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July 4th Week and Track ‘Em Tiger’s Football Hall of Fame

By on July 1st, 2013 in Football, News 25 Comments »

The celebration of our nation’s independence is an American tradition. For most it’s a time of fireworks, parades, barbecues, and vacations. And traditionally it’s a time for the staff here at Track ‘Em Tigers to take our annual weeks vacation.

The 4th of July also marks an important time in the world of        july-4-fireworks
college football. In the long hot days of summer there isn’t
much football news. However, after this week that changes,
especially with the start of SEC Media Days.

We really appreciate all of you that make TET a part of your daily lives and wish you a happy and restful 4th of July. We will be back with our regular postings on July 8th.

In the interim, we have something we would like for you, our readers to help us with.

Last year Track’em Tigers created our own Auburn Tigers Football Hall of Fame. We took nominations and had our readers vote on a ballot which resulted in five names selected for TET’s Hall of Fame inaugural class. (Shug Jordan, Tucker Frederickson, Pat Sullivan, Bo Jackson, and Tracy Rocker.)

The rules for the selection process are:

(1) Nominate only one person from the following positions: QB, RB, WR, TE, OL, DL, LB, DB, ST, and Coach. (2) To be eligible players and or inactive coaches should have been out of college for five years. Eight names, seven chosen by our readers, will go into the 2013 class and may come from any period in Auburn History. (3) Although it would be good for you to have seen the nominee play or coach (at least on television, we recognize that in some cases that would not be possible.

This year the staff will nominate for our selection, legendary Auburn Coach Pat Dye. But Track ‘Em Tigers is about you the fan. So we want to know what you think.

The next two to three days we will be taking nominations to fill up the rest of our ballot of 10 nominees from which seven new names will be selected.

Please list in the comment section why you think a player is deserving of the nomination. If your player has already been nominated, you can still nominate him again – an action that will simply add to the nominees weight to be placed on the final ballot.

Toward the end of this week, we will publish a list of the top vote getters along with a ballot/poll to decide the seven players to be entered into TET’s Auburn Football Hall of Fame.

On behalf of the guys here at Track ‘Em Tigers, thank you in advance for your help. War Eagle and we wish you all a safe and …

Happy 4th of July!

Editor’s note:
Comments for this article are closed. Readers can discuss the Hall of Fame nominations in the comments section of the TET Ballot article above.

Comments are closed for this article.

Readers can discuss the Hall of Fame nominations in the comment section of the TET Ballot article above.

– See more at:

Comments are closed for this article.

Readers can discuss the Hall of Fame nominations in the comment section of the TET Ballot article above.

– See more at:

Comments are closed for this article.

Readers can discuss the Hall of Fame nominations in the comment section of the TET Ballot article above.

– See more at:



  1. Third Generation Tiger Third Generation Tiger says:

    I would like to nominate:

    QB – Jason Campbell. Pulled the trigger for the undefeated 2004 team.
    RB – Terry Henley – Tough as nails RB for the ’72 Amazins.
    WR- Terry Beasly. Should have made the first selection. Game breaker in any era. Still Auburn’s all-time leading receiver.
    TE – Ed West. Great hands.Great blocker.
    OL- Steve Wallace – John Madden said he was one of the best O linemen he ever saw.
    DL- Benji Roland – Dominated the middle from his nose tackle position. Agile enough to drop back in pass coverage for Wayne Hall.
    LB – Freddie Smith. Fast Freddie was the lone bright spot on an otherwise lackluster defense. Sideline to sideline tackler. Devastating hitter.
    DB – Buddy McClinton – Still holds Auburn’s single season (9) and all-time (18) interception records and did in the three yards and a cloud of dust era.

    • Third Generation Tiger Third Generation Tiger says:

      I left out:

      ST – Al Del Greco. Del Greco was not just a very accurate place kicker. He also was a master at placing his kickoffs just in front of the goal line and right by the sideline. This severely limited what the opposition could do on their return.

      Coach – Pat Dye. Brought hard nosed SEC championship football back to The Plains. Beat Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and LSU at their own game.

  2. Birmingham3 says:

    I know I will be raked over the coals for this opinion but I cannot rally behind Pat Dye. I respect what he did for Auburn both as a University and a team but I can’t seem to move beyond how he was instrumental in Auburn being hammered by the NCAA. Then, we name the field after him. I am prepared to receive numerous vile comments for this thought but thought I would share. War Eagle.

