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Georgia Obliterates Auburn.

By on November 11th, 2012 in Football 23 Comments »

Tigers suffer another epic beatdown.
(AP photo, Butch Dill)

     War Eagle, everybody. It’s time now for another Acid Reign report. This week, it’s Auburn’s embarrassing 38-0 loss to Georgia. The Tiger defense offered little resistance to the Bulldogs, allowing touchdowns on Georgia’s first four drives. The offense had a few flashes in the passing game, but exceptionally poor play calling resulted in nothing on the scoreboard. The 38-0 beating was the worst loss to Georgia in Auburn, ever.

     The Bulldogs have shuffled folks around on the offensive line all year due to injury, and their top two wide receivers also missed the game. Even so, with two true freshman running backs, the Bulldogs ran over the Tigers at will. Both freshman runners went over a hundred yards and the Georgia rushing attack averaged 6.9 yards per carry. It’s become increasingly clear that Auburn has the weakest front seven defenders in the league. This week, even the secondary had difficulty tackling. In Auburn’s last two SEC games, the team has given up 101 points.

     If there was any bright spot on the day, it was the cool-headed play of freshman quarterback Jonathan Wallace. Despite ridiculously poor offensive game planning, Wallace had only one turnover on an overthrow. He kept his poise, hit most of his passes, and frequently kept plays alive with his scrambling ability. On the day, he hit 15 of 22 passes for 181 yards. That’s a 68 percent completion percentage, and 8.2 yards per pass. By comparison, Georgia’s Aaron Murray averaged 8.6 yards per pass. That’s a decent day for Wallace, against a good defense

     If it seems like I’m harping too much on play-calling, well, so be it. After ten games, I suppose I should be used to it. Auburn’s best offensive weapon, Tre Mason, received only 11 carries. Only two of those were with a fullback and tight end in the game. I just don’t understand running your guy right at an All-American linebacker with no lead blocker, over and over again. McCalebb had only 5 total touches on offense, and he produced 59 yards on those. Auburn only managed 57 rushing yards on the day, but we sat all-american fullback Jay Prosch on the bench on over half our rushing attempts

     Even Auburn’s special teams weren’t very good, aside from one long punt and a touchback on Auburn’s lone kickoff. Steven Clark hit the ball fairly short most of the time on his 8 punts, and managed only a 38.6 yard average. Quan Bray was unable to field any of Georgia’s 5 punts, and Auburn ended up pinned deep on 4 of them. Onterio McCalebb cautiously returned 3 kickoffs, and his longest return was only 17 yards. Auburn did not appear to blocking at all, on kickoffs.

Unit Grades, after the jump!

Defensive Line: C-. There were very occasional athletic plays, particularly by Dee Ford, who had six solo tackles. Far too often, this unit was blown off the ball. Corey Lemonier got a bit of pressure. The D-line came up with 25 total tackles, which is actually a good bit more than they’ve been managing.

Linebackers: F. Aside from a couple of bone jarring hits from Cassanova McKinzy, this unit was exceptionally poor. Georgia ran the ball 42 times, and the entire linebacker corps only managed 13 total tackles.

Secondary: F. Georgia receivers ran free all night, making easy targets for Aaron Murray. I honestly don’t think these guys realized that Chris Conley and Malcomb Mitchell were eligible receivers. Even veteran guys like Demetruce McNeal reverted to diving at ankles, rather than running through tackles. The secondary has made a ton of tackles this year, and I think they’ve largely been worn down.

Punting: C+. None of Steven Clark’s punts were returned, which is good. However, a 38.6 yard average is a high school number.

Punt Returns: D. Auburn didn’t pressure the punter, block for returns, or even attempt to field the ball. Georgia’s two punters were able to tee off for a 45.2 yard average, and pinned Auburn inside the 20 four times.

Kick Returns: F. No one’s bothering to block these anymore. And this caused Onterio McCalebb to look tentative. McCalebb averaged only 13.6 yards per return, carrying one out of the end zone with no chance to get even close to the 25 yard line.

