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Keep Coach Chizik…

By on November 23rd, 2012 in Member Post 16 Comments »

I will go on the record here and now saying we should keep CGC. Why you may ask? I think CGC and the staff have not forgotten how to coach. I believe he should have a chance to right the ship. And I believe that there is not a good replacement at this time.

The earlier post  discussing “Compound Grief” introduced something that most of us never think about much less give others a chance to work through. I have spoken to college athletes who have said that explains what they have seen in the team and the way they have played this year, not a lack of coaching, understanding or “loss of team”.

With the recruiting classes they have assembled they should be given a chance to use the recruits in the system they have in place.  Let’s see what they can get out of these 4-5 star 18 year olds. Not to mention the damage to current and potential recruits caused by a coaching change.

All the posts I have read have mentioned a lot of  potential coaching candidates names. None would be a move in the right direction. When we make a change we need someone who can recruit like we have been, be the big name with experience.  Who is the big name out there now? Who can walk in and use what we have (the cupboard is definitely not bare) and be succesful immediately. I don’t think there is anyone currently or soon to be available this year that has the credentials to walk in and be successful in the SEC west.

I was there for the end Barfield era, ’78-’80,  when I could legitimately say my high school team played better. I was there when Dye came and changed the whole team attitude back to smash mouth take it to them football. Bowden came in and won with Dye’s players using a chip on the shoulder attitude. After going undefeated they won with smoke and mirrors (or the best west coast offense).  But the tradition set by James Brooks, Joe Cribbs, Lionel James, Tommy Agee, Bo Jackson was completely gone. They played for an SEC Championship and the line was “if Auburn can’t throw successfuly they have no chance” and they lost.  Bowden could not recruit. Tuberville brought the winning attitude back to the planes (pun intended). Chizik has taken us to the promised land and maybe back to the wilderness. But maybe, just maybe, he can right this ship.

I would give him one more year on a short leash.

Most disagree with this opinion. But it is after all just that, an opinion.

War Eagle

Beat Bama


  1. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    …..I don’t fault your opinion. I haven’t made my mind up, yet, on Chizik. I want to see what the team does tomorrow. If they roll over against Bama, then yes. It’s a lost cause.

    …..Interesting thing about coaching changes. Dye won the SEC in 1983 with basically Barfield’s players. Bowden went 11-0 with Dye’s players. Tuberville won the SEC West in 2000 with Bowden’s players. And Chizik won the National Championship basically with Tuberville’s players in 2010.

    …..To me, a lot of folks forget how maddening the Barfield era was. It was NOT that the team was terrible. At least not generally. It was that they’d look like world-beaters one week, then lose to a lesser team. In 1978, we just STOMPED Tennessee at Legion Field, then choked away games against Miami and Georgia Tech. There was the infamous 42-38 choke job against Wake in 1979. Even the 1980 team beat Georgia Tech, and mangled Southern Miss 31-0.

    …..What bothers me about this year is that we haven’t even looked competitive in 4th quarter in the SEC, except against LSU and Vandy much earlier in the year. That’s something few of still living remember happening. I’m not sure another year fixes any of that. Maybe another year does, maybe new blood is needed.

    …..My bottom line measuring stick has always been the Iron Bowl. If we roll over for the Tide, changes are needed. I thought so in 2001, and 2008. May agree again this year. We’ll see.

  2. inkyd62 says:

    Legit opinion, well-stated and I respect you for it. I haven’t heard a good answer to one question: CGC has had three Top 10 recruiting classes and inherited a Top 20 class from Tuberville. What makes anyone think that he will do any different/better with the #7 class of 2013?

    I don’t dislike Coach C and would like to think things could get better, but the 19-18 record outside 2010 says it all for me. It’s not likely and might as well make the tough decision sooner rather than later.

    War Eagle

    • LSU Jonno says:

      Since we’re 4 years into Chizik’s program, I’m not sure you can blame the team being young on Tubbs anymore…Having said that, the O-line is ridiculously young, and I can’t fault anyone for wanting to give Chizik one more shot with an experience line that he recruited.

      But I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I don’t think Chizik is a good coach.

  3. Im4Auburn says:

    I agree with this post. Thanks for writing it.

  4. wde1988 wde1988 says:

    Everyone is entitled to an opinion. You have stated yours.

    Mine is that Chiznik gets fired immediately following the game.

    Chopsticks is the worst coach in auburn history. It’s not even half and the iron bowl is already 28-0.


    • hinkle.pilot hinkle.pilot says:

      I couldn’t agree more. He is an embarrassment to our program. I am sure he is a good person with a wonderful family, however he gets paid week to prepare a football team for competitive play in the SEC, on that front he is an embarrassment plain and simple. He should have already been fired !!

  5. CapnVegetto says:

    Anybody still want to keep him now? 42 zip at the half.

    I just can’t for the life of me understand how ANYBODY could possibly think he deserves another year. The ‘young team’ excuse has been done to death.

