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How About a Cold One in Jordan-Hare Stadium?

By on March 10th, 2014 in Football 16 Comments »

Fraternity boys across the South must be pinching themselves today. Is it really true? Might the SEC allow beer sales during college football games? They are at least going to take a look at it.

SEC officials plan to discuss the subject during league meetings this spring, with an eye on perhaps allowing neutral site games such as Georgia-Florida and Arkansas-Texas A&M to sell beer at those venues.

Many believe this is a first step in allowing beer sells campus wide. LSU Athletic Director Joe Alleva is one who is open to the idea.

“(Selling beer at football games) would enhance the fan experience,” Alleva recently told “I don’t think that’s something that would necessarily be a negative for drunkenness and it might curtail the drunkenness if you sold beer.

“Right now, they drink excessively in the parking lot before they come in because they can’t get alcohol inside. Perhaps if they had access in the stadium, they wouldn’t drink as much when they come in. I think it’s something we have to talk about.”

I’m shocked it’s the LSU guy who’s leading the charge.

Of course, if you have enough money, drinking is allowed at Jordan-Hare Stadium. It has been for 25 years. Just pony up the 60 grand for a private suite and you can drink until you drop. Believe me; I’ve done it – as someone’s guest.

There was a time in my life where I’d been turning back flips at the suggestion. Now I’m not so sure. There are already enough morons sitting around me that come in juiced up prior to kickoff. The idea of them drinking for four more hours is something that gives me pause.

A lot of people bring in their stash now. I’ll never forget the time I was behind the young student pushing his friend through the gate in a wheel chair. The chair bound student handed the attendant his ticket, while a blanket draped his legs.

There was nothing unusual about it until they got 25 feet inside, at which point the handicapped student rose from his chair, chunked the wheel chair and out came a keg of beer that quickly disappeared into the student section.

I stood there in astonishment and admiration. Do we really want to take that kind of ingenuity away from our young people by making beer sales legal?

The discussion suggests a complete 180 degree change from the SEC’s past policies on alcohol. Just eight years ago, the league asked CBS to stop referring to the Georgia-Florida game as The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. Now it’s looking at taking the party inside.

In an era where season ticket sales are on the decline due to the advent of inexpensive big screen, high definition television sets and satellite providers who carry every league game, schools are looking at ways to enhance the game day experience.

The fact that commissioner Mike Slive has been quiet on the subject suggests that changes may ultimately come.

“Up to now, we like our rule,” Slive said. I think this is an area where we want to walk slowly and carefully.”

That’s a long way from being opposed.

Financially the move makes lots of sense. From a common sense standpoint, it’s completely idiotic. We all take our football too serious in the South. Allowing beer drinking to move inside after a long day of tailgating will cause big problems. Ask the NFL.

When families stop coming, the sport will suffer. I’m all for having a beer or six before the game. But let’s keep the party outside. Who needs to keep drinking when you’ve got Gus Malzahn’s team on the field?

There’s nothing that can top that.


  1. sullivan013 sullivan013 says:

    There were at least three or four kegs brought in by the fraternities (or compliant ground crew members for a price) in the stands every game when I was a student. Not to mention the various flasks, canteens, etc. brought in by everyone else.

    I distinctly remember the 1980 UT-AU game as my friend and I proposed to drink once for every Auburn score and TWICE for every Tennessee score. We got creamed 42-0 and rolled out of the stadium. So the next week we decided to just drink once per any score.

    The Tigers ended up whipping Richmond 55-16 leaving us in much the same shape.

    But I too question the logic of beer sales inside the stadium. The drinking age wouldn’t change and the idea of trying to sell beer inside when 75% of the students couldn’t legally buy it doesn’t sound to me like a viable plan.

  2. GreenvilleAUfan GreenvilleAUfan says:

    Got no problem with hoisting a few outside but keep it out of JHS. Last thing we need is to have to deal with a free flow of alcohol in the stands while trying to enjoy the game.

  3. ATL_AU_FAN ATL_AU_FAN says:

    It’s not only legal in the suites at JHS, it’s legal for Club Level patrons also. I do so virtually every game and rarely, if ever, have if seen an issue.

