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It’s a Very Dangerous Time For Our Tigers….

By on October 23rd, 2013 in Member Post 11 Comments »

Those of you who know me as our resident pessimist/doubting Thomas of this website know that I often can be accused of LOOKING for negative things to post. I find that hard to argue, unfortunately. I am a bit of a pessimist. Of course, I don’t view myself that way, I’ve simply been around too long and watched too much football, (both Auburn and everybody else), to invest too much belief in supposed “sure things.” I’d imagine there are more than a few Stanford fans that know exactly what I’m talking about this year.

First, let’s examine the A&M game. There are hardly any negatives that you can take from beating a top 10 team on the road, and arguably doing a better job of holding them than Alabama’s defense did. Our game was not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but that is a good thing. We made MANY mistakes, missed MANY opportunities, and still managed to come out of College Station with a win. Let me reiterate that: We were nowhere near a perfect game, and we still beat them.  That says a lot.  Either A&M is that overrated, or Auburn is that good.

What’s the answer? Probably a little bit of both, but I would say it leans more toward Auburn being that good. Essentially, we played about the same game that Alabama did against them, so the argument could be made that Auburn is just as good as Alabama. Is that true, perhaps not, but the simple fact is the argument could be made. That says a lot.

Gus Malzhan has taken this team far beyond anything I expected this year. Guys, let’s be real. Last year this same team went 3-9, quit on the coaching staff and each other, and were generally the joke of the SEC. This year, we have darn near the same team with perhaps a few changes, (QB, etc.), and we are 6-1 and in a race for the SEC West. At this point, Auburn controls its own destiny. Win out, win the SEC West. It’s that simple. Even the biggest sunshine pumpers on this site will probably admit they never expected to see us here so quickly. I know I didn’t.

The job this staff has done is nothing short of incredible. We have a realistic chance to win the SEC west and play for the championship. We have 5 games left, 1 cupcake, 3 games that we will now be favored in, and the grand finale against the turds. Right now is a VERY dangerous time for this team. There is no doubt that confidence is running high, egos are inflated, and dreams of Atlanta and possibly more are beginning to form. I’ve seen it on this site ranging from the realistic (getting to Bama undefeated), to the downright ridiculous (BCSNC and Nick Marshall for Heisman). Right now is not the time for this stuff. The old cliche of ‘One Game at a Time’ has never had more of an important application.

We HAVE to stay focused. We have a tune-up cupcake this week, then we have Arkansas. Arkansas sucks this year. They are bad. Beyond bad. They are us from last year. By all measurable accounts we should beat the living crap out of them, road or not. Their level of suck suggests nothing less. However, we are Fools if we walk in believing that. Arkansas has a bye week, then they will be hungry. They would love nothing more than to crap all over our dreams. We can’t let them by being overconfident.

We still have Tennessee, who is getting better all the time. They scare the hell out of me. More so than Georgia. Of course we all know the leg humpers hate us just as much as we hate them, and they’ll be looking to crap all over us, too. It would be our luck that Gurley would return by then, too. Who knows?

The point is, we are no longer the underdog. We are the favorite. We aren’t the hunter, we are the hunted.  I’m sure Stanford was supremely confident going to Utah. They got their butts kicked. We CAN’T fall into the same trap. I believe that this coaching staff knows this. They are smart. They have done an amazing job this year. I believe that they are going to keep our boys in the right frame of mind and keep them focused. I hope that everyone here will be the same way. I’ve seen some pretty farfetched stuff pop up lately, and I’m maintaining my realism.

I KNOW that we SHOULD go into the turd game undefeated. We are better than everybody we are playing.  We have no reason to lose to any of them. That doesn’t mean we won’t. Every week should be the most desperate week of our football team’s life. It doesn’t matter how much better we are than they are. It’s entirely possible that Arkansas could play the best game of their life in 2 weeks, and we could have an off day. Ask Stanford. Ask Sakerlina. Ask FSU against NC State last year. Ask the Denver Broncos last week.

Stay focused team. We are all counting on CGM and the staff to keep them where they are supposed to be.  I think they will. I believe in them. 


  1. DBAU81 says:

    Well said. We can’t overlook anybody, but that Tennessee game looks like the biggest trap to me – “trap” meaning a game we should clearly be favored in but could just as easily lose if we don’t keep our focus. This coaching staff has done a terrific job of getting us into a position where none of us expected to be in our wildest hallucinations. Now they have a new challenge. If they manage it successfully, then give Gus the national coach of the year award and retire the damn trophy.

  2. BLAUFAN72 BLAUFAN72 says:

    I agree wholeheartedly!! FOCUS!!!! SELF ENTITLEMENT GETS YOU NOWHERE!!!

