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Liner Says Goodbye; Loeffler Finds Employment

By on January 15th, 2013 in Football 19 Comments »

Heralded four-star defensive lineman Dee Liner’s decommitment from Auburn yesterday was hardly a surprise. Rumors have been circulating for weeks; and when he took a visit to Alabama over the weekend, you had to know it was over.

The Muscle Shoals native said he just didn’t mesh with Auburn’s new staff.

“I just didn’t feel comfortable with the coaching staff. I’ve been holding it in, I just had to get it off my shoulders,” Liner told Auburn

“Alabama is one of my favorites, but my de-committing from Auburn has nothing to do with Alabama.”

Yeah right.

Liner is rated the number 10 defensive tackle by 247 Sports…

Here’s a head scratcher: Virginia Tech has hired former Auburn offensive coordinator Scot Loeffler as its new coordinator. Frank Beamer is looking to shake things up after an up-and-down season that ended with a 7-6 record.

There’s no arguing Beamer’s success, but you have to wonder if he’s lost his mind. Loeffler’s offense ranked 115th in the nation in yardage (305 per game) and 112th in scoring (18.7 per game) this past season at Auburn.

Despite the uneven season, the Hokies still managed 377 yards per game while averaging 25 points a contest. My guess is, this will make a lot people unhappy in Blacksburg…

We talked about Carver-Montgomery quarterback Jeremy Johnson yesterday and his plans to make a run at the starting job this fall. He may have picked up some more competition on Monday – or then again, maybe not.

Nick Marshall, one of the top JUCO quarterbacks in the country, says he plans to sign with Auburn (see highlight here). The 6-foot-2, 205 pound dual threat quarterback from Garden City Community College in Kansas plans to head south if Gus Malzahn will have him.

That may be the catch. Auburn coaches say they will wait to view his grades before making a decision. Marshall comes with some baggage.

He was dismissed from Georgia prior to the start of last season following reports that he allegedly stole money from teammates. The story was never confirmed, but apparently it was enough for Georgia coach Mark Richt to send Marshall packing.

He played cornerback while in Athens and most believe he’ll play the same position at Auburn.

“Coach [Gus] Malzahn is a nice guy and recruited me when he was at Arkansas State,” Marshall said. “And Dameyune Craig, he tried to get me in high school when he was at Florida State. When he came back to Auburn, I felt like that was big and I didn’t want to miss out on playing for him.”

This past season, Marshall passed for 2,837 yards and 18 touchdowns, while rushing for another 949 yards and 18 touchdowns. He said he plans to graduate in May and enroll at Auburn over the summer.

I trust Malzahn, but in light of what has happened over the last few years, I’d tread lightly with these kinds of athletes. Time will tell.


  1. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    …..Beamer’s always lacked that consistent offense to take him to the next level. Suffocating defenses, solid special teams, but the offense can’t sustain anything. Hint: Loeffler’s not the answer. I’ve never seen a worse play-caller on the Plains!

    …..Auburn’s 18.7 points per game scoring average is misleading. The Tigers got 124 of their 224 points against Louisiana Monroe, New Mexico State and Alabama A&M. Against AQ BCS conference teams, the Tigers only scored 11.1 points per game.

    …..The tale of the tape against Loeffler includes more than the disaster season at Auburn. Aside from a successful campaign at Temple in 2011, Loeffler’s had nothing to recommend him in the past five seasons. He coached Matthew Stafford and the Lion offense to a 1-15 season. He arguably made Tim Tebow worse. And his tutelage of Khiel Frazier and Clint Moseley certainly didn’t pay any dividends!

  2. uglyjoe says:

    I may be wrong, but I think time will show that losing Dee Liner was not a terrible thing. He’s a great athlete, but maybe not the right fit for Auburn. Best of luck Mr Liner.

  3. Third Generation Tiger Third Generation Tiger says:

    Loeffler to Va Tech? It seems like Beamer goes out of his way to make things difficult for his DC. Loeffler must interview well. That or he agreed to make coffee and cut the athletic dept. grass in addition to OC duties.

    Liner decommits. Shocker. Who didn’t see this coming from day one? The kid never had any intention of coming to Auburn.

