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Mangle Mercer! (Auburn vs. Mercer Open Thread)

Tigers must take care of business today

     War Eagle, everybody! It’s Homecoming in Auburn. Today’s opponent is the Mercer Bears, and both teams are looking for a win. For Auburn, it’s a must-win game if there are to be any postseason hopes. The Bears come in looking for an upset and an Auburn scalp for their trophy case. This game will kick off at 3:00 PM Central Time, and it will be televised on the SEC Network Alternate Channel.

     Auburn takes on a team that took a decades-long break from football, and only restarted its program about 5 years ago. Mercer was a middle-of-the pack Southern Conference team last season and is looking to step up in the world and get into postseason play. A win over Auburn would certainly jump-start their season.

     It’s going to be hot if you’re planning to attend this game. There will be a mix of clouds and sun for this one with the temperatures in the upper 80’s to near 90 at kickoff time. Soupy air is in place in the southeast today, so it’s possible that there could be a pop-up thundershower during the game. Rain gear may be in order.

     As always, feel free to join in and enjoy this thread. I will not be available for this afternoon’s play by play, thanks to having to work. I should be back in the saddle again next week for the Missouri game. War Eagle, and let’s beat the Bears!

sparkey sparkey September 17, 20173:06 pm

Unacceptable-I hope you Gus Busers are finally realizing the problem.

Tiger Tiger September 16, 20177:17 pm

War Eagle! Have a good weekend, everyone.

Tiger Tiger September 16, 20177:15 pm

Kam Pettway had 128 yards and 3 touchdowns.

Tiger Tiger September 16, 20177:14 pm

All Auburn starters on the bench. About 1 minute left and Auburn will take a knee. Auburn wins, 24-10. Jarrett Stidham was 32/37, for 364 yards.

Tiger Tiger September 16, 20177:11 pm

TD Moultry has a nice TFL. That man has an interesting story. Worth a read.

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Auburn backups in on defense. Minutes left in the game, endzone pass from Mercer is batted down by Auburn.

Tiger Tiger September 16, 20177:03 pm

Stidham is 32/37 on the day.

Tiger Tiger September 16, 20177:01 pm

Haha, TD Auburn! Another Pettway run. 24-10 in Auburn’s favor.

Squeakywheel September 16, 20177:00 pm

War Eagle!

Tiger Tiger September 16, 20176:58 pm

Pettway getting frustrated, after 30 carries for 110 yards. Not 100%.

Tiger Tiger September 16, 20176:57 pm

Helmet to helmet, launched at Stephen Roberts.

Tiger Tiger September 16, 20176:56 pm

Mercer player removed from the game for targeting.

Tiger Tiger September 16, 20176:55 pm

Auburn has about 500 yards of offense, holding Mercer to under 200 yards.

Tiger Tiger September 16, 20176:52 pm

Auburn’s D-line staying busy on this Mercer drive. Worth their weight in gold.

Tiger Tiger September 16, 20176:50 pm

17-10, Auburn leads. Auburn has 6 penalties for 65 yards. Mercer, 1 penalty.

War_Eagle_2010 War_Eagle_2010 September 16, 20176:49 pm

Jacksonville St all over again

Tiger Tiger September 16, 20176:49 pm

That foul against Jalen Harris occurred when Auburn was at the 5 yard line, by the way.

War_Eagle_2010 War_Eagle_2010 September 16, 20176:49 pm

Well. I’m afraid this is going to be a long year.

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Hope the D is stiff on the next drive – were looking gassed the last time they were on the field

Tiger Tiger September 16, 20176:47 pm

Carlson misses chip-shot, field goal is no good.

Tiger Tiger September 16, 20176:46 pm

Penalty declined, 4’th down, Auburn attempts a 26 yard field goal.

Tiger Tiger September 16, 20176:46 pm

Holding call against Auburn as Stidham runs out at the 9 yard line.

Tiger Tiger September 16, 20176:45 pm

Unsportsmanlike conduct on Jalen Harris, in the red zone.