Place-kicking: A+. There was only one place kick the entire game, when Cody Parkey kicked off to start the second half. That one went about 80 yards.

Offensive Line: C. Aside from a holding penalty on Patrick Miller, these guys actually didn’t do too badly. Occasionally Georgia would confuse them, creating assignment issues, but these guys created a pocket consistently, and actually got some push in the running game. Although the running game didn’t net but 57 yards, these guys generally blocked their guy. Unfortunately, five guys can only block five defenders, and the Bulldogs were sending seven or eight men. Leave it to Scot Loeffler to keep trying to run the ball with three wide receivers and no fullback in the game. Georgia’s starting defensive line only had 4 total tackles.

Running Backs: B. Again, these guys had no chance due to the poor play calling. Pass protection was spotty at times, and I counted off for a couple of times when McCalebb tripped and fell with no contact on him.

Receivers: C. Aside from Brandon Fulse, blocking was pretty poor. Most of these guys are running sloppy routes, too, because they are unlikely to get a ball thrown to them. Hats off to Emory Blake, who had another 100 yard game on 6 receptions. In a year with poor quarterback play, Blake’s come down with 45 receptions. Unfortunately, Blake fumbled away Auburn’s best chance of scoring at the Georgia 11 yard line.

Quarterback: C+. Jonathan Wallace continues to impress, but he’s being limited by poor play calling, and spotty route running. He had two or three throws he’d like back, but I think he managed his first SEC start pretty darned well. He easily has the best pocket awareness of any quarterback on the roster, and I am excited about his future at Auburn.

     While I don’t think anyone was really surprised by the result in this game, it’s still difficult to comprehend having an Auburn team that can’t compete in the SEC. Auburn is getting physically manhandled by every league team they play, and that’s really never happened before in my lifetime. It is shocking to consider the slide, particularly on defense. Less than two years ago, Auburn’s front seven were wreaking havoc on a very good Oregon offense. Now, they are being lit up by teams like Ole Miss, Texas A&M and Georgia.

     Two games remain in this pitiful season. I think we can go ahead and pencil in another epic beatdown against Alabama on Thanksgiving weekend. Next Saturday, Auburn takes on Alabama A&M. This is a team with a dangerous offense, and a mobile, accurate quarterback who doesn’t make many mistakes. Daunte Mason has thrown only 4 interceptions all season, against 16 touchdowns. He’s piled up 318 rushing yards and 9 scores on the ground, too. They’ll be able to score some points. Can Auburn keep play calling from killing the offense this week?

     We’ll be cheering this team on, through thick and thin. This will be the last home game for the Auburn seniors, and they deserve applause. Guys like Darren Bates, Jonathan Evans, T’Sharvan Bell, John Sullen, Phillip Lutzenkirchen, Emory Blake, Blake Burgess, and Onterio McCalebb have been there through great times, and terrible times. They are Auburn men all, and we salute them. War Eagle, everybody. It’s great to be an Auburn Tiger.



  1. Randyc37 Randyc37 says:

    Another great article and thank you for running the thread last night. I have been through good times and bad times with the Auburn football team, but this is the worst season that I can remember. Here are my comments to Bleacher Report this morning.

    Another great read Brett. After last night, it is time to make a move on Chizik and his staff. Chizik will go down as one of the worst coaches in Auburn history. Auburn has lost the last 6 of the last 7 games with UGA and I no longer consider this game to be a relevant rivalry. Hopefully, the Auburn officials will hire a good coach who can come in to repair the damage that has been done by Chizik and his staff. The next hire will be crucial or Auburn could wallow in mediocrity for the next 10 years.

    Time to watch the Falcons play the Saints. At least, they are playing some good football that is worth watching.

  2. wde1988 wde1988 says:

    Epic doesn’t quite cover it for me.

    Apocalyptic. I’d never thought I’d live to see an Auburn team fail to show up against UGA. But that is exactly what happened.

    Todd Grantham has apparently been at the red meat again… he was chewing tail through the end of the game. I think it is time we trade BVG in on the newer model.

