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Friday from the Eagle’s Nest

Ventura Stoops - Conspiracy Theory 2

When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong – Bob Stoops is not a believer in the SEC’s elite status despite every logical indication that he’s wrong. In the article, he goes on to say that the SEC’s perceived quality is nothing more than “propaganda.” By default, Stoops does have a point. The media is a little trigger happy when it comes to building someone or something up (as well as tearing it down), but the SEC’s running number of consecutive national championships and bowl record from recent history prove that he’s wrong. He’s very wrong. Bottom line Bob, start winning championships and you’ll get noticed. Until then, stick to coaching and let the media make fools of themselves in the headlines. They are better at it than you are.

Dan Mullen is Embracing Higher Expectations – He says that 8 wins is his baseline and that he is in Starkville to win championships. Once again this offseason I have read that Mullen must be on the cusp of excellence and that he has this great machine built that is Mississippi State and its going to destroy everything in its path. I’m not buying it. His most celebrated SEC West win is over arguable the worst Auburn team of the modern era and overall he boasts no double-digit win seasons. I’m sure he’s a nice guy, but the hype is confusing to me. Last season saw the Bulldogs inexplicably rise to #15 in the BCS (that’s 15th out of everyone in the nation) after having beaten 3 Sun Belt teams, 1 SWAC team, and the 3 worst teams in the SEC last year (Auburn, Kentucky, and Tennessee). The man could seemingly fall into a sewer and come out wearing a gold watch. He did lead the Bulldogs to one more SEC victory against Arkansas (who was led by John L. Smith). And when he isn’t embracing challenges and living on the edge, Dan Mullen is also signing ultrasounds. Seriously, what direction is your life going if a head football coach is signing photos of your ultrasound? This seems like a bit from MTV’s ‘16 and Pregnant’, but not out of place at all in the state of Mississippi.

Nick Saban - Dwarf House

Stop everything! Nick Saban is selling his home in the North Georgia mountains – It has been widely speculated that a lack of trees in which he could bake cookies is what led Saban to put the property up for sale. 

NCAA puts a stop to hashtags on the field because for God’s sake, why is everyone having so much damned fun? I don’t even know anyone was looking into this. Is this why the Miami case got bundled? Were there too many resources dedicated to finding the most trivial rule proposal of all time that it prevented the NCAA from conducting proper investigations elsewhere? Probably not. Someone in the NCAA main office probably saw something on TV or in a magazine and decided that the youth of America was corrupting everyone amateur college athletics isn’t about having fun – it’s about old men getting paid for those amateur athletes doing their thing on primetime television without any “techno mumbo jumbo” on the field while they do. #NCAAislame #stepdownEmmert 

Auburn Baseball and The Fat Lady Continue Love Affair – Auburn stormed back against Jacksonville St. earlier this week by scoring 12 runs in the eighth inning. Is Gus moonlighting as the hitting coach while he awaits the arrival of football season? 

College Football Playoff - So Boring

The College Football Playoff logo has been chosen and it is equally as flashy as its name suggests. I feel like we’re all getting pranked and none of this is real. I don’t understand why the title and imagery of the new college football postseason has to be so straightforward and cold. They’ve taken the most exciting thing in all of sports and made every fan skeptical of its value right off the bat. How do you screw that up? When you consider how much money will be made, you start to wonder if they put any effort to the branding of it all or if they simply used all of their scheduled meetings to arrange for their Scrooge McDuck pools full of money to be installed. 


  1. MyAuburn MyAuburn says:

    Saban selling because of the lack of trees. Now that’s funny right there.

  2. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    ……I read a Keebler Elves dig into it!

  3. War Eagle Girl War Eagle Girl says:

    Oh my. This was worth a Friday read. Great on so many levels.

    But the CFP ~ what?! I’m not going to even say what I thought that symbol represented the first time I saw it. I am sure someone got paid lots of money for this idea but it doesn’t surprise me with old men probably making the final decision.

    Thanks for making my day! War Eagle!

  4. Tigerstripe Tigerstripe says:

    Based on last year’s season, the SEC / BIG12 on field matchups would be:

    KState v Bama (win)
    OK v UGA (win)
    Texas v UF (win)
    OKST v LSU (win)
    Baylor v TA&M (win)
    TT v SC (win)
    TCU (win) v Vandy
    WV (win) v MSU
    Iowa St v Miss (win)
    Kan v Ark (win)

    I see it SEC 8-2 over BIG12…

  5. dabble says:

    i too have never understood the dan mullen love. the hype has continually outlasted evidence and facts. he remains an average achiever in a tough league. he looks perpetually constipated and angry like my retired army office who drinks rounders in a red traveler. (that’s round the clock in a red dixie cup). I would enjoy seeing them do better but I don’t know. it’s mississippi. and we know the state motto of Alabama: thank God for Mississippi.

    they have no real tradition, no top shelf facilities and no real reason for recruits to go there other than to play in the sec. and maybe avoid competition at some more substantial schools. whether sec or not.

  6. KoolBell KoolBell says:

    Funny, yet somewhat perplexing. I had no idea Saban knows how to bake.