Tiger Tiger September 16, 20176:42 pm

Announcers mentioning that Pettway seems winded. I understand that. It’s not easy to carry 10 other guys on your shoulders.

Tiger Tiger September 16, 20176:41 pm

Pettway catches another pass for a 1’st down.

Tiger Tiger September 16, 20176:40 pm

Mercer focused on stopping Pettway and making Stidham pass. Their plan is working.

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4 out of 5 turnovers have been on our WR’s. Not sure if bringing in Sean White will help that….but if we lose this game…

AUNation AUNation September 16, 20176:36 pm

This AU team is playing absolutely uninspired football right now.

Tiger Tiger September 16, 20176:36 pm

Mercer TD, short pass. Carlton Davis defending. 17-10, Auburn leads.

jlobailey September 16, 20176:36 pm

We HAVE TO think about playing Sean White here

Tiger Tiger September 16, 20176:30 pm

Auburn has 401 yards to Mercer’s 185 yards. And 5 turnovers.

Tiger Tiger September 16, 20176:29 pm

…that’s not good. At all.

AUNation AUNation September 16, 20176:28 pm

5 turnovers and a 10 minute TOP differential. Defense is getting worn down. By Mercer.

Tiger Tiger September 16, 20176:27 pm

And that’s the end of the 3’rd quarter. Still 17-3.

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Auburn is sleepwalking through this game

AUNation AUNation September 16, 20176:26 pm

Lots of holding by the Bears line. Letting them play.

Tiger Tiger September 16, 20176:25 pm

Mercer in the red zone, 18 yard line.

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Dontavius Russell, roughing the passer. Add 15 yards.

AUNation AUNation September 16, 20176:22 pm

That was just a great play by that DB. He attacked the ball. NCM did not.

Tiger Tiger September 16, 20176:21 pm

Call stands. 5’th Auburn turnover, this one on a pass to Nate Craig-Myers, versus a 5’8″ DB.

Tiger Tiger September 16, 20176:20 pm

Promising Auburn drive ends in an interception.

Tiger Tiger September 16, 20176:11 pm

Purdue leading Mizzou 35-3. Haha, Mizzou could lose every game this year and I wouldn’t bat an eye.

Tiger Tiger September 16, 20176:10 pm

Pettway has come up limping after a few plays in this half. Auburn running him hard…because we have no other choice, apparently.

AUNation AUNation September 16, 20176:09 pm

That SHOULD be the last we see of Pettway.

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Auburn TD on a 9 yard Pettway run, 17-3 Auburn leads.

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Pettway doing a good job not running into the pile

Tiger Tiger September 16, 20176:08 pm

Pettway comes up limping after a few of these plays. Auburn running him hard. He shouldn’t even be in this game at this point.

Tiger Tiger September 16, 20176:06 pm

Nice Stidham pass to Ryan Davis, caught, and comes loose out of bounds.

Tiger Tiger September 16, 20176:01 pm

Mercer attempts a fake field goal and just barely stopped by Jamel Dean.

Tiger Tiger September 16, 20175:59 pm

Carlton Davis bats away a Mercer pass that would have been caught at the 5 yard line. Nice job.

Tiger Tiger September 16, 20175:56 pm

Haha, I hope you’re right!

AUNation AUNation September 16, 20175:55 pm

Clearly another fumble… Auburn is getting a season’s worth of mistakes out of their system before SEC play. Take that as optimism, take it as sarcasm, however you would like to take it.

Tiger Tiger September 16, 20175:55 pm

Radio announcers mention Gus Malzahn on the sideline….sounds like he’s a little upset. Just a little.

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3 turnovers by Auburn WR’s today, 1 by an Auburn RB.

Tiger Tiger September 16, 20175:54 pm

Refs looking for a fumble on the punt return by Ryan Davis…ball’s out. 4’th turnover by Auburn.

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Good grief. Auburn runs into Mercer’s punter after they go 3 and out.

Jonathon Jonathon September 16, 20175:50 pm

The players are obviously not buying into whatever Gus has been selling once they get to the Plains.

