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Monday Morning Musings: Christmas Edition

By on December 23rd, 2013 in Football 13 Comments »

Fisher-FamilyAs we get started today, I want to be among the first to wish you a very Merry Christmas! This is a special time of year and my hope is that everyone can slow down for a minute to appreciate family and friends. As always, thanks for making Track’em Tigers part of your day…

One of the cool things about the BCS Championship is all of the connections between Florida State and Auburn. Outside of the Georgia rivalry, I can’t recall a contest with so many personal ties.

Most know that Jimbo Fisher served on Terry Bowden’s staff from 1993 to 1998 where he coached Auburn co-offensive coordinator Dameyune Craig. But did you know that his wife, Candi, is an Auburn graduate?

The Birmingham native met Fisher while he was on staff at Samford. A year after marrying, the two moved to Auburn where Fisher coached quarterbacks under Bowden. During that time, Candi earned her degree in secondary education and taught in the Auburn Public School System.

Back in those days, the Fisher’s were a two-income family out of necessity. When he arrived at Auburn, his annual salary was $40,000. That was double what he made at Samford.

“That’s why we waited eight years after we got married to have kids, because we wanted to be to a point in our marriage where I could stay home and take care of my kids,” Candi said. “I saw the other wives that I was around for so long trying to balance working and being a coach’s wife and having their children.”

They’ve come a long ways in the paycheck department. Next season, Fisher will make more than $4 million…

Was the $5,000 fine levied by the SEC for Auburn fans rushing the field following the Iron Bowl really necessary? There are few things Mike Slive does wrong as commissioner, but this is nuts.

Is the fine meant to be a deterrent? For Auburn’s athletic department that’s akin to taking the change out of one’s pocket and dropping it into the offering plate. Strange…

Has there ever been a bigger whiner than Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron. He reminds me of a second-term president in the final months of his presidency. McCarron wants to remain relevant so bad. Last week, he uttered these moronic words:

“…I saw something someone sent me, that Vegas said if we played Florida State or Auburn again we’d still be favored in points,” McCarron said. “So we have a chance to show the country we are the best team. We might not win the national championship, but we can have everyone talking about us more than the national championship team. And that’s happened in the past.”

This poor kid is delusional. Does he realize the only people still talking about him are those collecting permanent unemployment and listening to Paul Finebaum every day?

Having the national title and a Heisman Trophy snatched from him by Auburn is something he’ll never get over. Regardless of what he does in life, he’ll always be remembered for Kick Bama Kick.

And that’s the best Christmas present of all.

Merry Christmas!


  1. mvhcpa says:

    “permanent unemployment and listening to Paul Finebaum”–those words were a Christmas present to me!


    Michael Val
    (who wishes his wife would see when we AU folk make statements like this about the “other side,” we are NOT just trying to be mean–we are pointing out the way it is!)

  2. wpleagle wpleagle says:

    The fine is what it is, and the rules have been in place for years. I for one agree with it – maybe it’s the accountant in me, but I hate to see the damage to the field and environs that occurs when “stormin’ the field” happens.

    Merry Christmas to ALL! Reading TET is always a highlight, and I feel that I know many of you. Maybe we can arrange a meet during 2014.

    • sullivan013 sullivan013 says:

      I believe the fine was only 5k as it was the first in a long time. If it became a regular event, I believe it would be increasingly severe.

      While I certainly understand the emotion of the moment, the risks of damage to the field, equipment and property in addition to chance of injury to officials, opposing players and fans increases exponentially in such a situation. From a legal liability standpoint, it could be quite costly to the University and the SEC if allowed to occur without some sort of penalty.

  3. ATL_AU_FAN ATL_AU_FAN says:

    Merry Christmas, Jay, and to everyone on TET!

  4. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    …..Merry Christmas, everybody, and Happy Holidays! You know, Florida State’s Rick Trickett was also the O-line coach at Auburn during the Terry Bowden years. That stretch that included the 1993-1996 seasons, and that was the first time in history that Auburn averaged 30 or more points per game for four straight seasons. It hasn’t been equaled since.

