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Holy Moses !

By on January 5th, 2013 in Member Post 11 Comments »

It’s very early to predict this and I admittedly view the world through Orange and Blue Goggles, but I believe Coach Malzahn has assembled a Staff that can part the RED SEA ! It’s just a matter of them gelling and settling in to their respective rolls. Recruiting should prosper and if history of this group can carry over, they can coach ’em up too. An early indication of success might be the fact that Reuben Foster’s family was decked out in Auburn threads at the UnderArmor game. 😈


  1. Malakai Malakai says:

    Until the little egomaniac puts on the AU hat on signing day I would take nothing for granted. I’m so over Foster it’s not funny. This guy has strung along programs and threatened others with their coaching hires. I don’t care if it was Johnny Manzel wanting to transfer to Auburn, NO kid is big enough to effect coiaching changes on a team, not a HS team and certainly not a Div 1 team like Auburn. Let him go find whatever rock Trooper Taylor crawled under and join him.

  2. Col.Angus Col.Angus says:

    I know you are excited…I’m excited, but you need to temper your enthusiasm with some reality and some common sense. I felt this way in 1988 when the Atlanta Hawks, who had just taken the eventual champion Boston Celtics to the brink in the previous playoffs, brought in Moses….. Moses Malne, and Reggie Theus to complete what I thought would be a dominant dream team to go with Dominique Wilkins, doc Rivers and Antoine Carr. They were a bust. While they had the talent to win a championship, they did not have enough balls to go around to satisfy 5 ego driven superstars. You see this happen a lotnwhen you see an owner try to buy a championship…..the problem is you have to have role players, guys who don’t HAVE to be the star, guys who are motivated by the satisfaction of doing their job well.
    My point in this is that Auburn has amassed a very solid coaching staff full of star recruiters. We have a 2nd year coach in charge of some very successful and dynamic personalities with solid reputations in the college ranks, some of which have been or could be college head coaches themselves. The question, and my concern, is Coach Malzahn ready to govern this group of coaches. He has already made a mistake by making Johnson and Lashlee share the co-ordinator title with Harbison and Craig. Surely, Johnson and Lashlee are in charge of their respective sides of the ball what happens if Harbison or Craig disagrees with a game plan or use of a player? It may not be a problem, but there needs to be a clear delineation of what each coaches responsibilities are, and what the chain of command is. With four head recruiting co-ordinators on staff, plotting and executing a coherent recruiting strategy may prove to be even more challenging. Who will take the lead there? Will the other VERY successful recruiters be willing to subjugate themselves to someone that, at best, they will see as a peer? These are big questions that won’t show up in the box score after the game, but will be extremely important to the success of the program and CGM.
    These are good problems to have but they can be just as destructive as having poor players. I am hopeful that CGM made good choices and didn’t just throw money at the best candidates available. Time will tell, but it will exciting to see how things develop.

    • KoolBell KoolBell says:

      I wouldn’t get too hung up on the titles. It’s common place to have titles for that many experienced coaches. It helps their resume’s in the future, and indicates their maturity level in a corporate setting.
      President & CEO
      Executive Vice President
      you get my drift.

      Ellis Johnson runs the defense, and Gus runs the offense. Bisaccia runs the special teams, and Garner runs the recruiting. Pretty clear to me.

      As to the “parting of the Red Sea comment in the post, I think I saw where Johnson, Smith, Harbison, and JB Grimes were eye witnesses to the event…..
      Yes, these guys have what some of the previous staff didn’t have. PROVEN coaching ability.

  3. Malakai Malakai says:

    I’m hoping that all of these title handed out to assistant coaches on the new Auburn staff are nothing more than showing respect to seasoned and deserving coaches. Coach Malzahn isn’t stupid, I’m sure behind the scenes everyone of those coaches will know their place in the REAL hierarchy of the program.

    • Col.Angus Col.Angus says:

      You’d like to think that these guys can check their ego at the door…and when you are winning its easiest to do that, but we know that likely isn’t going to happen next year. We know their will be a hierarchy and a chain of command, these guys will be professionals….but the potential for discord does exist because it is human nature, otherwise, why is there a need to hand out ceremonial titles?