    Well, I have said this before, and I will say it again: this is the WORSE AUBURN TEAM EVER. I think it’s about to be over… and yet, it’s not. Looks like we take this out till the end of the season. I can’t believe that no one is fired yet. Apparently Dr. Gouge isn’t going to make the call until the last minute. Maybe he waits until February or March to fire??

    Incidentally UGA would beat us by 20-40 points. I just didn’t count on AU getting blanked like that. Noted.

    And Todd… you were right about A&M. Still doesn’t mean bama is out of the NC picture. Not by a long shot. But UGA will give them a run for their money in the championship game.


    • Mike jimithing78 says:

      Firing him now does what? Does that magically make things better for the next two games? Does that make a great coach tell his current team he’s leaving for Auburn? The writing may be on the wall, but a firing now does nothing.

      Although the buyout really isn’t that bad (reduces with future employment) waiting until December 1 lowers the amount due. No way anything happens until December 1. They may be looking for a new coach, but firing won’t happen until then.

      • AuburnEdS says:

        I just think that making the decision official and letting the staff coach out the string is appropriate at this time. With no bowl to go to we need to something to “offcially” look forward to. Why not let it be a new HC and “hopefully” and new AD as well

  3. AETiger AETiger says:

    On Chizik. I have never seen a coach do less with more. I have also never seen someone earn more while doing less. Thanks for 2010, now do the honorable Christian thing, resign & don’t take the buy out. Yeah right. It is time to go coach. To quote you, “It’s a God thing”.

    • mccullars says:

      Chizik could salvage some of his reputation by resigning. Hopefully he will do the unprecedented.

    • chief says:

      You are speaking of the right and honorable thing to do, not the practical thing. We are about to learn who GC is. By that I mean is he reputation or character. Reputation is who people think you are. Character is who you are. I believe that GC’s character will show up in spades by not doing the honorable thing. So very sad that his character is revealed this way.

  4. challenger10 says:

    Thanks for running the thread last night. As usual a good write up but I think yue were somewhat generous with the lines. I consistently saw us pushed off the ball at the point of attack.

  5. mgizmo2005 says:

    Thanks for running the thread last night thick or thin (getting downright skeletal) and providing the postmortem. I nearly cried last night at the disgraceful performance. It boggles the mind that the coaches keep saying how well our prctices are going and how they keep seeing improvement in practice. I guess its all just coachspeak at this point they are just saying these things to impress their next employers. Georgia threw like 1 pass the entire second half. Thanks to Mark Richt for not hanging 56 points on us, but I would have almost preferred to be embarrassed further (thank you sir, may we have another!) Georgia and Texas A & M are very good football teams, that’s clear. The state of our team is at rock bottom. I think its going to be a very long 2 weeks while we wait to hear about any official action on the coaching situation. These guys are SO GONE.

  6. uglyjoe says:

    Agreed on the end of the season. Unless someone is going to be retained, why strap the burden to anybody else. However, it needs to be quick, like Monday after Alabama. The problem is the pool of available candidates. If we have our eyes on someone taking a team to a bowl, we have a month plus to wait for their full attention. Can our recruiting handle that uncertainty?

  7. tigertracker says:

    Words I never thought I’d say…

    Who in here would be glad to see a 3-2 win over an SEC opponent? Pop quiz. When were our last SEC wins at home and on the road?

    What a Chizaster!

    • Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

      …..Last SEC home win was against a dispirited, Houston-Nutt-coached Ole Miss team. It was danged cold at that game, too! Last road win was the 16-13 upset of South Carolina in Columbia, that Stephen Garcia handed us.

  8. Tiger on the mountain Tiger on the mountain says:

    Chizik should resign. He’s not paying attention to the internal polls, because, he has lost this team. This season is shocking in a menagerie of horrible ways. The Tigers are playing horribly. They lack passion. How do you lack passion for the UGA game?!!?!!

    The fact that Chizik hasn’t made it explicitly clear that those damn off tackle plays or any running plays without the appropriate blockers should NEVER happen again speaks volumes to either how he doesn’t get, doesn’t want to get it or doesn’t care. These are plays that haven’t worked all year, but they were supposedly going to magic an upset against a talented Georgia team? That’s just delusional. Frankly, Loeffler should have learned these things all by his big boy self by now. He cannot be that thick.

