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Friday from the Eagle’s Nest

By on May 24th, 2013 in Football 7 Comments »

From the Eagle's NestAnother week is in the books and it was a special one. The countdown to kickoff officially dipped below the century mark and Paul Finebaum’s return to the college football world became official. Well, that was half-special anyway. Oh speaking of half-special, I just described Finebaum’s audience. Let’s begin shall we? 

Teddy Bridgewater doesn’t need no stinkin’ Heisman campaign. I like this for two reasons: 1. It shows tremendous character. 2. It’s smart. Louisville won’t sneak up on anyone in 2013. They won’t be the marauding bandits they were in 2012. For the Cardinals to have a successful followup to their 2012 coming out party, they will need to maintain focus and remain united. Hype and media attention will come with or without any campaign so long as Bridgewater and the rest of the Louisville football team keep winning big games. 

And of course Johnny Manziel can throw to his receivers while blindfolded. Are you even surprised? Think about that next time you bounce a pass to one of your buddies at a tailgate this year. Seriously though,  what is this good for? Are the Aggies making preparations to play a Harbaugh brother in the Super Bowl?  

Brandon Marcello , of, outlines why Trovon Reed is poised to lead at the flanker position. I want to jump on the Trovon Reed bandwagon badly, but I’ve been thrown off it too much to try anymore. He does still possess a ton of upside, but I am wary of whether or not that will ever come to fruition. Hopefully Gus Malzahn’s return can reinvigorate Reed and drive him to play to his potential. One positive thing to remember is that way back in 2010, Trovon Reed actually beat out Kodi Burns for the wildcat quarterback spot but only appeared briefly in one game before suffering a season ending injury. He’s proven himself before. Can he step up and go the distance in 2013 for the Tigers? 

 Interesting bit of info on Michigan’s footballs this spring. ‘Made in USA’  ‘Not in Ohio’  Hoke’s recent comments directed toward Notre Dame’s decision to back out of its series with the Wolverines and now this make it seem like this Michigan team might be getting a little too much swagger for its own good. Hoke denied any knowledge of the balls’ existence, but I am skeptical at the very least. Just remember Mr. Hoke. Your actions are writing checks that will have to be cashed by your players. More often than not in college football, robust trash-talk is rewarded with humiliating defeat. I hope you know what game you are playing. While we’re on the OSU/Michigan thing…

Maurice Clarett sets his sights on 2016 U.S. Olympic Rugby Team. It is astounding to me how much mileage he’s squeezed out of his breakout freshman season at Ohio State. Forget football, he’s just attempting to participate in anything remotely similar to football. Rugby, American Gladiators, Office Linebacker, tackle golf – I mean the possibilities are endless. What’s next? Is he going to “run” for office? America loves feeding on a ‘what could have been’ story but this is one tragedy I’d rather overlook. Kudos to him for staying active, but I can’t even fake interest in this. It’s like the plot to a movie written by Chuck Norris for the Lifetime channel. Blegh! P.S. – Dear M. Dyer, there’s at least one athlete attempting to make the U.S. rugby team that you are younger than, stronger than, faster than, and equally as decorated as. Just thought you should know…

Bring on the freaks! Bruce Feldman of CBS Sports recently released his list of “The 20 craziest athletes in college football – Freaks List.” A confounding title to say the least. Are they these the craziest athletes or the freakiest? Auburn’s very own Jay Prosch made the list coming in at number 20. The list was topped by none other than Mr. Should He Sit Or Play? himself, Jadaveon Clowney. You might remember him as the guy who ran through a Michigan RB like a Optimus Prime through a building last season. When asked about being on the receiving end of the hit, Michigan RB Vincent Smith said, “What hit? Jadaveon Clowney? You mean I played football last year?”

PAWL, when’s that farming school in west Georgia gonna git hammered for the $cam Newton mess? That’s right. Just when college football radio was appearing to be the product of an advancement civilization of beings possessing reasoning and intellectual thought processes, Paul Finebaum returns. He has moved his show to the ESPN network of radio stations and I couldn’t think of a more appropriate pair of misfits to carry out each other’s buffoonery. It may be only a month, it may take years, but one day Joe Schad will sit at the SportsCenter desk commenting on a “huge breaking story” involving college football (probably Auburn) and for window dressing he’ll have quotes from Legend and I-Man from that afternoon’s edition of the Finebaum Show. I know it is all still sinking in, but I think I’d rather be invaded by North Korea. 



  1. War Eagle Girl War Eagle Girl says:

    AAAHhhhhhhhh. Nice start to the weekend. Thanks.

    Haven’t missed pawl and will NOT listen……

    And War Eagle!

  2. idnod idnod says:

    pawl looks like one of the appraisers on Antiques Roadshow. I quit watching it for that reason.

  3. dabble says:

    hey there and War Eagle everybody. Just a nitpicking thought. on the image above i see nick saban on the branch. i don’t like our comparing stuff with them. can you remove it and free ourselves of them as a negative. it kinda reminds me of the time i burnt my eyes as i read the comments section on

    • sullivan013 sullivan013 says:

      I’m going to go out on a limb here and say his rage is dwarfed by the AUsomeness of Coach Malzahn’s smile. I say keep little Nicky on his precarious perch. Rest assured, when the bough breaks, his cradle will fall.


  4. mikeautiger says:

    Never missed finebutt. Jox without him is so much more positive in its attitude and professionalism. Glad he will not be carried so I do not have to even listen to his commercials. I do. To listen to ESPN radio so I will not listen to him, will not miss him or his constant negativity about everything.

  5. auh20 auh20 says:

    Auburn’s recruiting is going so well, it’s just a matter of time before the next round of attacks. God help us for commitments from saban targets. We’ll pay and pay dearly !