    • Third Generation Tiger Third Generation Tiger says:

      Bham3 I completely understand where you are coming from. We would all like to see college athletics adhere to the rule and spirit of amateurism. Unfortunately things don’t work that way. Maybe they should, but they don’t. Right or wrong, Pat Dye didn’t do anything that every real player and every wanna be player in college football was also doing. Ignoring this fact is pure niavete’. Denying it is mostly likely hypocrisy. Coaches that orchestrate or turn a blind eye to the practice are just a symptom of a problem that the NCAA and the SEC let spiral out of control decades ago. The NCAA’s and the SEC’s preferential treatment of certain programs borders on criminal.

      I played high school football with guys who went on to play for Alabama, FSU, JSU, Gardner-Webb, etc. and to a man they say cash for play was no secret in their locker rooms. I personally witnessed FSU players dump hundreds of dollars out of their gym bags after a ball game. Just another football Saturday to them. My father-in-law played for Alabama in the early 60’s. He said teams were passing cars around to recruits like candy. There is absolutely no way that the NCAA and SEC don’t know that this is and has been going on.

    • TigerWoman TigerWoman says:

      I don’t believe in raking anyone over the coals for their opinion. That’s yours and I respect it. But my opinion is he deserves his honors. The hammering was grossly unfair. A married player was given some food and some money to pay a light bill. It’s not like the big money given to get players to sign at Oregon and Miss State. (Who didn’t get hammered.)

    • mvhcpa says:

      No vile comment, but no one ever laid out to me how Pat Dye himself was “instrumental” in the Nineties’ NCAA hammering (as in, actually was an instrument of the malfeasance). If you want to make a “fish rots from the head” type argument, you will have a tough time convincing me Coach Dye was the source of the problem. MVH

  3. TigerWoman TigerWoman says:

    WR- Terry Beasley is still the greatest we’ve ever had in the position and he was very important in bringing Auburn’s first Heisman.
    QB- Dameyune Craig. One of the best to ever play at Auburn. I think he still holds the record for the most passing yards at Auburn.
    RB – James Joseph. He was a great ball player and a great team leader.
    ST- Al Del Dreco – Just because I think he deserves to be there.
    DB- Buddy McClinton – He was just placed into the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame. Holds the record for most interceptions.
    DT- David Rocker – Because most think about Tracy whenever they hear the name Rocker but his brother David may have been just as good.
    LB- Kurt Crain – A fun player to watch, an All-American and my favorite defensive player on those great 1980’s teams.

    • mvhcpa says:

      We used to say on campus when we were watching Tracy and David Rocker in the Eighties that David was better, but Tracy was MEANER! MVH

  4. War_Eagle_2010 War_Eagle_2010 says:

    I only have two nominations I feel strongly about, here they are:

    DB – Carlos Rogers – Thorpe Award Winner/All American/Pro-Bowler – Last great DB AU has had.

    As for my controversial nomination I nominate Coach Thomas Hawley Tuberville. He should have national title to his name from 2004, except for his first and last seasons he fielded very competitive AU teams that were as tough as they come. He also beat down the Bammers six years in a row. For that alone he deserves to be in the TET Hall of Fame. I rest my case.

  5. Malakai Malakai says:

    I agree with 2010. I logged on just to add Tommy Tuberville to my list. Even if he only did the undefeated 2004 season would probably be enough, but he made Bama his b***h for six years in a row and all that under the threat of Lowder and co wanting his job. Auburn was not nice to Tubbs and I feel that he gave the team a lot. I hope he makes it back to the SEC one day.