Tiger Tiger September 16, 20175:49 pm

And the 2’nd half is underway….

AUNation AUNation September 16, 20175:45 pm

It’s 10-3 but could easily be 28-3. Mercer has only stopped AU a couple of times, mainly it’s been AU stopping AU.

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At the risk of sounding like CGM things do look very close. With his mechanics and arm if JS can get out of his own head we could see him torch some folks. If he can’t I think SW is a better option. You cannot operate as an SEC QB with no confidence.

Tiger Tiger September 16, 20175:43 pm

Twitter’s having fun right now. Sad, but too funny not to share:

Auburn fans, I know this looks bad, but remember that Mercer has one of the best defenses in the whole Macon, GA, area.
— Lochamy Brothers (@LochamyBrothers) September 16, 2017

Tiger Tiger September 16, 20175:41 pm

I’m holding out a tiny bit of hope that things will work out. Cam didn’t really gel with his offense until after 3-4 games, in 2010.

jlobailey September 16, 20175:39 pm

I’m tempted to blame CGM for the poor QB job, but if he had not named JS starer I think the “fans” would’ve crucified him.

AUNation AUNation September 16, 20175:39 pm

Well actually the Bears are doing a decent job in the secondary. As sad as that is. Not lock down, but there are players not too badly out of position and I haven’t seen any terribly blown coverages. But again, if you have a KD or a NCM I don’t think you should consider him “covered” with only one man on him. JS seemingly won’t even give them a chance to beat a man. All he’d have to do is let KD jump over a man or bring one down one handed and he’d start to build some trust. KD being out most all offseason has killed any hope of chemistry so far. JS only trusts Ryan Davis and Will Hastings right now. Underneath routes.

Tiger Tiger September 16, 20175:39 pm

Agreed. Clemson switched to quick passes in the 2’nd half, in our last game. Our pressure on their QB dried up after that.

jlobailey September 16, 20175:37 pm

Even if WRs are not open, it’s the QBs responsibility to get the ball out. Pass pro drills are only 4-5 seconds for a reason!

Tiger Tiger September 16, 20175:36 pm

Story of the 1’st half: 3 Auburn turnovers, also giving up 1 sack. Mercer struggling against Auburn’s defense. Auburn only leads 10-3, despite having almost 3X total yards on offense.

schlapya76 September 16, 20175:30 pm

I can’t tell from TV, but I assume the Mercer secondary isn’t locking down the routes…am I wrong? Do we have a good sports psychologist working with the team…or an exorcist or something…anything? Such a waste of potential…this could be a very good team.

Tiger Tiger September 16, 20175:29 pm

Purdue boiling Mizzou alive, 28-0. Hilarious!

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The most frustrating thing is he throws a beautiful ball. Got zip and very accurate… IF he will just throw it!

Tiger Tiger September 16, 20175:28 pm

HALFTIME, 10-3 Auburn.

Tiger Tiger September 16, 20175:26 pm

That’s unfortunate, AUNation. We’ve seen this movie before…

jlobailey September 16, 20175:26 pm

Stidham is horrible. Let’s give Sean White a try please.

Okay, not horrible. But definitely not effective.

AUNation AUNation September 16, 20175:26 pm

I’m at the game and JS just cannot make a quick decision. He will not throw up a 50/50 ball and give a one on one reciever a chance to battle to save his life. Showing very little confidence in himself or his receivers to make plays right now.

Tiger Tiger September 16, 20175:25 pm

Daniel Carlson makes 29 yard field goal. Auburn leads 10-3.

jlobailey September 16, 20175:23 pm

Offense looking great except Stidham holding ball and everyone else dropping it. Both HUGE problems.

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Auburn in the red zone, Stidham sacked.

Tiger Tiger September 16, 20175:22 pm

Stidham to Pettway for 5 yard catch and a 16 yard run. Tack on a personal foul by Mercer.

Tiger Tiger September 16, 20175:20 pm

Stidham is 15-17, 167 yards in the first half.

