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Good Teams Sometimes Miracle Their Way

By on November 19th, 2013 in Football 15 Comments »

                                                                                                                  photo: Todd Van Ernst
Three quarters into Saturday, I figured there was no way we could lose. We had run the ball up and down on Georgia all day and besides–we’re the consummate second half team this year.  Georgia friends on Facebook were turning off the game– for crying out loud. There would be no 4th quarter collapse from Auburn. But we had kept Aaron Murray down most of the day. He was due. Slowly, we saw our momentum evaporate and theirs build. Twenty-one 4th quarter points surrendered. And we were bowling gutter balls all of a sudden. Three straight pass plays–nothing. Why weren’t we trying to re-establish the run? Why weren’t we trying to re-establish the WIN?

There are few miracle plays in college football lore that last throughout the decades, and they’re never associated with your team. There was “The Play” between Cal and Stanford in 1982, and Doug Flutie’s Hail Mary against Miami in 1984. Both of those plays had squat riding on the line for the teams involved. The Prayer in Jordan-Hare had two long-time rivals battling in a furious contest with national championship implications on the line. In southeastern circles, it don’t get no better than that. Nick Marshall’s sixty-yards in the air fling and Ricardo Louis’s look what dropped into my lap catch will certainly go down as legend. Or in the state of Alabama, even better, at least be worthy of a Daniel Moore print.

Good teams sometimes miracle their way. Luck isn’t the apt word here. Luck somehow implies that you had a chance, that the hand of fortune had finally swept back your way–ahead of schedule, to be sure, but just in the nick of time. No such lucky consideration was due Auburn at that moment. It’s not like we were deserving. Late 20 point lead blown. 4th and 18. Me sitting on the couch sulking in disbelief. Those, my friends, are the main ingredients in a piss cocktail. What did we do to have the college football gods to smile upon us like that?

Keep in mind that you can’t rub such a victory in on the opposition too much, lest you anger said gods. Just take your win and keep your eye on the prize. Yes, you can call scoreboard, but we have work to do. Yea, perhaps a bigger miracle might have been of the fifty-something cameras in that damned stadium, why CBS didn’t have a single one on the Georgia side to show that Aaron Murray didn’t really get into the end zone on that 4th down scamper, making our miracling entirely unnecessary, safe to put back in our bag of tricks for use another time. Miracles are scarce. Using ours the way we did is like using up all your lifelines by the $400 question. I guess we’re still alive to win the million bucks though.

Now comes the most anticipated two weeks in Auburn football in three years. The Iron Bowl will have the whole nation watching once again. Auburn will be playing for a chance to go to Atlanta, win the SEC, and possibly play for the national championship. Alabama will be playing for a chance to go to Atlanta and on to the BCS title game, or to win second place in the west and lobby to get a rematch with Auburn for the national championship. That’s really the only three options available here, I think.

The whole nation has Bama fatigue and will rally around the Auburn base to knock the Gumps off their perch and allow someone else to win the BCS, even if it’s to yet again another SEC team. While their team is mighty, their fans are generally considered to be the worst between the Updykes and the Teabaggers. Yea, sometime you have to make a deal with the devil. Be careful. With so many bandwagon fans jumping on  the next fortnight,  Auburn will briefly know what it’s like to be an Alabama fan. The rest of the country is finally learning what it’s like for the rest of the SEC.

Every team in the nation MUST root for Auburn with the exception of FSU. I doubt anyone is going to jump them for #2 unless they lose and a BCS title for them doesn’t look as convincing if they can’t knock off a SEC team. Ohio State and Baylor have to chance Auburn jumping them just to get Bama knocked out of there and open up a slot. Oregon is a mere .0057 ahead of us for 5th in the BCS. The Ducks might not remain ahead of us even if we lose to the Tide. I have every confidence that Auburn will jump no lower than 2nd place in the BCS with a win over Alabama and the East champion–most likely South Carolina.

Look–our country is calling. They need us. They need us to restore all that is right and proper in college football. Just beat Alabama and the football gods will smile on us again and award us the right to compete for the highest trophy in the land. Auburn was the last major team to get seriously hosed in the BCS. They won’t do it to us again. We will have all the ingredients–worst to first season, miracle play, the tearing down of our biggest rival in the biggest matchup for all the marbles between us in a generation.  No more talk of a Sugar Bowl berth. It’s BCS or bust! We are coming.


  1. War Eagle Girl War Eagle Girl says:

    We comin’

  2. Tiger on the mountain Tiger on the mountain says:

    Dude. This totally made my morning. Look is the Panthers (!) can beat the Patriots(!!!)–then we can take out Bama. War Eagle, Cam Newton!

    As an aside: I really believe that the only thing that would keep FSU out of the BCSMNC game would be a felony. It’s so unfortunate. The whole situation: a young woman who feels like she was violated; a talented player maybe guilty, maybe not; and it’s all being aired in the media. That sucks for everyone.

