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I’m on the Gus Bus

By on December 5th, 2012 in Member Post 3 Comments »

The easiest way to forget the horrible season that was 2012 is to get excited about the future. Speaking only as a fan for the moment, I am excited beyond words for the future of Auburn football.

The contributors to this site represent the finest of our fan base, so I’m anxious to hear your take on the hiring of Gus Malzahn as HC.

Here is mine for the record… I’ll admit, Gus was not the “big name” I was hoping for- I wanted Jimbo Fisher- but he is certainly a safe bet given his offensive genus and talent for recruiting. My concerns are the defense, strength and conditioning, and team discipline.

So, Auburn fans, give me your thoughts. War Eagle Everybody!


  1. wde1988 wde1988 says:

    I think AU could have done much worse.

    Malzahn was a good hire. I have argued my concerns in other places so I won’t burden this entry. I think AU will be ok.

    The real question will be his staff. Someone has already reported tonight that Ellis Johnson was hired as our DC. That is probably a good thing. Further, I have heard they have tried to get Tracy Rocker. Again, another good thing.

    My point is we won’t know the extent of Malzahns intentions until he fleshes out his staff. Then we will be able to see where AU’s direction and vision will be. If he truly intends to “attack”… on both offense and defense… he needs the best. Let’s see him put his money where his mouth is…

    Once that is settled. I am all in. Again.

    But I got to be honest… this coaching carousel – I have never liked. For example, I was a major advocate for Chizik but I fell off his bus after the MSU game this season. And for me that is hard to swallow. But I started looking at what the man was saying and comparing it to the product on the field. I had major issues with trying to reconcile the two realities.

    Still, I went to several games in 2009. I thought great things were happening. I was so on board that I took my family to see the outback bowl. Of course I attended many games in 2010. I even went to the chic-fila bowl last year. And this year I watched every game (or listened) but physically attended MSU and Texas A&M.

    Just remember… this is my ( Shug, Barfield, Dye, Bowden, Tuberville, & Chizik) 6th coaching change as a alum/fan? I think pessimism is allowed after that many changes.


  2. rn4au rn4au says:

    Honestly, I think I was one of the few that didnt post a list. I made one, but the names kept moving around because I would think I had 1. 2. and then I would talk myself out of them because of some reason they might not work out… whether it be that they had never coached in the SEC or were underachieving with what they had, or never had head coaching experience…there is always a down side to just about anybody.
    I have to say that I am extremely happy about this hire however. I think that Gus is the up and coming offensive genius of our time and he can and will bring Auburn back to contention. However, it will depend on some key things.. Jumping into this type of leadership position requires an extreme work ethic, an ability to not only assess the potential of players but also coaches and how their work and personality would fit into your goals. He is going to need to make the hard decisions and not look back and be ok that he has pissed off some people. He has GOT to surround himself with the best there is out there to counter his weaknesses… all the best leaders do this and do it well. I think he CAN do all of this and will do it… why? Because he has already proven that he can win… maybe on a smaller stage, but the fundamental nature of a leader is there. He is driven, ethical, strong, and motivated. He just needs to do it on a much bigger stage now. No one on here knows 100% if he will succeed or not.. we are all guessing just like we were with every other candidate on lists… but I have to say that I think this was the right hire on so many levels. Do I KNOW he is going to be successful? No, no one does… but I sure see the ingredients of a great head coach here.

  3. DBAU81 says:

    Gus is a solid hire and likely the best “fit” among the candidates we realistically had a chance of getting. The best thing is that he is already thoroughly familiar with the program, the players, and the problems. Therefore he can hit the ground running to fix what needs to be fixed. Cleaning house with the entire coaching staff was a good first step and sends a clear message as to who is in charge.