    I think Stoops has a mental desire to join the media, he has the art of stupidity down pat.

    College Football Play (yawn) off, what a joke that name is.

    I hope Dan Mullen and his old lady develop warts and bed sores. I have no use for either of them. How a program can cheat as they have the past six seasons, and not get punished is truly perplexing. I also have high hopes of hanging 50 on their sorry asses this coming season, no, I’m not talking about basketball either.

    I enjoyed this very much, ‘cept for the Mullen parts…


    • Third Generation Tiger Third Generation Tiger says:

      Stoops has a desk and a microphone waiting on him at ESPN. They were made for, and deserve each other.

    • Todd92 Todd92 says:

      Bedsores…. Lol! I was thinking more along the lines of lip herpes!
      And I don’t think you have to worry about anyone thinking you were talking about basketball unless you mean we hang 50 on them to counter the 75 they would put on us (I would take my kids to a game and see the new arena but I don’t want to have to explain why we have to wear paper bags over our head).

  7. Mike jimithing78 says:

    What other name did you propose? People have been screaming for a playoff for years and now that we have a “playoff” they aren’t happy. It’s pretty much the same name that D2 and D3 use. It’s actually a good name. It gives everyone the “playoff” they’ve been wanting. I’m sure it was named that to help with court battles related to access to the games.

    • Derrick Roberts Derrick Roberts says:

      The Gauntlet, brought to you by Kellogg’s and presented by Chevrolet Trucks

  8. Todd92 Todd92 says:

    Good read and funny stuff… Saban will have a hard time moving his house unless he can convince Frodo it’s a good deal.

  9. Buddy Ro says:

    Apparently the cannabis in Oklahoma is burning up some of Stoops’ brain.

    There are 2 things that become more and more entertaining as I get older…

    1. Irony
    2. Wishful thinking

    … and I might add “hypocrisy”, but it is the kind of epic jolt that hurts just as much as it is funny.
    1998 January 4, 1999 1 Tennessee 23 2 Florida St. 16 Fiesta Bowl
    1999 January 4, 2000 1 Florida St. 46 2 Virginia Tech 29 Sugar Bowl
    2000 January 3, 2001 1 Oklahoma 13 3 Florida St. 2 Orange Bowl
    2001 January 3, 2002 1 Miami 37 4 Nebraska 14 Rose Bowl
    2002 January 3, 2003 2 Ohio State 31 1 Miami 24 Fiesta Bowl
    2003 January 4, 2004 2 LSU 21 3 Oklahoma 14 Sugar Bowl
    2004 January 4, 2005 1 USC 55 2 Oklahoma 19 Orange Bowl
    2005 January 4, 2006 2 Texas 41 1 USC 38 Rose Bowl
    2006 January 8, 2007 2 Florida 41 1 Ohio State 14 BCS National Championship
    2007 January 7, 2008 2 LSU 38 1 Ohio State 24 BCS National Championship
    2008 January 8, 2009 1 Florida 24 2 Oklahoma 14 BCS National Championship
    2009 January 7, 2010 1 Alabama 37 2 Texas 21 BCS National Championship
    2010 January 10, 20111 Auburn 22 2 Oregon 19 BCS National Championship
    2011 January 9, 2012 2 Alabama 21 1 LSU 0 BCS National Championship
    2012 January 7, 2013 2 Alabama 42 1 Notre Dame 14 BCS National Championship

    Poor Oklahoma. Only team in 15 years to have 4 appearances in the NC game…Do you think Stoops looks at Saban and wonders how he managed to not pull in more than 1 NC?
    They have a ridiculous history of disappointing finishes.

    Interesting, in second place, with 3 appearances is OSU, LSU, bama and FSU,… then in 3rd: USC, UF, Texas, and Miami with 2 NC game appearances in the last 15 years.

    So, who are the 2 teams to make it this year?

    • Buddy Ro says:

      If I had to pick a pool of teams that seem to be getting the most preseason love:

      Ohio State
      Texas A&M
      South Carolina
      Notre Dame

      hard to say who I would pick to make the big dance…

    • Tiger on the mountain Tiger on the mountain says:

      Nice to see you back, dude.

    • KoolBell KoolBell says:

      If FSU would quit crappin’ the sheets against North Carolina State type teams, they could have played twice in the BCS title game. Clemson may have the easiest road to the title game in the ACC.
      Ohio State has by far and away the easiest schedule since 2004 Choklahoma. The Buckeyes are odds on favorites to win their conference and get every single vote from any, shall we say, less than scrupulous sports r with a vote.

      Quite honestly, Stanford looks like a great team, and they have a really good coach. Thing is, the Cardinal have a very difficult schedule the last 5 weeks. They will have to gel and be injury free when that time comes, or else.

  10. Tiger on the mountain Tiger on the mountain says:

    Saban is elfin-like in nature. All he’s lacking are pointy ears…….

  11. mvhcpa says:


    That Saban Dwarf House was COLD…HILARIOUS and TRUE, but COLD…. 🙂

    Michael Val
    (who is proud to say he never had a truck or car up on blocks!)