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It’s being reported…

By on December 6th, 2012 in Member Post Comments Off

By Phillip Marshall and several other sites that Ellis Johnson is our new DC.

Folks, I know what this man did at USC for Spurrier without Jadvon Clowney.  I suspect he can do similar things at AU. I know he had issues against us in 2010… but hell, who didn’t.

Further, I know he went 0-12 as the USM head coach…

Still, I think we could use the same analogy as has been used on Gene  Chizik… many of us have made it so I don’t mean this to sound critical of those who said it…  some people aren’t cut out to be the head coach.  It’s a fact.

Personally, considering Malzahn’s experience level… which is moderate, I think this hire was an excellent one.  Why? This 61 year old has been around the block. He ain’t taking any BS off anyone. To me – this shows that Mulzahn has not only wisdom… but he has some humility and can learn from those with more experience.  I know that is taking a step on a ledge… but until I see otherwise… that is what I will believe.

Further… I am hearing that Malzahn will not coach his team in the bowl game.  While sad for his kids… I think it is a boon for AU. He wants to get going. I like that. 

Add to the fact that only a day after getting the job… he has a DC on board…. and did it on his own…. I think that is pretty impressive.  I can’t wait to see who his OC will be.




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