  3. sullivan013 sullivan013 says:

    I can’t imagine this team falling into complacency, not after what happened last year and the first half of the LSU game. I’m pretty sure they realize how close some of the early games this season actually were. If anything, I would say they are MORE likely to knuckle down and pay particular attention to reducing mistakes and sticking to the program that their coaches have outlined for them than not.

    If they were blowing out opponents like TAMU or Oregon, then maybe the above argument might hold water, but not when this team has lost a game they were competitive in and won three of six by less than a touchdown. I’m pretty sure they know how close we are to being 3-4 or 7-0. They had a much better view of the situation than any of us did.

  4. domaucan1 domaucan1 says:

    After fifty years of following Auburn football, I could not have said it better.



    WAR EAGLE !!!

    GO BIG BLUE !!!

  5. usmc71au83 says:

    The only thing more amazing than what Auburn has accomplished this year is the number of the Auburn faithful who did not see this as a very real possibility. Everyone seemed to be focused too much on the miserable past than on the exciting possibilities of the future. The prior coaching staff did not leave us without player talent. We had managed to be very competitive recruiting good players.

    It has became obvious that good recruiting could not overcome a lack of quality coaching. Our performance deteriorated after 2010 and it was not because we didn’t have good players. When the coaching house was cleaned, we formed a search committee comprised of some of the best Auburn football players to ever were the uniform(all of them possessing a strong offensive philosophy). As a result, it was not a surprise when they hired a like-minded head coach. They got someone who had been very successful everywhere he had been.

    The only question was how soon he could correct the problems that existed. As he began to hire the coaching staff, it became obvious that it would not take long. With each hire, I was more amazed. I knew he could coach, but I did not realize he could assemble such a staff(and that includes a remarkable strength and conditioning coach). A good recruiting effort followed, getting players that have had an immediate impact this year.

    Both the Spring and Fall camps confirmed that we were headed in a different direction than the past two years. After what had been accomplished prior to the season, I believed anything was possible this year. I did not think it would take the years that many were predicting.

    We are improving each week and could easily be undefeated. Does that mean that we will win the rest of our games this year? Not necessarily, but it is possible if we continue to improve each week.

    • wpleagle wpleagle says:

      The only staff decision I doubted was firing Yoxall as strength and conditioning coach. However, I’m sold on what the new guy has done (senior moment, can’t remember his name). The 4th quarter conditioning and energy is truly remarkable and the agility of the big guys is amazing. Some of the lard buckets I see on opposing teams, I wonder how they walk, much less run.
      War Eagle.

  6. MyAuburn MyAuburn says:

    OK, who ever wrote this article, who are you and what have you done with the Capn?

    Seriously Capn, finally I could not agree more with you. However, I think your worry is unnecessary. Our staff will not let them have cranial swelling.
    I agree that Tn will be tough, they are improving at a rate almost equal to our own. It will be a tough game in front of 100k vol fans. The leghumpers could also be tough because Gurley will surely be back by then.

    The best thing we have going for us is that we have made a noticeable improvement EVERY game. By the time we get to UGA and UAT we will be at our best.

  7. MyAuburn MyAuburn says:

    One more little side note. Guess who gave the pregame speech before the TAMU game. Jason Dufner of course.
    Seems funny that someone with no pulse could get a team fired up to play but you have to say he had to have done a pretty good job.

  8. Tiger on the mountain Tiger on the mountain says:

    Shut the front door!: “Either A&M is that overrated, or Auburn is that good.

    What’s the answer? Probably a little bit of both, but I would say it leans more toward Auburn being that good.”

    I just wanted to highlight that part for posterity…….

  9. wde1988 wde1988 says:

    Capt V I think you are on target. And as others have said, specifically Coach Dameyune Craig, that this team has a definite blue collar quality about them… or work ethic. I like that. And I think that and the mantra expressed from Gus Malzahn about “getting better every game” should place Auburn in good standing at the end of the year.

    Are you pessimistic for being a pessimist by nature? Hell no. You are a concerned fan just like anyone else. What’s more… I like the concept of not drinking the cool aide and reporting what you see. Your opinions matter here.

    After that game, I say the chips need to fall where they may and let’s get it on. AU stands or falls but they have exceeded my expectations to date.

    Can the game against A&M just be luck?? Heck yeah. And why not… AU deserves its equal share just like every other team. For the rest of the season this team must now know that they are #2 in the West with a very real chance of being #1. It’s up to them.

    G-l-o-r-y, G-l-o-r-y to Ol’ Au-burn!