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Give Auburn Players Their Space

By on October 2nd, 2006 in Football Comments Off on Give Auburn Players Their Space

I get it. I understand this thing. I’m down with the technology of the college age student. But at 37, there’s little chance you’ll ever see me there. As my wife would say, that’s kind of creepy. Having a myspace site at my age is akin to Matthew McConaughey hanging out with the kids in Dazed and Confused

But if you play college football, having your own space on either or is almost mandatory. And that drives college coaches and administrators crazy. The problem is, well, college kids can sometimes get a little crazy and express themselves too much.

For those of you who aren’t hip like me, and don’t know about the latest crazy sweeping the country, myspace and facebook are areas where primarily college age students go to “claim their domain” and set up a mini web site about themselves. 

Some are more elaborate than others. Most include pictures of themselves, their friends, pets, favorite cars, favorite music, etc. It gives young people a way to go and get to know each other. It’s kind of like your room at home when you were a kid. It’s a place to express yourself. Got it Dr. Phil? Good.

This phonemonon has not been lost on the Auburn football players. More than a few of them have their own sites, including Kenny Irons, Brad Lester, Courtney Taylor and David Irons. Christa Turner, who’s the Auburn beat writer for the Columbus (Ga.) Ledger-Enquirer writes an interesting front page story today about the Auburn players and their “space.” 

Below are links to some of the Auburn players sites. They are unique to say the least…

Kenny Irons

Brad Lester

Courtney Taylor

David Irons

Karibi Dede

Link: Football Saturday In The South

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