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Give Credit to Jay Jacobs

By on April 29th, 2013 in Football 9 Comments »

jacobs sideburnsI’ve been known to be tough on Auburn athletic director Jay Jacobs in this space. I also want to be fair. I’d be remiss if I didn’t praise him for how he handled the recent tabloid-like stories from Selena Roberts and ESPN.

When trash like this hits the fan, you want your athletic department to react and do it forcefully. Jacobs was deliberate, yet patient in investigating the allegations. When he fought back, he took it nationally and hit Ms. Roberts square in the nose with the most lethal of punches – facts.

The thoroughness of his work made her report look plain idiotic and in the end, did more to discredit her career than even the misleading comments she made regarding the Duke Lacrosse Team in 2006.

More importantly, it showed a shift in how Auburn will handle these sucker punches in the future. Make all the allegations you want, but you better have your facts straight or Auburn will expose you.

Today, its Ms. Roberts whose future is in shambles – not Auburn’s – thanks to the work of Jacobs and his staff.

Heck, his work even picked up a compliment from Paul Finebaum.

“I thought Auburn did an efficient job of eviscerating Selena Roberts’ report of a couple weeks ago. It was complete. It was compelling,” Finebaum said…

Kudos to former Auburn coach Gene Chizik. It was classy of him to defend Auburn and his old staff from these accusations. It would have been easy to keep quiet and continue to collect his checks from Auburn.

Chizik continues to say nothing but nice things about his former employer. You can’t help but pull for the guy going forward…

I don’t know about you, but I’m pumped about the new playoff format going into effect following the 2014 season. Having meaningful games played on Dec. 31 and Jan. 1 is going to change the whole way we celebrate New Year’s.

Had this format been in place in 2010, Auburn would likely have faced off against Stanford in the Sugar Bowl, while Oregon would have faced TCU in the Rose Bowl on Jan. 1. The national championship would have been a week later in Dallas…

It’s good to hear that the Chick-Fil-A Bowl will be part of the national championship rotation. The Atlanta-based Bowl will have to change its name to The Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl when things crank up in 2014.

Officials don’t want corporate-only names on the bowls.

“They [the commissioners] want [the bowl names] to be parallel,” College Football Playoff executive director Bill Hancock said.

Prior to becoming the Chick-Fil-A Bowl 17 years ago, the game was known as The Peach Bowl.

Adding the Atlanta contest to the rotation could be huge for Auburn fans. Conference commissioners have said they will try to keep teams close to home for the semi-final matchups…

It was great to see Auburn DE Cory Lemonier get drafted in the third round of the NFL Draft by San Francisco. Still, I can’t help but think it was a huge mistake to come out a year early. He was practically non-existent in the Auburn defense last season.

A year under new coordinator Ellis Johnson could have added millions to his contract…

Bobby Bowden and Florida State are working toward making up. Bowden has not attended a game at Doak Campbell Stadium since he was forced out in 2009. That will all change next season.

Bowden confirmed last week that he’s planning on attending the Nov. 16 game against Syracuse, where the school will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the 1993 National Championship Team.

There have been bitter feelings on both sides since Bowden was forced out in favor of then offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher…


  1. dabble says:

    hey, jay did well on this. it seemed like they were prepared. they also had accusations that were easily disputed with dates, facts, names and records. and kudos for having the minerals to dispute with facts.

    gene is a nice guy. i do not think he holds grudges. he was an average hc who got lucky. i hoep he gets lucky again but i fell lucky he’s gone from AU. I believe he knows he was a bit lucky and will forever keep AU in his heart. he is friends with jay and pat so it makes sense for him to come out a bit. he had some really good years with us as dc and hc. but sometimes it is time to move on.

    as for jay, to me: the verdict is still out. there is too much misery in the other top shelf sports. in a year or two we will know whether it is time to move or not. jay’s defense of AU does not buy him extra time to me, just extra praise for doing his job well. as we are all supposed to.

    • Todd92 Todd92 says:

      In a year or two? The jury is in and change is long overdue…. I never questioned Jacobs love of AU but his time on the job has shown him to be inadequate as AD.

  2. MyAuburn MyAuburn says:

    Agreed on Jacobs. He did a great job this time.

    As far as the college football playoffs goes, I predict it will only be 2 yrs before it will be expanded to more than 4 teams. If you look at the final four ranked teams over the last 10 years there has been 2 or more SEC teams that would have been in a playoff. Several years there were 3 out of 4. As soon as the powers that be recognize that the new format will be actually by the SEC National Championship Playoffs they will want to get more teams in to minimize the damage.

  3. Tiger on the mountain Tiger on the mountain says:

    I’m excited about the playoffs–but also excited that the Peach Bowl is getting it’s name back.