  6. Todd92 Todd92 says:

    DE Aundray Bruce- few have dominated at the DE position At AU the way Bruce did, teams gameplanned for him and he still couldn’t be stopped.
    WR Terry Beasley- he did whatever he had to do to catch the ball anywhere on the field. Still AU’s best all time reciever and Pat Sullivan doesn’t even get a mention for heisman if Beasley isn’t on that team.
    LB Takeo Spikes- arguably the best at his position in Auburn’s History.
    FB/LB/PK Ed Dyas- Dyas was the epitome of student athelete (3 time academic all American), leading rusher on the 1960 team, made 13 field goals in 1960 which at the time was an NCAA record, and finished 4th in the heisman for 1960.
    OL Marcus McNeal- allowed one sack while at AU. 2 time first team all American and first team all SEC in 2004 and 2005. Selected to The Sporting News All Decade Team.
    QB Jason Campbell- lead AU to 2004 SEC championship and BCS second place (to no other team) finish with an undefeated season capped by a sugar bowl victory. Was the 2004 SEC player of the year.
    Coach George Petrie- organized and coached the first football team at AU. Wrote the Auburn Creed which we strive to live by and we all cherish. We have George Petrie to thank for Auburn Football… It could have been started by someone else somewhere down the line but thankfully it wasn’t.

  7. Pine Mt Tiger Pine Mt Tiger says:

    So many great Auburn players. But I guess I would say :
    DE – Aundray Bruce for the same reasons that Todd92 listed.
    LB – Will Herring, led the team in tackles and held the record for consecutive starts at 49 till Lee Ziemba broke it in 2010..
    RB – Carnell Williams No.1 back on 2004 undefeated’s and NFL 1st round Draft Pick
    OL – Benji Roland, All American and a heck of a player
    QB – No one except Cam could do what he did. Still holds several team records.
    DB- Carlos Rogers – All American and Jim Thorpe Award winner
    More later … here comes the boss!

    • Pine Mt Tiger Pine Mt Tiger says:

      On QB I meant to Dameyeune Craig. What a great player, the most fun to watch player I’ve ever seen.
      Also would like to second the motions of others on here for WR Terry Beasley kicker Al Del Greco, and Coach Dye.

  8. War Eagle Girl War Eagle Girl says:

    I’m not good at choosing players but my first thought was Tubby too.

    Birmingham 3 ~ I also agree with you. Maybe living out of the state at the time has something to do with it. All I read and heard (before www) was negative publicity about my beloved university and it was embarrassing. Including the Bowden fiasco. I think there are more of us out there than you think but are afraid to say so because of the fawning going on ( as though we need our own Bear). He still embarrasses us every time he goes on Finebaum. I was appalled when they named the field after him. Will they ever do anything for Bowden, Tubby or Chiz? They did have some pretty good teams and did some important things for the Tigers before their fall from grace but I don’t see anyone supporting them. And his fall wasn’t just from a bad season….. Off.Soap.Box. 😉

    • Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

      …..Exactly. And Tuberville did it without getting us in NCAA trouble, and very few guys on the police blotter. I still wonder what would have happened in 2008 if Chris Todd’s arm hadn’t been ailing?

  9. GreenvilleAUfan GreenvilleAUfan says:

    – I like what Todd92 said about George Petrie got to agree with that one.
    – For QB, I think there are a lot of greats but Dameyeune Craig is the best Tiger QB I’ve ever seen.
    – OL Marcus McNeill. Two time All American who blocked for Cadilac and Ronnie Brown on the 2004 undefeated team.
    – WR Terry Beasley. Needs no explanation.
    – RB First round draft pick Carnell Williams
    – DB has to be JIm Thorpe winner Carlos Rogers
    – DT David Rocker. Like Dameyeune, I don’t think he ever got the cred he was due.
    – LB Quento Groves. The auburn record holder for sacks.
    – DE Gary Walker. Led the ’94 team in sacks and is tied for second all-time in sacks.went on to play 11 seasons in the NFL.
    – ST Wes Byrum. Still holds most of the kicking records at Auburn.

  10. wde21 says:

    Well I have to come to the defense of Coach Dye. Having lived in Birmingham all my life besides my years at Auburn, I know how much this state including ALL of the media tried to always make Auburn the little brother to Alabama. Without Coach Dye we would not have the football program we have built over the last 30 years. He had the courage and fortitude to not back down from the Alabama machine. I firmly believe that the whole Eric Ramsey episode was orchestrated by Alabama because they didn’t like the powerhouse Auburn we had become. And most importantly he got the game moved to Auburn instead of Alabama’s home field at Legion Field.