    The way that things are running now, a loss to Alabama A&M would not be surprising. I’m looking forward to a brighter future, and I can’t help but feel like the players deserve better than this. It’s still great to be an Auburn Tiger.

  9. Pine Mt Tiger Pine Mt Tiger says:

    First, Thank you Acid for the great job you do for us week in and week out. No one can debate that the coaches have lost this team. But the biggest mystery for me every week has been what you brought out in the article about the play calling:

    “After ten games, I suppose I should be used to it. Auburn’s best offensive weapon, Tre Mason, received only 11 carries. Only two of those were with a fullback and tight end in the game. I just don’t understand running your guy right at an All-American linebacker with no lead blocker, over and over again. McCalebb had only 5 total touches on offense, and he produced 59 yards on those. Auburn only managed 57 rushing yards on the day, but we sat All-American fullback Jay Prosch on the bench on over half our rushing attempts.”

    Unfortunately, we can’t expect any different play calling in the last two game. But we can look forward to seeing how the President tries to fix the problem. Till then, I agree, it’s still great to be an Auburn Tiger!

  10. mvhcpa says:

    Another great breakdown of another Tigers “breakdown” of a game.

    I just wish someone could tell me how in the world we went from Champs to Chumps this fast, and how in the world we can look like the Little Sisters of the Poor with the 3*, 4*, and 5* jimmies and joes we have. Even the worst X’s and O’s don’t account for us just getting run over on the O-Line like we are. Just how bad can a coach coach (or not coach) so that we can’t get point one on the board? It defies belief that we now appear to be at a high school level of skill and ability. ARGHHHHH!!!!!

    Michael Val
    (who has had a sucky Fall all around)

  11. AuburnEdS says:

    Reports are coming out that Dooley is out at UT at the end of the season. Why can’t AU at least go ahead and make it official so we can officially start looking for a HC? We all know how the season is going to end. Why not give us something to look forward to besides the epic beatdown we are going to receive against Alabama?

  12. oldaugrad says:

    Chizik lost his team a long time ago. He lost it when he didn’t teach them how to act like champions. He lost it when the leading tackler in the CG committed armed robbery with three other players, using a gun supplied by the MVP of the CG. He lost it when he let an Auburn team mail it in against Ark, LSU, GA, and AL last year. He lost it when he decided to abandon the offensive philosophy that brought us the BCS. He lost it when he couldn’t(or wouldn’t) convince a fifth year senior qb to return this year. He lost it when he hired an outside security firm to enforce a curfew. And on and on and on and on.

  13. DBAU81 says:

    I did my penance for leaving the A&M game early by staying until the end last night. The attitude of the crowd was striking. Everyone seemed resigned to the fact that Georgia was going to beat the daylights out of us and was ready to accept the inevitable.

    This is the worst Auburn team in my 53 years. Even the bad teams of 1998 and 2008 had some fight in them. With a few notable exceptions (Jonathan Wallace and Emory Blake chief among them) this team does not. It angers me to hear Chizik say week after week, following beatdown after beatdown, that he has not lost this team. He must think the rest of the world that cares about AU football is blind, stupid, or both. On the other hand, I’m not sure what else we can realistically expect him to say after listening to his endless coachspeak for the last four years.

    The good news, though, is that this is no longer about Chizik or his staff. It’s clear they cannot survive. The vital question is where we go from here. As a friend of mine astutely pointed out, this unprecedented decline did not happen overnight. Heath Evans’ comments on Birmingham radio were both revealing and compelling. It is time to effect a real culture change not only in the football program, but in the Athletic Department as a whole, beginning with Jay Jacobs. We can only hope that during his period of public silence, Dr. Gogue is actively looking for a strong, competent, intelligent athletic director and then he’ll turn the coaching search over to him. In sum, we are at our most important crossroads since Coach Dye was hired in 1981. Let’s hope that the powers that be will make the right choices.

    War Damn Eagle.