for Auburn and one that fits this team perfectly.

The personalities between the 2010 championship team and this one couldn’t be more different. Here’s a question for you: Between the two, who has the better offense? Cast your vote below …

Here are a few takeaways from the Heisman Trophy ceremony over the weekend: The Tiger Walk put on by the New York Auburn Club outside the Marriott Marquis is about the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time.

A follow up to the one done for Cam Newton in 2010, you know the other finalists had to have a tinge of jealousy when they turned that corner and saw all those Auburn people with orange and blue shakers. It made the hair on my arms stand up.

Tre Mason handled himself with complete class. He was as fine a representative as we’ve ever had at the Heisman presentation. A tip of the hat to Jameis Winston too. While he’s the enemy for the next month, I thought it was classy to recognize Mason and former Noles assistant and current Auburn coach Dameyune Craig from the podium. For a 19 year-old, he was quite impressive…

I couldn’t resist the picture above. AJ McCarron is a great football player, but there’s something about him that’s just goofy. That oversized bow-tie wasn’t working at all for him…

Taking Mason out of the Heisman equation, my top three would be: Johnny Manziel, Jameis Winston and Aaron Murray…

Don’t you love how coaches and programs posture after flirting with one another for a period of time? Nick Saban said over the weekend that he never had any intention of going to Texas.

Translation: Had Alabama not coughed up the money, I was on the first flight out of T-Town for Austin. Who’s he fooling? Oh yeah, dumb ass Alabama fans who’ll believe anything.

Lindy's 2013Saban may be signing a long-term contract, but my guess is he’s got one or two good years left in him. He looked mighty tired at the end of this season. Having to deal with that moronic fan base has got to be taking a toll…

Speaking of Texas, the potential candidates ESPN has listed includes every coach in the NCAA and NFL who’s had any kind of success in recent years. Some deep reporting went into that report.

Don’t believe for a minute that Malzahn is going anywhere. There may come a point where Auburn has to come up with even more money, but my guess is Gus is here for the long haul…

Before I go, I want to mention that Lindy’s has put out an excellent publication celebrating Auburn’s championship run. My friend Lyn Scarbrough, marketing director for the company and an Auburn graduate, has written several excellent stories including one about Auburn’s potent running attack.

David Housel also pens an excellent piece on the history of Auburn football. It sells for $7.99. I highly recommend it…

Which Auburn team has or had the better offense?

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  1. restless6 says:

    Of course, is slobbering over Bruce Feldman mentioning Gus for Texas.

    Good point about Saban and his age. Updykes are in denial if they think he’s gonna be around like Bowden and Paterno and Snyder.

    I don’t know why any NFL coach in good standing would leave.

    • sullivan013 sullivan013 says:

      At the Texas level – better money, more direct control, less interference generally from the AD than most owners/front office, larger pool of talent for the level of play, and MUCH less grief and bother from millionaire franchise players.

      Not to mention, most NFL coaches not named ‘Belichick’ are just a .500 season away from being canned. At least in college, you get a year or three to generate results. In the NFL, your time is measured in months and the amount of BS you have to deal with from the press only increases over time (see Spurrier, Saban).

      It’s the difference between being a CEO and essentially a business owner in the right position, and at a place like Texas with an automatic draw of nearly every 4-star talent in the state, there is little doubt it will at least tempt any NFL coach who’s agent is approached by the administration.

  2. War Eagle Girl War Eagle Girl says:

    McTat looks more like Forrest Gump to me. They sure did put him forward with all the goofy videos and his fans. He’s just creepy looking but that could be because of his extended family’s history……I hope McWebb is just using him for fame and fortune.

    Really? I thought JW’s speech was from a 19 year old. It was all over the place. And you thank a coach from the opposing team that you are playing for a National championship?! Wonder how Jimbo felt about that. Hope DC will be in his head on Jan.6.

    My son lives in NYC and they have a great contingent of graduates up there!

