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Hey Its Contagious !

By on December 1st, 2009 in Football Comments Off on Hey Its Contagious !

The Auburn family loves their Tigers. Iron Bowl Tiger Walk November 27th, 2009.


In my 51 years of attending Auburn Football games, I have never been more proud of myAuburn Tigers than I was Friday night at Jordan Hare. Don’t misunderstand, I’m claiming no moral victory. I was just as disappointed in the loss as any other Tiger fan. However I’m still proud of how our coaches had the team ready to play , proud of the game plan, and especially proud of the way our boys clawed, scratched, and fought all through the game. There was no quit in this group .They were not intimidated, in fact they played the role of the intimidator. This team will always be special to alot of people, include me at the top of that list.

They have come a long way from last December. Chizik said then that he was going to build a foundation for the future the right way…that he had “come to Auburn to recruit, to compete, and to win.” Since arriving , the coaching staff has recruited well, had the team competitive in every game except LSU, and produced a winning season(narrowly missing a 9-3 season by literally seconds in the last two games).

Another goal, one that was just as important, was cemented in the Iron Bowl. Stan White said Friday night that the coaches and team had brought the Auburn Family together. Well if anyone has watched the weekly “Auburn Everyday” show they could see that family emphasis in every show. Every Auburn fan should watch ” Auburn Everyday”. If you can’t get this show on your television, you need to go all access, it will be worth every penny.

No matter what the causes for last season’s disappointments, not one of us hurt more than our players. That foundation began and continued with building that healing family atmosphere, from Chizik and his staff. That this major goal of “Family” was reached this year is evidenced by Ben Tate‘s remarks, “I can’t even explain how far we’ve come. Coach Chizik and his staff have done a great job with us. We were more together, more like a family…. before he came, I never experienced that camaraderie. These are the best coaches I’ve ever been around.”

When you have that kind of “Family” feeling on a team, it spills over to the fans… it’s contagious. It was easy to see just how contagious Friday night, when the fans chanted “It’s Great To Be An Auburn Tiger” as the team left the field. I joined in the chant from section 14 and I “ll say it again here – still after 51 years …


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