    I’ve read some criticism from some Auburn fans about how JJ handled this. It’s interesting to me. Some feel like if the AD had let is slide, then the furor would have dissipated. That’s just stupid. Nothing could possibly be lost by getting the facts out there. Nothing. Is it maddening that these facts are largely being panned by ESPN-sure, but what did you expect? Lollipops and roses? A medal? A gold star?

    Congrats to Lutzy for landing on the Rams. That offense is going to be STOUT! Bradford is a great QB, and they just drafted two incredibly awesome WRs from WVU….now if the Rams can fix their Defense, they might actually win some games……

  4. Tigerstripe Tigerstripe says:

    …but the real benchmark for Jay is – Did he do anything different that any other mediocre AD would have done under the circumstance? The answer is ‘no’. He read the notes that were given him, he stayed to the script, he read the teleprompter and inflected his voice at the appropriate times. I’m waiting for Jay to stand out as an AD and take these bleak moments and use them to inspire greatness in a program. That’s what great leaders do. Jay will probably be associated with all the great facilities that have been added and for that, I’m very thankful.

    I will always judge Jay and Gene (unfairly, I admit) based on how they responded to a national title year. That season should have charged the batteries for years to come and we should have been able to push our weight around the southeast recruiting trail. Looking back now, it just feels ‘fluke-like’ or ‘gimmicky’. Lightning in a bottle or the efforts of one individual player/team and less about a program on the rise.

    Jay is just…just…adequate.

    • Im4Auburn says:

      Like him or not, JJ did the right thing. I’m glad he didn’t sit back and take it but came back hard with the facts. We can’t help if ESPN and friends ignore the truth, we still needed someone to stand up and shout it. Thanks to Jacobs for doing that and thanks to you Jay for pointing this out.

  5. Col.Angus Col.Angus says:

    JJ did a fine job at counterpunching ESPN and Roberts on their slanderous atttacks, and to that I say……. what do you want, a cookie? THAT’S WHAT YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO DO!! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not in the “SUE’EM FOR SLANDER!!” camp, BUT JJ did what he was supposed to do, and that was VIGOROUSLY defend Auburn and the football program.

    Dr. Gogue, SHOULD have been right beside him issuing another statement about what Auburn is all about and what Auburn does for its community AND THIS COUNTRY!! He should have assailed the attackers with a “shame on you” message for trying to denigrate Auburn University and the surrounding Auburn community, that was also attacked. Alas he did not….so shame on him. Whether he wants to admit it or not, Auburn is at war with the mainstream media and its rivals in the SEC and the other major conferences throughout the country, that would like to see Auburn marginalized and become a non-factor.

    If Gogue wants these attacks to stop he has to get the academic departments behind the athletic programs, because they are in this together and a united front will say a lot more than the AD relaying the results from an internal inquiry. Like it or not, football pays a lot of the freight at Auburn and takes care of a lot of bloated salaries, so those folks better realize that a healthy and PROSPEROUS football program will produce a tide that will lift ALL boats. So get on board, or get off campus!

  6. Todd92 Todd92 says:

    I have no criticism for how Jacobs has handled this attack and I appreciate the prompt response from him….. But make no mistake he has not been a success as AD and if he is to be judged on performance as he should be the he should be replaced. Replace Jacobs with a qualified and proven AD who has absolutely zero ties to AU or the good ole boy network.

  7. wde1988 wde1988 says:

    How long has that been now? And we still patting him on the back about the article… Ok… he did good. But isn’t that HIS JOB? And what about President Gouge? And by God if Chizik is getting paid that kind of money for sitting on his a$$ then he better be standing up for us…

    What is really surprising is that folks think that he needs to stay. Well.. let’s put it to a test… shall we?


    How well is our basketball team doing? It won how many games in the SEC?


    How well is our baseball team doing? Where are we in the “post season” projection? Are we going to the regionals again??


    How many kids did AU put in the NFL this year in the draft? And that is after how many top 10 finishes in recruiting??

    FAIL, FAIL and FAIL.

    Folks, the handwritting is on the wall. Yes, I know that some out there are thinking… “but our esquestrian team won the NC”. Ok, to you three people… your right. But other than that… how good is it right now? Our Athletic department is about as awful as it can get.

    Want more proof? I know it was bound to happen… but our diving team didn’t continue its dominance. Fluke? I think not. Specifically talking about Jacobs, the only thing the man did besides respond to an article that was an easy lob (let’s be honest) was to make a tough decision to fire Chizik and make a decent hire with Gus. That is it! Everything else the man has touched… has turned to CRAP.

    I don’t think I can recall our program being so bad.

    It’s time for Jacob’s to make the only exit he can… but only he can make it graceful or distasteful. It’s his choice. That time IS coming.