    4 top 20 recruiting classes in a row, people. We should NOT be this bad. The problem is COACHING. Chizik needs to go, NOW. If you can’t see it, you are blind, hopeless, or some combination of the two.

  6. Col.Angus Col.Angus says:

    I’ve defended Chizik, mainly because I don’t think there are many coaches that would have been able to navigate through Cam Gate in 2010 and win a National Championship. I think he did a great job keeping the team focused and by beating UGA, BAMA and USC when the heat was at its highest.
    I don’t know what happened and I hope we all find out one day what was the catalyst behind the Chernobyl’esque meltdown of our program, but “there’s no question about it”, Chizik has presided over the WORST season in modern history. This team has quit on him and itself. There is no greater an idictment of a coach when the players quit on each other and again…”theres no question about it”.
    The new coach will have quite a chore in determining who will be playing for him next year because when he goes to look at the tape he isn’t going to see many SEC level competitiors. If I were him I would make it priority number one to make a tape of each starter and sit down with them one on one and ask each of them to explain who that player is and why he should remain on scholarship. I don’t think many will be able to give reasonable excuses and that is going to be an issue going forward….how do you go to war in the SEC with a team of quitters.

  7. Squeakywheel says:

    Chizik has performed the worst belly-flop in Auburn history. Fired? – he should tuck his tail and run. If he has any self-respect, he’ll get out of coaching altogether. This year and his cyclone year shows he’s terrible at this profession. We should have known he lost control over the summer with so many players getting into trouble. Then he hires two clueless assistants and fails to right the ship during the season. He’s paid far too much to perform so poorly. Jacobs should resign as well. He bears just as much responsibility for the situation as Chizik. I’m hoping Chiz resigns during his post-game interview – that’s what he should do after leading a team to the depths he has.

    • Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

      …..Gotta agree. Kept hoping they’d turn this thing around. But instead, we look worse and worse every week. Last legit SEC effort was against Vandy over a month ago, and Vandy tried SO HARD to give us that game! Since then, we’ve given up 40 points per game in the first half, against SEC opponents.

      …..Worst loss, and worst Auburn team of my lifetime, hands down. We need a Pat Dye, to run a spring boot camp, and run about 2/3s of these guys off if they don’t change their tune.

      • mgizmo2005 says:

        Be careful what you ask for. I think Pat Dye is available!

        Now that the worst season in Auburn history is over, I’m expecting a quick decision to be made on our coaching staff. I’m not sure I can swallow another year of this staff, or things of that nature.

  8. I feel badly for these players. They deserve better. I’m done with this coaching staff. All of them. They can take the ‘war eagle’ tramp stamps on their way out……

  9. wde1988 wde1988 says:

    I love Auburn. That is where I got to go. That is where my kids will go (I hope). But I will no longer be going to games until Auburn gets this crap fixed athletic program fixed.

    This guy is a fraud. Jacobs is a fraud. It’s obvious who the brains were behind the scenes during the first two years. I am extremely sorry Gus Malzahn. And I am equally sorry Ted Roof.

    When the brains left… that left the jester in charge of the courte. And Taylor and Luper have gotten AU in trouble. Chizik is in so far over his head… he might not ever come up for air.

    It’s not embarrassing… it’s disgusting what happened tonight. There is NO EXCUSE PLAUSIBLE.

    Listening to the post game… these players didn’t have a lick of fire in them. They mimic the coaching staff. Apathetic. And unable to come to grips with reality.

    Unless AU makes a change… I am going to have to revise my time line: Before, I stated it would be five years before AU came back and was once again competitive. If Chizlips is left in place… with no change, AU will not be back for a decade.

    This is black Saturday. At 49-0 it doesn’t get much worse.

    Please excuse me while I go barf!


  10. AU6 AU6 says:

    Who knows what happened. I don’t. I’ll bet you don’t. Someone should take the responsibility of explaining to the fans and Alumni what happened and why. And in the future let us not be so secretive, lets make the whole program more open. Who would that help? Who would it hurt? Being kept in the dark and speculating what the problem is and how we should fix it has brought us to this point.

    • wde1988 wde1988 says:

      Well, one thing for certain… you aren’t getting a straight answer from Geno Chizlips. And for the record… there are some things you can’t ask him:

      3) Coach, can you discuss the article that the program is under investigation? “I’m not going to comment on any speculation out there. We’ll talk about the Iron Bowl and Alabama.”

      2) Is any of this a distraction? “It’s not a distraction to me. We haven’t thought one second about it. Again, we’re right down the line on the Iron Bowl.”

      1) Were there any NCAA interviews this week? “I’m not going to comment on any speculation about any of that. I have one goal in mind and that’s the Iron Bowl.”

      So did you get all of that?? FOCUSED ON IB. Thats good.

      Did it show?? I mean the zero really doesn’t do us justice… there was so much more happening (NOT)


  11. audude audude says:

    Thanks for posintg. All good thoughts. Let’s see what happens and move on.

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