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Marshall Has Auburn Believing Again

By on September 16th, 2013 in Football 13 Comments »

It wasn’t quite as good as a first kiss or even that first sip of beer, but Saturday night in Auburn felt pretty damn good. It’s been too long. If we’d been Clemson fans, we’d torn down the goal posts. Nobody is suggesting Auburn is back, but there’s no arguing that things are going up on the Plains.

Say what you will about its new quarterback, but show me another one that’s better after only six weeks on campus. While the players don’t have the luxury to enjoy this win too long, Auburn fans can and should take a little longer to savor it.

Pessimist will point to how far the program has fallen to consider Saturday’s win a big one, but when it has been two years since your last conference victory, you take it and celebrate.

This weekend in Baton Rouge will be a measuring stick for how far Auburn has to go. They are playing maybe the best team in the country, despite the propaganda you hear about Alabama in these parts.

With a rejuvenated offense under new coordinator Cam Cameron, No. 8 LSU put up a school record 571 yards of total offense in a 45-13 tune-up win over Kent St. Saturday night.

The word on the streets is that Auburn has no chance; but remember they came within an eyelash of winning at home last year, despite playing with its worse team in 60 years, so anything is possible.

Besides, Auburn has a quarterback and team that now believes.

Before its final drive, Nick Marshall was uneven, but he never questioned his resolve. Stepping into the huddle with just over a minute to play, Marshall made it clear to his teammates they were going to win.

“I told them that we were going to win this football game,” Marshall said. “I knew I had made mistakes throughout the game, but I didn’t let that get to me. I put it behind me.”

Most importantly, his teammates believed him. That’s saying a lot for a quarterback making his first SEC start.

“I knew it the whole time,” defensive end Dee Ford said. “On the sideline, they were saying, ‘defense, get ready for overtime.’ I kept saying, we’re going to score six.”

“The poise and confidence he had going into that two-minute drill, it was unbelievable,” said C.J. Uzomah, who caught the game winning touchdown. “We have all the confidence in the world in him.”

That may be enough to carry Auburn a long way this season. In three short weeks, this Auburn team has found something that was elusive a year ago.


Three weeks into the season that’s all we can ask for from this team. Auburn football is fun again. The jar is half full. Hard times are surely ahead, maybe only days away, but Auburn fans have already bought into this scrappy team.

Auburn football is back and all is right with the world.


  1. War Eagle Girl War Eagle Girl says:

    Auburn football is fun again.


  2. Tiger on the mountain Tiger on the mountain says:

    Saturday was a nail bitter, but it was FUN! That belief is contagious! It’s great to see that energy alive and well on the Plains again.

    War Eagle!

  3. domaucan1 domaucan1 says:

    As I sat in the stands Saturday after the game, I thought back to some of the great come-from-behind victories of the past 50 years of Auburn football and it came to me that this win was close to the most important win of the last 50 years since it came after the worst year of Auburn football that any of us can remember. It wasn’t against one of the SEC juggernauts like we will see this weekend BUT, it was a great win and a step in the right direction for a team that was all but dead a few months ago. This win may well prove to be one of the most important wins in Auburn history. It is a beginning and a great win to build on. PLEASE SUPPORT THESE BRAVE AUBURN MEN AS THEY REBUILD AUBURN FOOTBALL. IT WILL TAKE TIME, BUT WE WILL BE BACK AMONG THE CHAMPIONS! AND, NEVER FORGET:


    WAR EAGLE !!!

    GO BIG BLUE !!!

  4. AubTigerman AubTigerman says:

    It’s really been great the past three weeks to see the players having fun again.

    Also, an important stat from Saturday: Nick Marshall became the 1st Auburn quarterback to pass for 300 yards (339) since Cam Newton threw for 335 against South Carolina in the 2010 SEC Championship game.

  5. Tigerstripe Tigerstripe says:

    It was great to have my arse in the bleachers for the MSU game. You see less detail but more of the secondary that the TV doesn’t show. Being in the end zone, we got a good look at how the D reacts to the ball…Some thoughts just to get it off my chest.

    – My first kiss was a WHOLE lot better than my first beer. Beer is an acquired taste, especially when you’re under age.
    – The D just plays better when Frost is on the field
    – I hustled to the car because I wanted to hear the post game coaches report and Garner mentioned that the D is still young and the freshmen are still learning how to play in the SEC, so be patient. Ellis seems to be committed to allowing these young players making mistakes so they can learn. This will pay dividends in the long run.
    – At this time, we are just going to have to outscore or score with our opponents until the D matures.
    – I love our secondary’s swagger even if it’s not all there yet.
    – Understand that when we don’t score every 4th play (like Oregon), trust our coaches that they know what they’re doing. Many plays, OCs are testing tendencies in the defense (does the backside DE stay home? do the LBs honor the play fake, etc…) to set up later plays. So some of stupid calls or filler plays have a purpose…It’s the chess game.
    – In talking with a MSU family, they only travel to certain away SEC teams. They enjoy Auburn because we treat them with respect and are hospitable.
    – LSU has come off two cupcake games so I am going to put them on upset alert.
    – This team is fighting for wins and can be proud for whatever they accomplish. And I’m good with that.

  6. Third Generation Tiger Third Generation Tiger says:

    This team is close, real close to being really good. Malzahn and staff have them on the right path.

  7. Derrick Roberts Derrick Roberts says:

    Good stuff, Jay.

    Yes there have been mistakes, but nothing like what we were forced to endure under Chizik’s 2 season demise. This team is playing motivated and with confidence. I don’t think we could have asked for anymore to this point.

    And how about that last drive from Marshall? Cool as a cucumber. Good things are just around the corner!

  8. AubieCE AubieCE says:

    Napoleon said “Morale is to the physical as 3 is to 1”..
    Believing you can do it is more than 1/2 the battle…
    We are getting to watch a QB grow before our eyes…
    Nick has very little experience as a college QB, he will get better…
    Think of the progress Chris Todd made under CGM…
    I also like the fight in the 2013 Tigers, they got knocked down, but got back up….
    The team reminds me of AU ’81 team except this team has more talent…
    WDE !

  9. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    ……I’ll be honest. I didn’t believe, on that last drive. I was kind of shocked that MSU wasn’t pressing on the outside, and kept letting Marshall hit the quick get-out-of-bounds pass. I don’t think they believed, either, and were waiting for him to mess up, and just concentrated on not giving up the big play.

    ……When we got into field goal range, I started hoping for overtime, but I did want ’em to take one shot into the end zone. Wow, what a play!

    • WarEagleEngr says:

      On that final drive I kept flashing back to the ’07 MSU game when Brandon Cox drove Auburn to the edge of the end zone, but just couldn’t punch it in. Somehow this drive felt ‘different’. I don’t know if it was Marshall’s body language or the team’s composure as a whole, but I just had the sense they were going into the end zone, and that they knew it the whole way.

      • War Eagle Girl War Eagle Girl says:

        Everything I’ve read leads me to believe that they knew the whole way that they were going to win. It was bold and they were confident. New Day indeed!

  10. tigertracker says:

    After the way the Texas AM and Oregon tight ends showed out this weekend I expect uzomah gets a lot more looks on the outside. I recall coaches saying they played him at every receiver position this fall and wow what a mismatch he is on a corner.

  11. mikeautiger says:

    Gus has them playing with the right attitude, never panicking, like we looked in ’10. I think he will pull out all the stops to give us a chance to win, things he has been saving for a big game. We may get creamed but I think with Gus at the helm we can give it the old college try and who knows we might see a big surprise. We are due for a win in Baton Rouge! War Eagle!