    • Col.Angus Col.Angus says:

      I think that ESPN got such boffo ratings with the Cam Newton controversy in 2010, and Manti Teo last year that I think this is going to be the new normal for Heisman Candidates.
      Its going to be like running for President with the media trying to dredge up any and all dirt possible on these kids. Its BEYOND shameful. I have gotten to the point I don’t believe any news story anymore until it is verified with ROCK SOLID facts.
      Its hard to believe that in the uber- litigious society we live in, the only thing that is almost impossible to sue over is slander and defamation, because its so hard to prove. Among the VAST tort reform needed, that should be at the top of the list. Trying someone in the media should be off limits. Reporters who seek to gain fame and fortune at the expense of someone else’s reputation and dignity should be as felonious as stealing from or assaulting that person, and should be prosecuted accordingly. If someone has committed a crime, that is for the courts to handle. Reporting on cases with anything other than the facts that argued in a trial, should be illegal.Freedom of the press is there to help the people know the truth, and to protect them from the corrupt and powerful….not to spread lies and rumors for profit. Abuse of that right should be a VERY serious offense. IMO, anyway

      • Third Generation Tiger Third Generation Tiger says:

        Dueling should have never been outlawed. In lieu of dueling, a good old country butt whipping would slow some of the worst offenders down.

  3. Third Generation Tiger Third Generation Tiger says:

    The reason we play sports is to be King of the Hill.

    “If you aint first, you’re last”. Rick Bobby

    • Third Generation Tiger Third Generation Tiger says:

      Note to Self:

      This crowd did not see Talladega Nights. That or they didn’t think it was funny.

      • Tiger on the mountain Tiger on the mountain says:

        I totally thought it was funny…….but I’m in the middle of yet another cray cray week at work….so time and bonus time for commentary is sadly limited.

  4. mikeautiger says:

    Amen! We are coming! I’ve got a feeling Iron Bowl Night is going to be a good night! That reminds me how appropriate the All We Do Is Win Win Win song was to play in the stadium before the GA game Started. I have the same good feeling I had in ’10 that we are going to win, and keep winning.

    In ’10 my wife and I had taken a trip out west before the Arkansas game and we ended up in Pheonix to fly back. I told her lets go look at Sun Devil Stadium and Glendale. She said this is a pretty place we should have stayed here a few days to end the trip. I said that’s ok we are coming back here in January, she said why, I said because we are going home and we are going to beat Arkasas and LSU and we are going to win out and come back here to play for the NC. she said Ok.

    After I saw us start playing football instead of thinking football against Miss. I told everyone, if we beat TAM, and I said we would, we would run the table…….and here we stand. We will run the table….I have a feeling.

    Get ready Auburn Fans – let’s head to Jordan Hare and rock it out so Bama cannot even hear themselves think,

    War Eagle!

  5. Col.Angus Col.Angus says:

    Wow WEA, thats um…optimisitic.

    While I wish that were the case, we aren’t getting to the BCS title game if there are two or more undefeated teams between Baylor, OSU and FSU. Even I wouldn’t be in favor of that… and I don’t think OSU has played anyone all year. Stranger things have happened though, and I believe if we win out, we will go to the title game… simply because Non-SEC teams have a tendency to choke under pressure.

    If anyone is rooting for Auburn, that will end immediately after the Iron Bowl….which is fine by me. I do believe folks are sick and tired of Alabama, but there is also SEC fatigue, which will only get worse with the playoffs next year which almost GUARANTEES an SEC team in the title game. There may be arguments for Auburn being the best 1 win team out there, but I think that is where the pro Auburn arguments end, no way we jump and undefeated AQ Conference team. None.

    • Col.Angus Col.Angus says:

      That’s an argument for “best 1 loss team” — I think last year we were the best 1 win team….by virtue of our 3 lousy victories adding up to 1 good win.

    • mikeautiger says:

      Well those undefeated teams might loose. If it’s meat to be it will happen. But if we do get left out of NC game this is one great ride and an excellent preview for what is possible next year with almost everyone coming back we will be ranked much higher and will not have far to go like this year which is the only reason we are not in the top few now. I am not one that usually says much and never talk trash, but the confidence of the team like back in ’10 gives me reason to be very optimistic. If we loose next week, well we were not suppose to win anyway and we will have made the bamers sweat it out and fear the Gus Bus. And there is always next year!

  6. tigertracker says:

    I know many are thinking that IF/WHEN we beat bama we will more than likely play South Carolina in the seccg due to mizzou still having to play at ole miss and then hosting tamu and probably dropping at least one of those. A currently 2 loss and probably 3 loss sc east team after they play Clemson doesn’t help our strength of schedule enough to make the jump. Maybe beating a one loss mizzou team in the seccg would give us the juice. MAYBE. But I defer to my fan post on the taste of dawg tears being bittersweet. Goodbye BCS. I hope the doorknob hits ya where the good lord split ya!

  7. DadeCityEagle says:

    Why is everyone worring about whether we play in a NC game or not? Last I checked, we’ve got to defeat the number one team in the country in two weeks. This season has been nothing short of incredible! NO ONE put us here right now pre season. NO ONE!!! Any win we get from here on out is just icing on the cake. I’m sipping this season like a fine wine. Just relax and enjoy it. If we lose, it will be tough for sure but the memories from this season have already been made. It has been a phenominal ride. I’ve watched the Hare Mary pass no less than two dozen times since Saturday and was in just as much awe the last time I watched it as I was the first. It’s all good right now peeps! It’s just all good!!!

  8. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    …..That blog post made me smile! I’m focused on Bama, though. Nothing else matters right now, as far as I’m concerned, in the football world.

  9. AUJTJarhead AUJTJarhead says:

    National championship talk is premature. What matters and ONLY what matters at the moment is to hope to see the tears and lamentations of the hairy and unwashed updyke fandom.