  4. Malakai Malakai says:

    That’s an excellent point Colonel. Gus may be contending with strong egos from both his pampered players, entitled new recruits as well as old coaches who think they could do the HC position better than a 2nd year HC. I don’t envy Malzahn the tight rope he has to walk to just get all of the parts working and moving forwards towards a common goal.

    It wouldn’t surprise me to see a few of Auburn’s new coaches let go or resign after the first year even if Auburn does well in 2013.

  5. DBAU81 says:

    Individually, this is a solid group of coaches. Everything depends on how well they work together and how quickly they can gain the attention and respect of the players. Time will tell on both. In the meantime, I’m not sure I understand the comments about the potential for conflicts or discord on the staff. Football coaches, at least successful ones, tend to have strong egos and personalities. I’d rather have a roomful of them than a group of guys who lack confidence and self-esteem. If there is potential for conflict on this staff, then that doesn’t make them any different from any other coaching staff in the country – or, for that matter, any other group of talented and motivated people joined in a common endeavor. Part of any head coach’s job is to manage the conflicts and referee the arguments that will inevitably arise. I doubt Gus would have hired any of these men if he foresaw any likelihood that they wouldn’t mesh well with the group. There is some turnover of personnel on almost every staff, every year. But, we as fans need to step back, take a deep breath, and let these coaches have a fair chance to come together and tackle the very formidable job that lies ahead of them before we start predicting resignations or firings.

    • Col.Angus Col.Angus says:

      I only bring it up the potential for discord because Gus has brought in some big names with big egos…..and don’t get me wrong, that’s good. I’d rather have guys that have proven they can get the job done. But as we all know, part of human nature is to get attention and praise for your work. So, that being said, who gets the credit…or the blame…when you have Co-coordinators? I know Lashlee and Johnson are the head coordinators, but it bugs me that Harbison and Craig are being called co-coordinator….. In a very historical sense as well, since both are African American. Is there another team in the SEC operating under similar circumstances? If there is, I’m not aware of it. So why is Gus doing so, at Auburn? Perhaps Gus knows that CRL and CEJ are in this for the short term and Harbison and Craig are the coordinators in waiting. If so great, but again, that’s probably something that should be known, so that recruits don’t get the feeling they are being sold a bill of goods when Lashlee and Johnson depart next year. I just don’t get why the titles are being handed out. And if the titles mean anything, do the Assistant head coaches have more power and out rank them? I’m sure they don’t but it seems like most of the coaches have some ceremonial title and it just begs the question, “Why is that necessary, if there is an established coaching hierarchy?” Is it much ado about nothing? Most likely, but coming off the worst season in my lifetime that was due in large part to division within the team, that appeared to be fostered by the coaching staff…..and Coach Malzahn was part of this staff a year ago….I don’t find it comforting that the staff hasn’t even started recruiting together yet, and there are reasons for them to resent each other. I’m not saying anybody does resent another coach or their “status/title” but like I said, the possibility exists.

  6. Malakai Malakai says:

    To go off topic a bit; I was NOT impressed with the Red Wolves’ offense tonight in the Go Daddy Bowl. Considering it has 3 of our coaches on that staff leaves a foreboding feeling in my gut.

    • Col.Angus Col.Angus says:

      I wouldn’t put too much credence into ASU’s performance last night. I’m sure Lashlee and the other coaches have had other things on their minds and weren’t able to totally dedicate themselves to the bowl game. Also, when you have a month to prepare for a game, the defense usually performs better than the offense , especially when you are running a gimmick like the HUNH. Bottom line, if you don’ have a QB executing an efficient and attacking offense…no matter the style…you won’t have much success against a well prepared defense.

  7. KoolBell KoolBell says:

    Think of it like this….

    This staff is experienced. 200 years worth, so they have personalities of all sorts come and go at various stages of their respective careers. I think they can work well together because having been there and done that, they know what to expect.

    If they were all say around the age of Rhett Lashlee, we may eventually have a problem, but I can’t foresee any real issues with that side of things.

    The one truly big plus to this is that Garner and Craig are here for Auburn. Unless a head coaching gig comes up, there isn’t much room upward in their careers, and taking your Alma mater to the pinnacle is a challenge most alumni would cherish.