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How can you see it any other way? Auburn got emasculated in Jordan Hare on Saturday evening and the olderst rivalry in the deep south took to a new low….

By on November 12th, 2012 in Member Post 5 Comments »

Twenty-four. Eleven. That was the total first downs gotten by each team. As you can probably guess by the score AU only had eleven first downs for the game. Way to go Scott Loffler!

Two hundred eighty nine. Fifty seven. That was the total rushing yards garnered by each team. Want to guess which was Auburn’s? But hey, Brian VanGorder…. Congratulations by the way. Your defense has consistently failed while you have been at AU.

Thirty-eight. Zero. Total number of points…. ah hell, you get the picture.

What has happened to this program? Where did it go wrong? I got two words: Gene Chizik.

Did anyone else read the article in which former AU player Heath Evans blasted our current program? It happened last year during the 2011 season. Evans indicated he noticed the change like someone had painted the athletics building black. It was obvious. No discipline. No accountability. He saw this coming.  Heath Evans is a tried and true warrior.  My favorite all time AU fullback.  You can read the rest of the article I am referring too here:

Don’t think the program is in complete disarray?  Think again.  I know I am not the only one that has seen this team change right before his eyes.  It’s like watching an episode of the ‘walking dead’ or maybe a seedier version of ‘Austin Power’s International Man of Mystery’ where Gene Chizik plays Dr. Evil.  I believe Gene Chizik is not only fighting his own egomaniacal self but it is now evident he is at odds with his defensive coordinator. After the game Saturday Brian VanGorder said this:

“Our defense is not built with size, strength and power right now. I think that becomes obvious against teams like Georgia,” he said. “First game, Clemson. It shows up. Players know; we talk about it. I respect them. I’ve had a lot of fun with them in terms of learning football, working on changing the culture in our room. They did a fine job preparing this week. I feel awful that they go out and good things didn’t happen, but you’ve got to earn those things. You’ve got to tackle.”

“If you’re into football, you know football, you can look at it and you can pretty much know the route it has to go. We’ve got to improve greatly,” VanGorder said. “If you’re intellectually into the game, it’s fairly obvious. In fairness to all our players, we’ve got a lot of guys who are in the developmental stages right now and in the process of growth. They’ve got to go to work in the offseason and keep developing.”

Gene Chizik’s response to BVG’s comments?  “I don’t really know how I interpret that. There are some positions where I think we need to upgrade in terms of productivity. I’m not sure how to interpret that. I’m not sure what that means.”

Seriously Gene? Your team gave up twenty four first downs, two hundred and eight nine yards on the ground… and you don’t know what it means?? Send your pay check back to accounting!

A rumor I have seen circulating adds to the dimensions of this rift.  I am not sure about the reasons but I think it supposedly occurred after the Arkansas game.  During a team meeting afterwards when BVG was talking about what needed to be done Chizik ripped into VanGorder. During the exchange BVG was told that he needed to fix the problems and follow guidance but he responded to Chizik that he hadn’t recruited these kids. Chizik had. Implying that Chizik was reaping what he sowed. Yikes!  Well, that isn’t exactly accurate BVG… I mean we all are ALL reaping what Mean Gene has sowed.

When asked about the 2-8 season Chizik stated “well, that is a bit of a trick question.  Anything I say will sound like an excuse.” He elaborated on how to fix the program.  He stated that “We haven’t changed much in four years. Things have changed – coordinators have change, players have changed, systems have changed.  That’s the facts.”  He went on to state about his practices that “When I say we’ve had good practices I am looking at people to come out there and be focused and practice with energy. There are times when we don’t execute well.”

While this may be taken out of context, it’s clear to about anyone who is sane that Mean Gene has already left the building. He is crazier than a sh^t house rat.  

And for those that think he can get it together for next season… because after all he did win a National Championship just two years ago… well, there is this, when asked about how he fixes the problem he stated:  “I think it’s really going to start with evaluation from the top to bottom, from scheme to recruiting,” Chizik said.  “We have to get a look at what is under the hood of the car. We have a car that is not running very well right now.”

If I made that up, may lightning strike me dead! Tell me he isn’t crazy!

We need to face some facts. As Dr. Gouge sits in his office fiddling while Auburn’s athletic programs burn to the ground it’s obvious to see that Chizik isn’t the man to lead Auburn’s football team next year.  Chizik knows it.  Anybody sitting in the stadium or watching the game at home knows it.  Hell, Mark Richt even knows it.