    As to Auburn great players,
    Qb. Pat Sullivan
    Rb. Cadillac Williams
    Wr Frank Sanders
    Db. Carlos Rogers
    LB. Takeo Spikes
    DL Andrea Bruce
    ST Al DelGreco

    I have so many sentimental favorites likes Trey Gainous, James Joseph, Will Herring, Randy Campbell, They may not have been the most talented but played with such heart.

  11. wde1988 wde1988 says:

    I’d like to nominate first and second string:


    Qb. Pat Sullivan; (1st String)
    Qb. Jason Campbell; (2nd String)

    Rb. Bo Jackson (1st String)
    Rb. Cadillac Williams (2nd String)

    Fb. Heath Evans (1st String)
    Fb. Tommy Agee (2nd String)

    Wr. Terry Beasley (1st String)
    Wr. Frank Sanders; Darvin Adams (2nd String)


    DT: David Bruce (1st String)
    DT: Nick Fairley (2nd String)

    DE: Trace Rocker (1st String)
    DE: Andrea Bruce (2nd String)

    LB: Karlos Dansby (1st String)
    LB: Takeo Spikes (2nd String)

    DB: Carlos Rogers (1st String)
    DB: Chris Shelling (2nd String)

    Just a few. There were many…


    Rb. Cadillac Williams Wr Frank Sanders Db. Carlos Rogers LB. Takeo Spikes DL Andrea Bruce ST Al DelGreco – See more at:

  12. Older Whiskey says:

    I will be long dead and gone before all those that deserve it make it into this HOF; nevertheless, I will reach back in some cases and nominate some older players.

    QB: I support Jason Campbell, whose magnificent play was a major factor in the undefeated 2004 season.
    RB: James Brooks (1977-1980). Averaged almost 5.7 ypc on over 600 carries; finished with less than 800 yards less than Bo Jackson despite missing most of a season with a broken foot. I believe he had more 40-yard+ touchdowns than anyone in Auburn history.
    WR: Terry Beasley.
    OL: Ed King (1988-1990)
    DL: Jimmy (Red) Phillips (1955-57). All-American in 1957, Red was a monster at DE (although he also played offense with 9.8 speed). The Auburn defense led the nation in 1957, giving up 28 total points and only allowing one SEC opponent to score. Red caused and recovered the fumble that saved the 14-12 victory over Georgia Tech in 1955, the first win over Tech in 15 years.
    LB: I could quickly list at least 20 deserving players here, but will offer up the name of Bill Cody (1963-65), one of the first to play only defense. Bill was equally tough against pass or run; scored two touchdowns against Florida in 1965 in the first game televised from Cliff Hare (won by AU, 26-21).
    DB: Carlo Cheattom (1985-88). Maybe the hardest hitter to ever play for Auburn. His lick on Reggie Cobb early in the third quarter of the 1988 UT game caused a fumble that Cheattom recovered, enabling Auburn to take the lead en route to a 38-6 victory. Cobb did not return to the game.
    ST: The late Connie Frederick (1967-69). A gifted athlete, Connie started at receiver as well as handling the punting duties. Although a very good receiver, his most memorable heroics came on fourth down. Against Clemson in 1968, the ball was snapped over his head. He tracked it down at the 5-yard line, dodged two Clemson linemen, and delivered a 70-yard punt. Against Arizona in the Sun Bowl, Connie had a punt blocked. Undaunted, he recovered the ball, ran to an open spot, and re-punted. Against Alabama in 1969, he – well, you know that one.

  13. MyAuburn MyAuburn says:

    I am going older school than most nominators, (no surprise for me there huh)

    Mike Kolen-Kaptain Krunch could lay the wood to you
    David Langner-17-16 nuff said
    Lloyd Nix-National Championship 1957 nuff said
    Jimmy Sidle-Held the QB rushing record until Cam
    Terry Beasley-Toughest player ever to wear an AU uniform

    My newer nominee-Tracy Rocker- Outland Trophy nuff said

  14. TxTigerFan says:

    I’m going old school and nominating G.W. Clapp. Clapp was started at offensive and defensive guards from 1958 – 1960 & went nose to nose with Pat Dye when they played Georgia. He was an all SEC selection in 1960. One of the toughest guys to wear the orange & blue.

  15. administrator says:

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    Readers can discuss the Hall of Fame nominations in the comment section of the TET Ballot article above.