Tiger Tiger September 16, 20175:18 pm

250 yards vs 92 yards, Auburn’s offense compared to Mercer’s. Still 7-3.

Tiger Tiger September 16, 20175:16 pm

Pettway fumble on a run up the middle. Mercer recovers. Third Auburn turnover today.

Tiger Tiger September 16, 20175:12 pm

Darius James has full movement in all extremities! Thank God!

Tiger Tiger September 16, 20175:11 pm

TOP: Auburn has 10 minutes, and Mercer about 14 minutes.

Tiger Tiger September 16, 20175:10 pm

The score is 7-3, after a short Mercer field goal. About 5 minutes left in the first half.

Tiger Tiger September 16, 20175:05 pm

Stidham pass to Eli Stove, ball comes out and recovered by Mercer.

Tiger Tiger September 16, 20175:05 pm

Listening by radio and watching live feed…Darius James reportedly immobile while he was carted off the field. No gestures to the fans. Please let him be ok.

auburnelvis September 16, 20175:04 pm

Hurricane Gus! Come in as a 5, by the time it got to me ….. probably a 2 at best.

Tiger Tiger September 16, 20175:00 pm

In other news, Purdue dominating Mizzou, 21-0 in the 2’nd quarter. And a TA&M WR flipped off his own fans earlier today, after a scare from UL-Lafayette. We’re not alone.

Tiger Tiger September 16, 20174:57 pm

Darius James down with an injury, being carted off.

Jonathon Jonathon September 16, 20174:56 pm

Are we playing down to competition?? This is more frustrating than anything.

Tiger Tiger September 16, 20174:51 pm

28 yard punt by Auburn, 2’nd punt of the day, I believe. Kyle Davis stripped of a catch, earlier. Still 7-0.

Tiger Tiger September 16, 20174:46 pm

Auburn leads 7-0 at the end of the 1’st quarter, Pettyway TD.

ATL_AU_FAN ATL_AU_FAN September 16, 20172:51 pm

Gonna have to DVR this one — Friends daughter getting married at the same time as AU kickoff so have to be there. First home game we have missed in almost forever. I honestly cannot remember the last home game in which we were not in attendance.
But, to your point Acid, Auburn needs (has to) take care of business today.



  1. Tiger Tiger says:

    Some things I’d like to see:
    1 – Pettway completely stays off the field and heals up.
    2 – Stidham throws the ball on 80% of our plays.
    3 – Offensive line allows 0 sacks and 0 tackles for loss.
    4 – The ball spread around to 8 different pass-catchers.
    5 – And a win, of course.
    6 – War Eagle!

  2. jlobailey says:

    Stidham looking like a statue in the pocket again. Get the ball out!

    • jlobailey says:

      The dude WILL NOT get the ball out. Our OLine is playing GREAT… The QB isn’t doing them any favors. Open WRs or not, QB has to get rid of the ball.

  3. Squeakywheel says:

    Fumble and a punt to start the game – ugh

  4. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    ……I got score updates during the game, and figured it must be pretty awful. 24-10, against Mercer? Really?

    ……Watching the DVR, all the butterfingers are worrisome. Even on an inconsistent day, the Auburn defense prevented a lot of damage off those turnovers.

    ……What’s lost in translation is that our quarterback hit 32 of 37 passes. It would be hard to do that in a skeleton drill. And 37 passes? They worked on what I wanted them to, even if the result wasn’t pretty. It will pay dividends, down the road.

    ……And on another note, I was scared to death of the trip to Baton Rouge, later, this fall. Coach O? You guys got badly beaten by Dan Mullen’s bullies!

    • War_Eagle_2010 War_Eagle_2010 says:

      Did you see the Mizzou game? They have completely come undone. AU better win that one big, especially now that Stidham got some good practice throwing the ball today. I think he’s improved which is positive.

      5 turnovers though…. Yikes.

  5. easyedwin easyedwin says:

    Five turnovers……let that sink in. 5.