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Loss of Evans is No Big Deal

By on February 10th, 2014 in Football 12 Comments »
Photo by Julie Bennett/

Photo by Julie Bennett/

There’s been a lot of speculation about why Rashaan Evans chose Alabama over Auburn when everything pointed to him staying home. Some have wondered whether money was involved or maybe this was all orchestrated by his father Alan, to “get back” at Auburn for his own failures as a college athlete back in the 1980’s.

Of course, there’s no proof any such thing occurred. And surely his father wouldn’t continue to hold a grudge against the school because he was beaten out by Bo Jackson and ended up at Tennessee-Chattanooga.

Maybe the kid just thought Alabama was a better fit. I have no reason to believe he or his dad’s intentions were anything but honest. More importantly, I could care less. There’s no better example than Rashaan’s father when it comes to recruiting.

Like his son, Alan was the can’t miss athlete of 1982. Then along came Bo, who today would likely have been a three or four-star recruit, and Alan was off to Division I-AA.

These websites make millions of dollars annually assigning stars beside the names of 18 year-old kids and then come up with ridiculous ranking systems that people go ape crap over.

Never mind that they are routinely wrong and few ever go back to check their accuracy four years later.

I’ll remind you that Johnny Manziel was a three-star recruit in high school. Trovon Reed was a five-star. I rest my case.

If you’re still feeling bad, here’s something to cheer you up. CBS Sports Network recruiting analyst Tom Lemming says Auburn signee Tre Williams is every bit as good as Evans.

“Tre Williams is just as good as Rashaan Evans in my opinion,” Lemming said. “It’s not critical to their success, they’ve got enough talent to make up for the loss. They’d rather have (Evans) obviously to make him part of the team, but I think it’s all about the image.

“Losing a local guy, it would be like Alabama losing a Tuscaloosa player like Bo Scarbrough to Auburn, it’s the image. The long run, it’s something people can talk about.”

I refuse to get excited or down over the whim of an 18 year-old kid. Recruiting is important, but it’s not an exact science. I can assure you Gus Malzahn has moved on. Wake me up when these kids hit the practice field in August…

Is Tony Barbee trending in the right direction? A winner in three of his last four games, many are wondering whether he’s turned the proverbial corner. Here’s the most important stat: 5,647. That’s the average attendance at Auburn basketball games this season.

If you’re wondering, that ranks 13-out-of-14 teams in the SEC. Outside of running the table in the SEC Tournament and getting to the Big Dance, Barbee is history. When you spend $92 million on a basketball facility, you expect better than next to last in attendance. And you certainly expect better play on the court.

Let the coaching speculation begin.


  1. Tiger on the mountain Tiger on the mountain says:

    Barbee is toast. We need a coach that can recruit talented players who will actually make a difference on the court….we seem to loose a lot to attrition for various reasons……

    The Tigers have shown some fight this season, but seem to have a hard time finishing…this latest winning streak aside. I just think the mess that is Auburn basketball was well beyond Barbee’s capabilities to fix it.

    For the next coaching hire, I hope that they go for a guy that has a proven track record of taking dump programs and turning them around. It will take that kind of mentality for Auburn round ball to really turn the corner.

    PS-agree about Evans. No bigs. Wish him well and we will be better than fine.

    • Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

      …..I have yet to watch a whole game this season, but it looks like Auburn is getting called for a LOT more fouls than the other team. That’s the problem, this year. And considering how tall Auburn’s big men are, we should be doing better rebounding. Harrell and Denson are big scoring threats, and we are staying in games because of it.

  2. dabble says:

    Evans would have been nice. But since the pimps promoting recruiting have sold all their subscriptions based on the 2014 class….they have moved on to the 2015 class just a day after.

    so have most people who have a life beyond a ‘puter, bad oral hygiene and a tv.
    as for the hobos that are updikian: I recall that before we played FSU they all said FSU was gonna crush us.
    then when we lost a game by less than a td they said we choked.

    so, they are not really reliable bellweathers as far as i can see things.

  3. Mike Mike says:


    Yes you do expect that. Auburn built the 13th largest basketball arena in the SEC (only 61 seats from 14th largest) for a reason. The administration knows attendance will never be much higher. Why else would they build an arena that holds 1,379 fewer than Beard-Eaves?

  4. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    …..It may be a small arena, but it’s a pretty amazing place. Literally every seat has a good view.

  5. uglyjoe says:

    I saw where the average SEC game attendance was about 10,000, roughly the same as the capacity of our facility. I’m ok that Auburn is never going to be Kentucky (for basketball). I’m also ok that we decided to maximize quality over quantity in building our basketball facility. I do wish we could at least get close to average in our attendance and fill up our building. We should have a fighting shot at the NCAA tourney every year. This is Auburn, for crying out loud.

    Barbee has got to go. It seemed like a good idea, but it didn’t work. Lebo needed to go too. What did we do right when we got Cliff Ellis and Sonny Smith? There has got to be a basketball coach out there that fits Auburn. I think they need to take the same approach that they did with football….get some vested people together and come up with a solution (and a coach). Start now,.

  6. wde1988 wde1988 says:

    Interesting comments on basketball and Barbee. Didn’t know that our arena was that small. Still think it is awesome.

    About Evans – to me this didn’t sting like Yeldon or Cyrus K. He never committed to AU did he? Why is he even a topic? Because he is a legacy of sorts? Of a 5 star? And one that got put into obsolescence by Vincent Jackson? One of the top football players/athletes of all time?

    I’d like some whine with my cheese.

    Loved the camparison with tracey reid. Wait. I mean Trevon Red. Damn. Trevon Reed. What a difference maker… I mean scholarship holder he has been.


  7. win4au says:

    Tre Williams is going to be REALLY good!
    When you cut your teeth under the tutelage of Calipari one would assume a high success rate. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. But I think Barbee has a tough job.
    As far as the fouls… Until these teams adapt to the new rules, unfortunately we are going to have sloppy games. It will be good for the long term as it will make the game more fluid. I personally like that. I want to see these kids get up and down and score alot of points. It’s more fun to watch 80 pt games rather than 50 pt ones. Just my .02

  8. meh130 says:

    I don’t buy the “Alan Evans was a 5-star and Bo Jackson was an unknown” meme. Bo was a very visible HS athlete. He was the state decathlon champion, the state 100 meter dash champion, a pro baseball prospect, and a highly recruited running back, including being recruited by Bear Bryant The concern about recruiting Bo was the prospective Yankees contract sitting on his kitchen table that any college football coach had to compete with.

    Remember. Auburn ran the wishbone offense. There were three running backs in the backfield. So Evans did not loose out to Bo, he lost out to Greg Pratt, Lionel James, Collis Campbell, Tim Jessie, and Brent Fullwood.

    That said, Alan Evans certainly has his perspective on the getting into a system which maximizes playing time and visibility, as well as his knowledge on his son’s desires.

    • Third Generation Tiger Third Generation Tiger says:

      Bo was kind of under the radar as a RB prospect. He played very little at RB until his senior year at McAdory. Bama wanted him to play fullback or even on defense. Bama’s recruiter (Ken Donahue?) told Bo that he would most likely have to red shirt AND told him if he signed with Auburn, that in his four years there, he would never win against Alabama.

      Bo wanted play RB and Dye saw his potential and offered him the chance. Bo made a tough decision before his first college football season. He turned down I think $100,000 (big money in ’82) from the Yankees and stuck with Auburn. Just another reason why those of us who were there at the time, admire Bo Jackson so much.