  4. Bren Dekura Bren Dekura says:

    Anyone else feel our staff may have told Dee Liner he should probably go elsewhere? The comment that he didn’t mesh with the staff and the fact we have juco DTs coming in leads me toward that conclusion. Its likely that the staff didn’t want his attitude. After following him on Twitter for a while, he seemed more immature than most. More like a diva.

    As for Loeffler, he definitely must interview well. How much of his play calling was truly his last year? How much could he blame his lack of success on the situation here and micro management from Chizik? This coming year will definitely let us know.

    • Third Generation Tiger Third Generation Tiger says:

      I think our new coaching staff smelled a rat and told him to man up or move on. Liner never had any intention of signing with AU and if he shows up in Tuscaloosa with the attitude he’s displayed so far, Saban will send him packing.

  5. KoolBell KoolBell says:

    Liner was talking up Bama at the Under Armour game reportedly by the Atlanta Journal Constitution. They even stated in a tweet, that Liner was trying to get players to come to Bama. Good riddance!

    I don’t have a clue what Malzahn plans on doing with Marshall. Is he thinking that he found another Cam? A superior athlete to play defense? Marshall was rated a 4* DB out of high school, and is rated a 3* QB out of JUCO. Interesting story to keep tabs on. It’s being reported by that Auburn has accepted Marshall’s commitment.

    Va Tech has one advantage that AU didn’t in regards to Loeffler. They have been recruiting for eons for that style of offense. Still, the play calling madness that we had to endure is enough for me to say the same thing I said to Liner, good riddance!

  6. Malakai Malakai says:

    Lots of JUCOs this year. I know Auburn needs to stop the bleeding, but these are just band-aids at best. I’d rather see Gus invest in the long term than have a problem in two years because we didn’t recruit any freshman.

  7. autgr4life says:

    I agree with Bren that Liner might not have been high on the new coaches list of guys they want to bring in. The fact that he says he never really felt comfortable with the coaching staff combined with he never gave them an official or to my knowledge an unofficial visit leads me to think that he was not pursued that heavily. Every other top guy that has wavered or is wavering is at least giving our new guys a chance, see Foster and Lawson both giving Auburn official visits.

    I think Liner has great talent and should be great wherever he ends up I am just not sure he is what this team needs right now. Although I do find it hilariously funny that Bama fans are welcoming him with such open arms since over the summer they were bashing the kid over his mishaps off the field. Part of me wishes to believe that the off field problems he had is the reason the coaching staff does not rate him highly but if that were so then why would they go after Marshall.

    As for Loeffler I am not going to bash the guy since we do not truly know how much of what we saw on offense last year was him and how much was, as Bren said, micro management from Chizik. Maybe he does have the potential to be a good OC and he was just not ready for the SEC and SEC west when he got his shot. It is not like Auburn has not had OC’s come through in the past that were thought to have not been very good that went on to other schools and performed very well, who is the guy out an UCLA who had a pretty good year, uh Mazzone yea that sounds right. All I am going to say is that I hope he has a tremendous amount of success in his very first game of next year and that his offense destroys their opponent. For those that do not know Va Tech opens the season against Bama in 2013.

    • TexasAUTiger TexasAUTiger says:

      Great point! Let’s go Loeffler!!

    • Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

      …..Noel Mazzone got shafted at the end of 2001 at Auburn. After Tuberville put a stinking 31-7 Iron Bowl performance on, some folks had to go. The team had a freshman quarterback starting, and still averaged over 21 points per game. Also lost from the year before: starting All-SEC QB Ben Leard. Then we were decimated at the skill positions by early NFL departures: Rudi Johnson, Heath Evans, and Ronnie Daniels. Ronnie Brown played hurt all year. Carnell Williams burst onto the scene with a 41 carry game in a win against Georgia, then broke his collarbone early against Bama. It just wasn’t the year for a record-setting Auburn offense, that season.

      …..Mazzone was run out of Auburn, and landed at NC State, where he developed a guy named Phillip Rivers.

  8. Bren Dekura Bren Dekura says:

    One thing to point out regarding Loeffler is the success that former Chizik coordinators have enjoyed once leaving Chizik….. Wish all the best to him and every other former coach.

