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Golloway Not Going Away… Quietly.

By on September 28th, 2015 in Baseball 6 Comments »

(Julie Bennett/

Well it seems like Sunny Golloway wants to put Auburn baseball in the limelight during college football season. After Jay Jacob’s decision to fire Golloway yesterday amid compliance concerns under Golloway’s watch, the lawyer representing Sunny fired back today with a statement of his own.

John Saxon, the lawyer representing Golloway had this to say in a statement: “For Coach Sunny Golloway to be fired is outrageous. The allegations against him are pretextual. Coach Golloway has made no mistakes. If some, who want him gone, say mistakes were made, they are the mistakes of others who have conspired to make him the victim. If it is necessary in the coming days to air these matters, folks from Jay Jacobs on down–but not Sunny Golloway–will be the ones wishing Auburn had handles this differently. As for President Gogue, he does not know the facts. If he did, he would not have acquiesced this decision.

This is a program that hired a disgraced Bruce Pearl, yet now seeks to make a good man and a good coach, who is nothing but a winner, the fall guy.

Sunny Golloway is not only a winner, he is a fighter. He has four years left on his contract. There are good arguments, which we are prepared to test in court, that he actually has a lifetime contract. If serious offers of severance are not soon forthcoming, we will be fighting this matter in some forum, quite visible, as long as it takes to redeem Coach Golloway’s good name and to provide just compensating for him and his family”

So with all that being said, it becomes clearer why Jay Jacobs used the phrase “with cause” in his statement of dismissal of Golloway.  It was two words that clarified that Golloway would be dismissed and Auburn would not owe him any money. Golloway’s lawyer disagrees and says that Auburn is just on a witch hunt with no evidence.

Some interesting thoughts on the lawyer’s statement: He notes that the current allegations against him are “pretextual.” Basically, he is saying that “some” (“from Jay Jacobs on down”) are fabricating something that has happened recently based on past events that labeled Golloway in a negative light. That tells me that Golloway doesn’t deny he has done some no-no’s in the past couple of years as skipper. 

It’s no secret Golloway has been a problem with people in and around the Auburn baseball organization. His first year as head coach brought a lot of negative attention as numerous complaints about his mistreatment of players were investigated by Auburn officials. Golloway rubbed players and parents alike and it didn’t get any better as players were dismissed who didn’t follow Golloway’s way of coaching in a house cleaning. The dismissed players were upper classmen that were there before Golloway. Take all that and add last year’s embarrassing antics and profane screaming episode at one of the Crimson Tide coaches during a game and on TV and it sheds some light on just how volatile Golloway can be when agitated. Issues have continued to surface up to the present so much that Jay Jacobs had to hire a “student-athlete advocate” for the baseball program to protect the rights of the students. Folks, that’s not good.

Golloway’s reputation as being difficult in Oklahoma before coming to Auburn was no secret. I remember reading an article from a Oklahoma base paper that said The end of Oklahoma baseball’s Sunny Golloway era elicited a wide variety of reactions: Anger, disappointment, indifference and — in some instances — outright glee”. 

imageDid Jay Jacob’s know this? Of course. Did he think it would be different at Auburn? Perhaps. Unfortunately, he was wrong. Jay Jacobs took a chance and it was a swing and a miss. We may not know what was the latest incident that finally called for the dismissal of Golloway. Then again, it may all come out in the courts and Jay Jacob’s will have to do some explaining.

Before we get to hard on Jacobs, though, he did also take a swing at hiring Bruce Pearl with his baggage as well, and it appears so far to have been a good pick. Time will tell I guess.  It is interesting though, that the Golloway lawyer took a “cheap shot” at Bruce Pearl in the middle of the statement. Lawyers. *sigh*

So, we will see what transpires from this mess. is reporting that associated head coach, Tom Holliday has also been placed on administrative leave.  So there may be some more firing before this thing is over.

Don’t think for a second Sunny Golloway wants his job back or is trying to look saintly, he just wants his money. He won’t be back as coach. Whether Auburn pays out or not will be determined in or out of court.

Auburn, unfortunately, may lose either way by being in the public eye over a negative story.



  1. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    ……I worry about these public-relations-nightmare sorts of things, but it’s pretty telling how much of a case Galloway has when his lawyer takes a swipe at Bruce Pearl. As a manager, I run across this sort of thing all the time.

    …..”But.. but! I saw Joe Blow not following procedure, and he didn’t get in trouble?” And of course the response is, “This isn’t about what Joe Blow may or may not have done.” (before he got to Auburn…)

    …..There are millions of dollars hanging on the buyout/no-buyout question. My guess is that Auburn settles for 500-750 grand, and it never goes to court.

    • wde1988 wde1988 says:

      Think Sunny’s calculated response will backfire. Obviously there is no love loss here. Bad news for him is he is signing his unemployment paperwork. Who is going to hire this guy now? Can’t get along with auburn? Really?


  2. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    …..They paid Bill Oliver off in similar fashion 17 years ago. Makes things go away…

  3. AUwaterboy AUwaterboy says:

    This had to be expected. The quicker they settle and get it behind them, the better.

  4. The Bruce Pearl swipe is a non sequitur.

    If I were Auburn, I would go to the mattresses–or at least test the mattresses for their firmness. I would get Oklahoma on the phone and get some stuff off the record and match it with what is on the record and part of the ‘with cause’ statement. This man has a history. Use it. Further, I highly doubt that the ‘with cause’ statement was not inspired from some damn good ation. HR LOVES to protect any employee (in this case Galloway), unless there is ation unequivocally proving otherwise. And no, ing the shenanigans does not mean that someone had it out for Galloway….it most likely means that that someone(s) wanted to make sure his/her/their own a$$ was covered when the s$$$ hit the fan. Just sayin’. PLUS: I suspect after JetGate, the energy to conspire behind someone else’s back is at an all time low…even now……

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