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Friday from the Eagle’s Nest

By on June 21st, 2013 in Football, News 9 Comments »

Media beginning to turn sour on A&M’s ‘Johnny Football’ – After receiving a parking ticket recently, Manziel tweeted this: “(expletive) like tonight is a reason why I can’t wait to leave college station … whenever it may be.” He quickly deleted that tweet but followed it up with an equally self-damaging one: “Don’t ever forget that I love A&M with all of my heart, but please please walk a day in my shoes.” This is just the most recent incident in an offseason that has seen the once beloved sensation from College Station draw criticism over his very lavish and public lifestyle. Perhaps Matt Hayes from the SportingNews said it best when he declared, “Johnny Football has only ‘Johnny Look At Me’ to blame.”
Manziel Tweet - A Day In My Shoes
You know ESPN is all over this story. Joe Tessitore and Paul Finebaum discussed the extent of damage Manziel has managed to inflict on himself in one offseason and of course Cam Newton was brought up. Thankfully, Finebaum did handle that question (regarding Newton) relatively well.

The bottom line here is that sometime soon, Johnny Manziel needs to learn the importance of not feeding the hype that has been generated around him. He’s become a one-man show at “the home of the 12th man” and if things continue to progress as they have this offseason, he may find himself wishing he was back in his old shoes at College Station.

2013 Auburn Tigers are early favorites for many as comeback team of the year
– I also look for the Tigers to bounce back in a big way this fall. Gus Malzahn is changing the mentality of the program (along with the philosophy) and that will pay huge dividends on the field in 2013. Look for the Tigers to be much more prepared each week this season. Kevin Scarbinsky thinks Gus Malzahn is already in the nightmares of some SEC head coaches.   
Gus Malzahn - Serious
Despite a lot of preseason love regarding a bounce back season, Auburn is not receiving much praise in the polls. The Tigers sit outside of Phil Steele’s Preseason Top 40 poll. I find it interesting however that only two SEC teams are in his top 10. (#1 Alabama, #9 Georgia)


No matter that exclusion, Auburn football seems to be in a very good place at the moment. There are still lingering questions at quarterback, but I think many may jumping the gun in that regard. The Tigers will have a capable signal caller in 2013. There will be plenty of weapons on offense for Malzahn to use and I think that means finding a quarterback to do what needs to be done will be even easier. Obviously, we would all love another Cam Newton. We won’t know until August 31. War Eagle, everybody! Things are starting to take shape!


  1. KoolBell KoolBell says:

    Manziel needs to grow up, and quickly.

    Auburn will definitely turn the corner this year, and make a bowl game. I look for a much improved, and disciplined approach to our weekly opponents.

    Interesting note: Jason Smith, and Nick Marshall, have both not qualified as of yet. Smith is going to prep school, and still wants to attend AU. Marshall has to pass one class, and he hopes to do so before the deadline to qualify academically. Both of these guys were recruited at QB.

    If Marshall fails to qualify, that would leave AU with Frazier, Wallace, and newcomer Jeremy Johnson.

    • Derrick Roberts Derrick Roberts says:

      I don’t know why I seem to be on an island about this, but I am content in seeing what we have in Wallace. I know there are concerns with the deep ball, but I can think of worse problems.

      I know he hasn’t completely proven himself and he isn’t a proven commodity by any means, but we have justifiable reason to be optimistic. Am I wrong?

      • Todd92 Todd92 says:

        No, you’re not alone. Malzahn has shown he doesn’t need the deep ball to win when he had Chris Todd. And I think the composure and awareness of Jonathan Wallace is head and shoulders above what we’ve seen from Frazier. I’m not saying Frazier can’t become a competent QB, and I would love it if he did, but I am saying he hasn’t given the slightest sign that he can as of yet.

      • DBAU81 says:

        I agree about Wallace. He handled himself well in an awful situation last year and is light years ahead of Frazier in terms of maturity and mental toughness. Unless Marshall comes in and wows everybody, my money is on Wallace to win the job. At the very least, he will do less to get us beat than Frazier, even though Frazier is likely more talented. While I would love to see the light come on for Kiehl, I just haven’t seen anything from him to make me think it’s going to happen.

      • Third Generation Tiger Third Generation Tiger says:

        Last season definitely wasn’t the best time for Wallace to showcase his skillset. The best thing I saw him do was to seemingly keep his composure. I don’t think he has been coached up yet. Our prevoius coaching staff didn’t do our student athletes any favors in that regard. That being said, I still don’t think we have a SEC Championship caliber QB on campus yet.

  2. dabble says:

    i think Wallace will be a competent signal caller if he is the one selected. i have always been a fan on his ethic. But we have others who we have not seen yet. I really think Johnson is a redshirt….if we have to put in a ture freshman who only went to fall drills….we are in trouble. but there are still other options. AU will be, at the worst, competent in this position.

    as for frazier……i have no idea whether he is recoverable…he could amaze or he could tank. no one really knows.

    if i had to guess i would say his days of being a starting qb at AU are over….i have not seen anything in the last two years that made me feel like he could be the one.

  3. sullivan013 sullivan013 says:

    I hate to disparage any player in an Auburn uniform unless they purposely do something to hurt the team. While I prefer Jonathan Wallace for his absolutely sky high work ethic and unflappability even in the worst situations imaginable, I won’t give up on Keihl Frazier just yet. Coach Malzahn obviously saw potential in him, and likely any shortcomings can be coached out of him given the right blend of effort, time and focus by him and his coaches.

    Last year was last year. They have all the film they want to review and correct any problems. This year starts in August and may the man with the biggest tiger in his tank win the starting job.

  4. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    …..Frazier does have the potential. I’ve been to the last two A-Days, and Frazier had a great day in 2012. He was sharp, and on target. It’s up to him and the coaching staff to get back to that, rather than short-hopping bubble screens. For what it’s worth, he looked dangerous running the ball this past A-Day, able to juke defenders for decent gains even playing touch football on the QB.

  5. Eagle1 says:

    I also believe that Auburn is in a good place at this time and only to get better. Other teams run the Hurry Up No Huddle offense well and it seems like the sports media really likes to promote it, but look for them to start jumping on the bandwagon with those that want it neutered since Auburn will be running it again. I hope I am wrong. I saw the Finebaum interview and started to get nauseous. It sure has been refreshing not having him around lately. I guess yellow journalism is back. I am really looking foward to this football season and really believe that it will be one that Auburn family can take pride in.
    War Eagle!