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Las Vegas Jumps on the Auburn Bandwagon

By on June 16th, 2014 in Football 4 Comments »

While it’s great that Auburn is getting a lot of preseason love from the media, remember these are the same people who said the Tigers would be lucky to grab six wins a year ago. Now Las Vegas is getting in on the act.

The Golden Nugget Casino in Las Vegas has released early lines on some key Auburn games this season and what they’ve posted may surprise you. Not only is Auburn favored in every contest leading up to Amen Corner, they are convincing favorites, set as at least a touchdown favorite in every contest leading up to Georgia.

The opening game with Arkansas has Gus Malzahn’s team a whopping 24 point favorite. That’s huge for any opening season opponent.

Most surprising is the Thursday night trip to Manhattan, Kansas where Auburn is an early 13 point favorite.

I don’t know about you, but this game already has me worried. K-State won six of its final seven games and Bill Snyder is one of the greatest coaches in college football history. If you are looking for a place to worry, circle this game.

Another sleeper that should concern Tiger fans is the October 11 game in Starkville. Dak Prescott at quarterback for the Bulldogs will give Ellis Johnson fits. Combine that with the job of getting a team motivated to play in Starkville and you can understand the worry. The Golden Nugget has Auburn as a 9.5 point favorite.

As for Georgia and Alabama on the road, Vegas have the Dawgs favored by one point and Alabama by six. You can read the story here.

Of course, none of this means anything. We all know that after last year. What it does mean is that expectations are sky high for Auburn football and that always worries me. They can rank the schedule however they choose, but it doesn’t take a Philadelphia lawyer to see that Auburn’s is a beast.

Playing at least six ranked teams and being the defending SEC Champs will test Malzahn in his second season.  Despite the perceived obstacles there’s something about this coaching staff unlike others in the past that gives you comfort. Maybe I’m just being a homer, but something tells me Auburn will be ready to play every week.

You can’t ask for anything more.


  1. KungFuPanda9 KungFuPanda9 says:

    It’s obvious the odds-makers underestimated Auburn last year. But I worry when everybody loves us. Kinda reminds of an old adage,”When the shoe shine boy starts giving you stock tips, it’s time to get out of the market.”

    We are a great underdog. Favorite, not so much.

  2. Col.Angus Col.Angus says:

    I try not to be overconfident, but I don’t see how ANYBODY will be able to stay on the field with our offense this year. Marshall doesn’t even really need to carry the ball other than to be a decoy. We have 3-4 Bona fide studs that can run the ball. Barber and Cap can pound the line, and Grant and Thomas can filet the edge.
    We have 3-4 Bona fide studs at receiver, Duke Williams and Coates should literally be able to do whatever they want. Who are you going to double?? And both need to be doubled. Then you have Louis, Bray, Davis and Ray that can certainly cause as much trouble as you let them.
    Oh, and if SOMEHOW you can cover the receivers without leaving the ground game unattended…..CJ Uzomah can bust the middle of the field open. I look for CJ to be our Tony Gonzalez, he should have a MONSTER year.

    We have 4 returning starters on the OL and either 5 year Soph. Coleman (who is a MAN now) or Big Jordan Diamond taking the open spot. Behind them is quality depth.

    Our defense isn’t as good as FSU’s was last year, but I see a similar scenario developing where we score SOOO many points that our defense looks better than it is because we will mostly have to defend against teams trying to play catch up, leaving them vulnerable to blitzes and confusing combination coverages….ie things you wouldn’t dare to do if you had to defend against the run. I’m excited to see what Carl Lawson, McKinzy, Frost and our interior line is going to do to some folks.

    With all the depth and experiene that this team has, I am having trouble not comparing them to the 2004 team. Although we won’t have experienced kickers on special teams, I’m thinking that we may not need them as much as the 2004 team did, mainly because I don’t see Malzahn sitting on a three score lead like Tubby did. Gus doesn’t have a problem dropping 50-60 on you, especially if you are an SEC opponent and I hope we have several opportunities to do so.

    I think I may jump on those early UGA and Bama lines. They are putting a lot of faith in new QB’s at those schools and both could struggle if those QB’s don’t have success early on. At Bama, Saban is risking internal dissension if Jacob Coker doesn’t blow away his competition and is given the starting job. That team has waaaay too many blue chips “me first” guys on it for them not to have meltdown eventually, especially against an authoritarian like Saban.
    Hutson Mason at UGA is going to be challenged to keep his gun in his holster and let Gurley and Marshall get most of the yards for the Dawgs. He was a mega-hyped blue chipper coming out of High school as well, and this is his last chance to impress the scouts to get an NFL payday. Will that lead to some ill advised throws… I would think so.

    Nick Marshall will need to combat those same urges to prove himself as a passer, but unlike Mason, I think Marshall is going to have more time to throw and more open receivers. Of course, my glasses are Orange and Blue tinted, so I might be a little biased.
    Bottom line, it should be an exciting season, hopefully filled with a lot of fun and and agonizing decision on whether to go the semi final game or the Playoff championship!

  3. SEC_Eric SEC_Eric says:

    Good read Jay. We had no respect last year, now on top of the world. Just hope Auburn can get through a tough schedule before playing Amen Corner on the road. If I was a betting, my money would be on Malzahn and staff.

  4. sparkey sparkey says:

    We cannot always be the underdog if people are going to see us a program that is one of the top teams in the country on an annual basis. Would you rather us be expected to win six games every season? I said this a while ago, as long as we have Gus we aren’t going to be the underdog too often. We are going to have high expectations for as long as he’s our coach. You might as well learn to embrace being the favorite because under Gus it’s going to happen more often than us being the underdog. That has to happen if we’re going to be one of the country’s top programs every season.