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From the Eagle’s Nest

By on October 25th, 2013 in Football 13 Comments »

What’s that smell? There’s a good chance that on any given day, someone will publish a story on an institution’s dirty football program or school officials sweeping things under the rug, but I think Grambling University is confused. Get this, conditions got so bad that the football players boycotted and forfeited a game in an attempt to have something done about them. This is the complete opposite of violating NCAA rules to gain a competitive advantage. And considering the NCAA’s recent precedent set forth, Grambling’s football program will likely receive the death penalty as if they were paying CFL veterans to suit up for them.

USC v Notre DameFeels good, man. Notre Dame running back, Cam McDaniel, isn’t easily flustered. If he hasn’t already been contacted by someone at ‘Abercrombie and Fitch’ for their next catalog photo-shoot then someone owes me a job. The photographer who snapped this picture however, was not happy with the outcome. He was flagged and ejected after officials rule that he intentionally targeted McDaniel to land this headshot. He will be eligible to return to the sideline during the second half of Notre Dame’s game this weekend.

Nick, shut up. Nick Saban complained after this week’s game against Arkansas that fans should come to a game and stay 4 quarters, and if they couldn’t to give their tickets to someone who would. I can’t help but wonder how many kids Saban has signed that only stayed at Alabama for 1 quarter of their college football careers before he made them take a hike because he could sign someone better. Sadly, his remark will be lauded by many as testament to his dedication to excellence. I honestly believe if Saban casually referred to money as “bread” during a public appearance, Alabama fans would start making sandwiches with dollar bills.

The SEC says that it will review the new targeting rule after the conclusion of the season. They have no choice, but to review it and either reform it heavily or trash it altogether. It is an embarrassment to the league that it even became official in its current state. I can’t help but wonder if it wasn’t just a terrible mistake but too many updated rule books had been printed and distributed for them to be able to remove it.

On both sides of the SEC, Tigers are rising after Missouri held off Florida this past weekend and Auburn stunned Texas A&M in College Station, but ESPN’s Edward Aschoff still thinks you should pull for Alabama and Missouri to square off in Atlanta in a battle of the unbeaten.  I get the angle of his piece, but Auburn does control its own destiny at this point so why can’t the general consensus stray from their routine for a week or two? I could much sooner accept a ‘ketchup vs mustard’ based stance arguing for Mizzou and ‘Bama to play for the SEC title over the umpteenth article from this week trumpeting the awesomeness of Alabama football.

Seriously though – ‘Tigers Take Over SEC’; ‘Year of the Tigers’; ‘SEC Championship race looks to be a Tail of Two Tigers’ – I could go all day. It’s an interesting angle. Any monkey could get sent to journalism school and show up to work where he covers college football and work those angles, yet we are forced to endure being told new reasons ‘Bama should be rooted for on a daily basis as if we the fans are the peasant citizens of North Korea and the Kim Jong il Crimson Tide are  busy being the greatest golfers in the world. Possible NCAA violations that could lead to national titles being forfeited? Let’s have Finebaum the clown laugh it off on College Gameday. Nick Saban’s wife house shopping in Austin, Texas? Let’s 17 stories a day on it, and dedicate an entire issue of ESPN the magazine to the Sabans’ home buying ‘process’.

Sammie Coates Russian LegsweepWWE has announced that Sammie Coates is now the number one contender for the Intercontinental Championship after his TKO victory over Texas A&M defensive back De’Vante Harris. 


  1. Tiger on the mountain Tiger on the mountain says:

    That last picture—one of my favorite moments in the game. Coates is awesome!!

    What’s going on at Grambling St is sad and abysmal. The fact that the University would rather put their students at risk for serious health issue just to field a team is pathetic. The fact that University Administration would rather fire the press than deal honestly with the situation means that there’s no hope for improvement. They should be shamed and embarrassed. Honestly, the NCAA should open a clause that says any student who transfers to a new team, will not be penalized, nor will the accepting school lose a scholarship position.

  2. Third Generation Tiger Third Generation Tiger says:

    Bama’s administration continues to do whatever Saban tells them to do. Saban’s complaints about fans leaving before the game is over did not fall on deaf ears They have now decided to take the block seating away from fraternities and sororities. They will be allowed to buy tickets now just like non-greek students but does anyone really believe that this is not a measure to prevent large gaps of empty seats from being seen on television? Fraternities and sororities aren’t the only fans that leave early during a blow out game but it is highly visible when they do. The updyke panhellenic organization should be infuriated.

  3. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    …..Honestly, I never got the “leaving early” thing. Man, I drove a good chunk of my day down to watch in person, and I have an equal drive back… I’m going to be there to the end. Even if it’s a historic 63-21 beatdown. I proved that last season on this blog.

  4. domaucan1 domaucan1 says:


    I agree with you 100%. It’s over 400 miles from Big BR,LA to Auburn and, when I get to go to a game, I plan to stay until the final whistle blows, no matter the score. I have a feeling that this is going to be one of those special years. I became an Auburn Tiger in 1963 and it was a special year, and so was 2010 and others. Let’s keep on keeping on. One game at a time! Beat the owls!


    WAR EAGLE !!!

    GO BIG BLUE !!!

  5. Pine Mt Tiger Pine Mt Tiger says:

    Really good stuff. Laced with jewells like,”I honestly believe if Saban casually referred to money as “bread” during a public appearance, Alabama fans would start making sandwiches with dollar bills.”LOL, LOL.
    I look forward to your post every week.

  6. MyAuburn MyAuburn says:

    I have an observation about the takedown of Harris by Coates. One thing struck me about it when I saw it live. “That shows me someone who is committed to play hard” After thinking about it some more it really defines this team and is the main difference of the team of 12 months ago. Think about it, how many times this season have you seen an AU player go all out postal carrying the ball, (See Mason, Tre), blocking downfield, (See Prosch, Jay), hustling to run down a QB, (See Frost, Kris), bull rushing an OT to get to the QB, (See Ford, Dee).
    How many times did you see that last year, Practically none.
    This is the new AU tigers and they look a lot like the old ones we are used to seeing from years past, and I for one think the new tigers are here to stay.

  7. Third Generation Tiger Third Generation Tiger says:

    Topic for discussion:

    Who is/was taller, Kin Jong Il, or Nick Saban?

    • SandMountainTiger SandMountainTiger says:

      Well, that depends: I’m sure the nod goes to Nick after being interviewed by Finebaum. His head has to swell a little after being gushed over.

      • Busch Barbarian Busch Barbarian says:

        Or some not so creative photo editing by the upkykeham News. The same way they made spanky appear to be taller than Coach Chizik.

      • Third Generation Tiger Third Generation Tiger says:

        I bet Kim Jong Il’s bio pales in comparison to Saban’s bio in the updyke football program and their media slicks!

        • Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

          ……As a short person myself, I oughtta get all offended and such… but that’s pretty funny. In all seriousness, I’d side with Saban over a myopic dictator with nukes, any day. On the other hand, let’s not give Nick any nukes, ok?