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Hold on whilst I don my tinfoil hat

By on November 26th, 2013 in Member Post 4 Comments »

It is my belief that the SEC hierarchy doesn’t favor any one of it’s 14 members unless that member stands to rake in some long green and prestige for the conference. I witnessed William Andrews stretch his full body length over the line to gain for a first and goal needed to beat a Georgia team destined for the Sugar Bowl if Auburn loses only to have the Referee over rule the line judge and move the ball back to give UGA the ball. I’ve seen other instances of this as well and we all remember Pat Dye said if you need a yard against Bama you better get four (or some number like that).

At any rate, I fully expect all the close calls go to the team ranked #1 on Saturday. I’m waiting to see if we get Penn Wagers and his Klown Kollege Krew again. That will confirm my suspicions. There’s another Ref whose name escapes me but he’d be about the same.

I also believe we can win our 11 on 18 game again this week and I don’t give a rat’s patoot if it’s a blowout or another last minute Ave Maria.

Beat Bama !


  1. KungFuPanda9 KungFuPanda9 says:

    I heard a guy at my gym saying the same thing. There is a lot of money and prestige for the SEC on the line. Alabama is a lock at #1 in the minds of ESPN. The SEC can “manage” its games to guarantee bama’s appearance in the National Championship Game.

    I just hope the refs let us play and use equal restraint for both teams. I hope we beat bama and aTm beats Mizzou so we play South Carolina for the SEC Championship. South Carolina has never beaten Auburn since 1933. I like our odds against them.

    I have been nervous as a cat this week.

  2. War Eagle Girl War Eagle Girl says:

    You’re thinking about Ritters crew……..

  3. DaZeD DaZeD says:

    Damn the SEC management and their hired Zebras…quoting Gus Malzahn, this team of ours has that special IT factor and I believe we’re a team of destiny this season. As far as I’m concerned, we’ve cleared the bar I envisioned in August by about 2 games already in terms of wins. After our last games miracle pass (which we didn’t need considering we stopped Murray at the goal line on 4th down, damn the officials again), I think we’ve got a mystical or divine wind filling our sails thats pushing us toward what no one ever believed obtainable this season. Just a feeling I have…

  4. mvhcpa says:

    I think we need to play–and beat–Mizzou to give us any chance of getting the computers to give us the ranking we need, even if a bunch of upsets happen to the teams in front of us. Besides, what a story that would be: the last place team in each division, both winless in conference last year, now in the conference championship game!

    Michael Val
    (who is likewise concerned about the officiating altering the outcome of the Iron Bowl–if not by conspiracy, then by incompetence)