  9. Tiger on the mountain Tiger on the mountain says:

    Considering that Liner was arrested twice within 10 days before coming to the Plains-I say, good luck and best wishes, young man.

    Dear Va Tech, yeah, this past season was THAT bad. Good luck with that.

    The QB race will be interesting to watch. However, the long it takes to name a starter, the more that we have to worry about next season.

  10. DBAU81 says:

    I met Coach Loeffler and he is a sharp guy and, I think, a decent coach who ended up in a bad situation at Auburn (a la Tony Franklin in 2008). I’m not sure how many of the “bad play calls” — and certainly, there were some that caused me to scratch my head — were actually more the result of (a) Chizik’s meddling and/or (b) poor execution by players who were not recruited to run that type of system. Regardless of the reason, there’s no doubt our offense was a miserable failure in 2012. But, for that matter, so was the defense while being led by Van Gorder, who everybody hailed as a great hire. Anyway, I’m glad Coach Loeffler landed on his feet and wish him success at his new job.

  11. uglyjoe says:

    What is the big difference between (1) the good JUCO player that we get 2 years out of, (2) the decent freshman who redshirts and then takes a couple of years to develop, or (3) the superstar freshman that plays for two years and then goes pro? Seems like the end result is about the same.

    • autgr4life says:

      I agree with Uglyjoe kinda, a top notch high school kid you are only going to get three years out of, a top notch JUCO kid you can get two years out of. However the only difference is on those really top notch JUCO kids you might only get one year. For example remember Rudi, or Cam. Payne might fall into that category this year if he has a really good year he might be gone in one.

      The fact remains that you cannot build a program on JUCO players which is true but there is nothing wrong with signing one or two top notch guys each year out of JUCO. Now Gus appears to be going after several JUCO kids which in a very shortened recruiting window is not a terrible idea. You do sacrifice some time that the kids will have in the program however for Gus and this coaching staff time is of the essence and they are running short on developing relationships with high school kids this year. So in order to fill out your class and add some talent in a short recruiting window I do not see an issue with it. Now if Gus goes out and pulls in five or more JUCO’s next year I might start to get worried.

  12. Col.Angus Col.Angus says:

    Liner – Ummm, kind of glad he de-committed. How many times have we seen this go wrong? A bunch. The kid may have a ton of talent but one thing….talent we definitely need….but something we definitely DON’T need right now, is a head case kid who is going to get into trouble. The best predictor of future behavior, is past behavior and this kid is too Crimson for me. Not because he’s going to Bama but because he’s one big walking red flag.

    Loeffler-. I am shocked he got an OC job at a major college. Like Acid said, he did a HORRIBLE job calling games and the incumbent QB’s not only didn’t learn under him, they regressed. That being said, in the meltdown that was Auburn football last year, Loeffler could have been Sean Payton, and the core still would have imploded. I think he goes into each interview saying “Chizik had a tumor and…..”, I mean, how do you explain last season away? Either you dismiss it as “wrong place, wrong time” or you don’t even interview him.

    JUCO’S- We have a culture problem with the talent on this team. They have been conditioned to accept mediocrity, even failure, and not to challenge themselves. Starters last year, including guys going to the NFL, layed down when the going got tough. That mind set can not be permitted to exist. JUCO players will be hungry and ready to contribute…something I can’t say about the players currently on the roster. CGM is using these guys to plug holes and create competition where it is sorely needed. There isn’t a spot on this team that should be spoken for by a returning player, with the exception of Tre Mason, because nobody has earned it.
    Also, as it stands right now, we will be VERY fortunate to field our eligible class of 23 scholly’s. Of course its better to have highly sought after, talented, high school players make up most of your class, but Gus doesn’t have the luxury of waiting 2-3 years to see if these incoming freshman are going to make their grades and be solid contributors. Gus has to get this boat moving in the right direction, and hoping that the guys who laid down last year are now going to step up and fill immediate needs is a risky proposition. I think its a good move.

  13. Malakai Malakai says:

    I know this is silly but just looking at Loeffler in that Auburn shirt pisses me off. I’ll be glad for the next story to pop up.

  14. spanky says:

    It probably wasn’t all Scott’s fault. He inhereited a bad offense.

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