  4. Tiger on the mountain Tiger on the mountain says:

    It’s not like selling beer is actually going to stop people from sneaking booze into the stadium. I mean free booze from your pants pocket (or whereev’s) or an $6-8 beer from the concession stand……yeah, thought so.

    Plus, frankly, SEC fans can’t handle the responsibility-at least in my opinion. Yes, Club Level or Suite people might be one thing, but these guys are also not mingling with the general stadium population, where MOST of the game day crazy lives and and thrives…….Overall, this is a Bad Idea…….

  5. AUTigerinBR says:

    WOW. Not a fan of that idea. Have had bad experiences in stadiums that sell beer when games got close. The Iron Bowl was intense as it was– can you imagine adding 4 TV length quarters of beer to that atmosphere? I see more cons than pros. I enjoy having a tailgate drink or three, but by the end of the game it has worn off– I just see the potential for mayhem increasing significantly if most of the stadium drinks all game.

    Ugh, we’ll all smell like a brewery too with people sloshing trying to get to their seat. OK, I am definitely a no vote.

  6. MyAuburn MyAuburn says:

    We snuck in oranges laced with vodka, watermellon in plastic bags laced with the same. Guilty as charged.
    On the bigger question, I would hate to be in Bryant-Denny in the middle of a city size wad of Bammer rednecks stewed to the gills to watch a football game. For that matter, I would hate to be anywhere with that group in that condition,.
    I vote NO.

    • Tiger on the mountain Tiger on the mountain says:

      I’ve snuck an airplane bottle or three in my time…but imagine having access to more booze when the smuggled freight had been consumed? I mean after a few freebies, spending that $8 per beer for moah alcoholz is totes not a big deal-nay-a GREAT idea. And there’s the whole problem in a nutshell……at least from my perspective.

      And I would be wary of this potential situation in Jordan Hare…but in foreign stadiums!!? Yikes!!

      If they want to raise capital for coaches salaries, they should sell lottery tickets in the name of ‘education’.

      • KungFuPanda9 KungFuPanda9 says:

        The other issue with the stadium selling beer is a tacit endorsement of drinking in the stadium. The school can be held responsible for any alcohol related “events” which occur.

        The greed is palpable and disappointing.

  7. BeachTiger BeachTiger says:

    Bad idea. Did anyone see the youtube video of the drunk Bama blond diving out over the backs of people in the stadium to go after the Oklahoma fan during this years Sugar Bowl? Not pretty… but predictable… and I’m ashamed to admit, funny as hell.

  8. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    …..Legally, it would fly in the face of the long-time “no alcohol on campus” rules. Yeah, I know. It’s all very much nod-nod, wink-wink in the tailgate areas outside. Folks openly walk around with beer and cups in hand, and nothing is done unless a disturbance happens.

    …..And yes, we know flasks aplenty get in already. It could be argued that most folks can’t drink enough beer to equal what a 500 ml bottle of Bacardi will do in a few hours. Then again, some folks hold their booze better than others! Yeah, I’ve had gin drunk-spilled onto my head and back a number of times in recent years.

    …..I guess I have to come down on the side of not turning Jordan Hare into Philly, where hatred and bottles rain down out of the stands. That’s not us. I’m torn on this, because I’m very much a “personal freedoms” sort of advocate. But hopefully, I’m also a realist. I’d vote no.

    …..Having beer available wouldn’t change my gameday. I have one or two before the game, but staying awake on the drive home is already difficult. Me, I’m hitting a 5-hour energy drink in the 4th quarter as it is! And I’m unlikely to shell out for a lukewarm pint of Miller or Bud, under any circumstances.

  9. donnajoandmike84 says:

    Picture this. Auburn fans storming the field after the incredible kick six finish. And then one drunk knucklehead decides to push an Alabama football player. A beautiful scene could turn ugly real quick. Granted that still could have happened without the alcohol, but you see my point.

  10. AUglenn says:

    Not a good idea.

  11. mikegee2 says:


    I’m a recovering alcoholic with over 25 years, and i was the person you had to call the guard on on game day. People who want to drink will, no matter what. Making it a free ride to a cheap drunk for a lot of others will just cause a bad game day experience for someone. If we could all be sensible ( unlike me), it might be different, but in my experience a quart of beer begins to make sane folks insensible

  12. win4au says:

    If it passes they will definitely have to install more restrooms!