And I think Chizik is still getting way too much credit. For example, people are looking at the outcome of AU’s football season as if it will be 3-9. Like it is a foregone conclusion! After watching this team’s performance on Saturday evening… I am not so sure. 2-10 sounds more realistic.

Changing directions just slightly more needs to be discussed in the qualifications of Gene Chizik.  Specifically, Chizik’s recruiting prowess is something that needs to be examined more closely.  Who is doing the recruiting again?  That is Coach Trooper Taylor.  Are we getting good classes?  Well, according to rivals and scouts… yes.  But isn’t it interesting how these same player have consistently underachieved? Remember Mike Dyer?  And now add to that, this particular recruiting class has already started exerting itself… recently, recruit Jeremy Johnson stated that he would de-commit if AU fired Gene Chizik.  That started me to think… maybe that is why this team has to have Security Company tuck them in at night?  Maybe that is why these “players” want to come to Auburn?   I think this all ties into Heath Evan’s comments. Auburn has absolutely no self control or team discipline.  My response to Jeremy?  Bye bye.  Don’t let the door hit you in the #ss.

As I try to finish my comments and thoughts I want to make one final observation.   I know it sounds like a conspiracy theory… but I honestly believe we are witnessing yet another of Jimmy Sexton’s sabotage plan and its effects on Auburn.  If true, tell me the man doesn’t carry a grudge to a whole new meaning?  Tuberville quits (or was fired-take your pick) and then Jay Jacobs hires this under-achieving moron who obviously knows nothing about football.  He has four years at recruiting and now AU has a roster full of “special players” who can’t get it together.  And when things are obviously wrong all Mean Gene can say is that AU is going back to work, going to look at film and get things fixed.  That the team hasn’t quit on him.  That he can fix it.  And he continually sloshes more gasoline on the fire by acting indifferent and unaffected. Is it just me or is Gene Chizik doing everything humanly possible to get fired and earn his pay out?

Well. All that may be true. But with everything as it is… it’s obvious that AU cannot continue down this path without suffering lasting effects. I know it sounds very Obama’esque with money that doesn’t belong to me… but AUBURN NEEDS TO DO THE FOLLOWING:

AU needs to fire Jay Jacobs.

Fire Gene Chizik and his entire staff

Hire a proven coach with a winning record who can compete with Nick Saban and Les Miles and Mark Richt.  Anything less… and AU will remain as the step kid in the conference.

Every day that Gene Chizik is allowed to stay on the payroll he is taking the program deeper and deeper into the abyss.  The truly sad news is that we haven’t got to the half-way point yet… we got much, much further to drop….

How far do we want to go…? 


War Eagle


  1. Col.Angus Col.Angus says:

    Not that I disagree with you about the lot needing to be fired but it looks to me like BVG is being a total phallus object. News flash BVG, you have to work with what you got. And I have never seen anyone due so little with what he has to work with. I don’t believe for a second that we are THAT bad. BVG clearly gave up a while ago because that group doesn’t look they’ve been coached at all and even worse, they look like they don’t care.

    Chizik isn’t crazy, he just can’t admit that everybody has quit on him. Hard to believe that this has happened but these kids obviously don’t have much character.

    • Col.Angus Col.Angus says:

      BTW thanks for the Heath Evans article. That was pretty much what I have been seeing all year, a bunch of gutless wannabees out there “playing” football. I know that the responsibility for this team falls on Chizik but my god, these players have no pride. They are letting this all fall on Chizik because they know he is the only one who will get the heat, and its deplorable. I would be ashamed of my son if he played on that team and layed down like they are doing. If I was Chizik, I would trash practice this week and have every player do Oklahoma drills and run gassers for four hours every day and see whos left by Friday. That is the team I would field on Saturday. Chizik and this staff is gone, but some of these players need to go to.

      • wde1988 wde1988 says:

        Always a pleasure Col. Happy vets day. Thank you for your service.

        Agreed on pretty much everything. When things go bad they go really bad.

        This too shall pass.


  2. mgizmo2005 says:

    If we are competing for many of the same recruits as other schools, I have to believe that something inside the culture of our program has created the lack of leadership inside the team. There is nobody to blame for that other than the coaching staff. Yes, most of these players are phoning it in and that should not be overlooked, but if they aren’t being held accountable, how can we blame them? Auburn is going to fire this staff. We will lose some of the recruits. If they are the types who want to come to Auburn just to take advantage of the lack of discipline, let them go. Find some more guys like Wallace who have the drive and desire instead of the damned 4 or 5 star rating that means nothing.

    Welcome to rock bottom, Auburn fans. Nowhere to go but up.

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