    • tigertracker says:

      I agree, but I’d say the university has more than recouped the cost of the fine and the fiscal damages to repair the shrubs and field in national exposure alone. How much licensing revenue will they bring in from new vendors for IB and BCS merchandising amongst a litany of other seccg and bcs cash and perks etc? I think I read there was one torn acl and 2-3 broken ankles that occurred after the IB. If any of those people try and sue the university I’d like to personally knock some sense into them. Of course that would put me at the bad end of a frivolous suit too, but nah. Mine would be legit 😉 I’d like to think that won’t happen and would surely be tossed out once a game replay was shown with the announcer saying “stay off the field” as they always do about 2 minutes to go before end of game. Also security and police presence as usual. I think they’re covered, but still hate to see the damage. The shrubs have been renewal pruned and should be filled in by October if not a little sooner. They’re gonna look scraggly at A-Day though!
      Merry Christmas all and war eagle

  5. MyAuburn MyAuburn says:

    The Bammer fan base is soaked in the “We are better than you even if you beat us”. Not sure whether it is more sad or laughable.
    The fine…it is a rule but the amount of the fine minimizes the crime. The $25k MSU got for cowbells is a joke also.

  6. wde1988 wde1988 says:

    Merry Christmas!

    Personally, I think I am sick of all bama fans and sports writers alike… much like Alex Scarbourough… who recently put some trash on ESPN flat out stating that AU got lucky against bama. That’s ridiculous. Against UGA… sure. But bama? What game were they watching?

    Does everybody with crimson between their ears forget… that Auburn tied the game with 45 seconds to go? Or that they got nearly 400 total yards against bama’s vaunted defense? Can Malzahn or Chris Davis help it that bama’s special team’s broke down when it counted most?? After they whined and complained about how much time was on the clock when Yeldon went out of bounds? What about the missed field goal? What about the coverage?? I mean… can Auburn get a bit of credit?

    These yahoos are about as dense as 90 day old milk.

    Fact of the matter is… this is yet another example of a crimson run media campaign… that bought ESPN and CBS… and damn near everything else… to include the SEC… to think that the NC was all but bama’s… and the only thing left to do was add the cheap name tin on the crystal ball. The moral of the story… the game takes a full 60 minutes and the season ain’t over untill the fat lady sings.

    Sing it baby!

    War Eagle, fly down the field,
    Ever to conquer, never to yield.
    War Eagle, fearless and true.
    Fight on you orange and blue.
    Go! Go! Go!
    On to vict’ry, strike up the band.
    Give ’em hell, give ’em hell,
    Stand up and yell, hey!
    War Eagle, win for Auburn,
    Power of Dixieland!


    • Third Generation Tiger Third Generation Tiger says:

      I’ve heard very few of them mention that Saban did and his staff did a pathetic job of coaching, pretty much the entire Iron Bowl. Before the Kick 6 my bammer wife noticed that the updykes were kicking from the left hash. She said “…there sure is a lot of room to run to Auburn’s left”. If my wife noticed that, why didn’t the genius Saban or one of his staff members adjust accordingly? The answer is that neither Saban, nor his staff are the geniuses that many would have us believe. They are good recruiters. They coach fundamentally sound football. They are mediocre gameday coaches.

  7. Tiger on the mountain Tiger on the mountain says:

    Don’t worry guys, we cantz runs against anybody. We’s allz one-dyemenshunalls and she-ut*. Bama let us win, cause the threepeat is, you know, no bigs. Not worth the A game against the Barn. Against FSU? No chance.

    //Ha x 3 LOLNOPE

    Sleep with one eye open, FSU. Auburn is the real deal. You’ll see. IT’S ON!!! War Eagle.

    *I’m back in my native land for the Holiday. The vernacular is rubbing off. FWIW, Bellini’s out 280, totes worth the drive. You’re welcs.

    • Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

      …..I can’t even imagine trying to drive US 280 this week. I tried to run to the Piggly Wiggly in Homewood yesterday around noon, and the parking lot was so full that cars couldn’t even turn into it. Had to run up the mountain to the Publix instead. And had a hard time finding a parking spot, there, too.

  8. restless6 says:

    I get to spike the ball at the inlaws on Christmas Day. At Thanksgiving, the Bams were full if themselves with supreme confidence that one-dimensional Auburn had no chance.

    I bit my tongue then.

    Tomorrow I spike the ball. Hell, I may wear my jersey.

    WDE and Merry Christmas!

  9. au_tigger_n_NOLA says:

    Someone please tell A J McCarron if he is still interested in placing a bet on Bama to win this season’s national championship, my bookie will gladly take his bet and spot him 100 points! LOL