    Also who cares about Saban anymore? We are in his head now. He can be beaten. Others see that now so the mystique has been lifted. Won’t be surprised that others won’t be as intimidated next year. ESPN has their foot in the door to question him in public. Of Course, the AL media won’t but I fully expect others to start slipping in the door. I’m still waiting on the black helicopters but that might not happen unless Emmert is out. 😉

    We Comin’.

    #GusDelorean #MarshallPlan #BeatFSU #BCSNC

    • Pine Mt Tiger Pine Mt Tiger says:

      Agree on Forrest Gump and that fits too since he plays for Gump U.

      When I saw the other picture, I thought it was Johnny Manziel … no really. I didn’t realize for a moment that it was Pee Wee Herman.

      I too was very proud of the NY Auburn fans for showing up to support Tre.

    • Third Generation Tiger Third Generation Tiger says:

      I’ll never understand the Saban fear. I think most of it is media BS. No coach worth his salt is scared of any other coach or associated organization. You better do your homework before you face a Saban coached team. They are fundamentally sound and disciplined. That being said a lackadaisical Tuberville pretty much split games with him. Once you get Saban between the lines, he is very beatable.

  3. MyAuburn MyAuburn says:

    You are right Jay, that billboard size bow tie just isn’t getting it done. I will give anyone who wants to wager 5 to 1 that K. Webb suggested he should wear it.
    I think the 2013 offense is head and shoulders better than 2010. When NM gets his passing accuracy a bit better and our receivers learn to catch anything they can touch, no one will be able to stop us. Can you imagine what would happen if NM had Sullivan like accuracy and his running ability. They could just mail him the Heisman. Hmmmm, Mason and Marshall in NY next year. Possible. Wouldn’t that be a hoot, two players from the same team on the Heisman podium.

    • Third Generation Tiger Third Generation Tiger says:

      It looks like something a hack comic would wear. It probably spins and is controlled by an app on his phone.

  4. WarEagleEngr says:

    Jay, one of the joys for me during this phenomenal run has been reading your weekly commentary. To your credit, you began pointing out back in October that this team might just pull off the impossible, and you also fearlessly called the Iron Bowl for Auburn. I wish I could say I hadn’t been skeptical of your prognostications then, but man, was I. You clearly sensed something other rs didn’t.

    And I’m still savoring this passage:
    “Katherine Webb’s 15 minutes are up. By the way honey, leave that Auburn diploma at the door. We’re finished with you too.”

    I’ve followed your column for several years, and for whatever my opinion is worth, your writing this season has been unequaled. War Eagle!

  5. Tigerstripe Tigerstripe says:

    I kinda think Mack stuck it to Texas on his way out the door. Saban to Texas might still be a possibility (although I hope he stays at bama) because I don’t think Saban would talk to them while Mack was still their HC. Saban had a bird in the hand with a bama contract sitting on his desk and Mack drug his feet long enough for Saban to sign his contract which now would require Texas to pay Saban’s buy out if they wanted him… I can’t substantiate any of this but maybe an ESPN r will read my post and print it as fact. I do have my unnamed sources (voices in my head and a miniature schnauzer, who I swear understands me).

    I have a question for all of the x’s and o’s gurus on the site. How successful do you think Auburn’s version of the read option would be in the NFL? How about a QB like Tebow running it?

    • Third Generation Tiger Third Generation Tiger says:

      I don’t think Saban will leave updykeville. Hope not. I want to beat them at the peak of their existence.

      I rarely watch pro football but I have tuned in to some games recently and have seen some read option run. I don’t think it’s a play a professional offense wants to run frequently. I could see it being effective in certain situations vs. certain personnel. On the other hand I think professional defenses would salivate at the opportunity to play a team that would ask it’s qb to run frequently. Not a recipe for a long career for what is most likely the teams biggest investment.

  6. wde1988 wde1988 says:

    Okay, okay, okay….

    That is the funniest picture I have seen in a while. And I hate to say this… but in the back of my mind I always think of AJ that way… I keep expecting him to say “Tequilla!” or sing “the stars at night, are big and bright”…. LOL.

    Well done!