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Frenzy Surrounds Iron Bowl Week on The Plains

By on November 20th, 2017 in Football, News 16 Comments »

With an SEC West Championship and state bragging rights on the line, things got a little more interesting for this year’s Iron Bowl when the College Football Playoff Committee ranked Auburn in the No. 6 spot last Tuesday. Even before Auburn’s dismantling of No. 1 Georgia, the hype had already begun. Some in the media had started dubbing the game as another possible “Mother of All Iron Bowls.”

I don’t know about that, but it’s for certain the nation’s eyes will be on Jordan-Hare Stadium Saturday as CBS has made it The Game of the Week and ESPN announced yesterday that its College Game Day program will be broadcast from the Plains. The last time the show visited Auburn was for that Mother of All Iron Bowls game four years ago.

The frenzy for the big day is growing as dozens of RV’s and campers have started rolling into Auburn days ahead of the big event. Tickets for the country’s biggest rivalry game are averaging $320–$450 for upper level seats on eBay and Stubhub. A chair in the club level can be picked up today for $1,000. But, if you want to sit in the orange seats, you need to hurry because the price will only escalate as the supply drops.

There’s little wonder about the demand as this year’s edition presents the first top six matchup since the 2013 classic dubbed “The Kick Six” game, won by the Tigers on the famous one-second missed field goal return by Chris Davis. That was the first time in history that not just one but both teams were playing for the SEC West Division Title. This Saturday will be the second.

All told, there have only been seven other games in the series history when both teams entered ranked in the Top 10 AP poll. The Tigers hold a 4–3 edge in those games, but Alabama is looking to even the record.

And as if any more drama was needed to hype the intensity heading into Iron Bowl Week, the flames were fanned Sunday when the Tigers opened as a three-point underdog against No. 1 Alabama. That may be good news for the Tiger faithful because the last time Auburn opened as a three-point underdog to a No.1 team at home … they won 40–17.

Let the frenzy continue. War Eagle and …

Beat Bama!


  1. Tigers5711 says:

    Auburn has always beaten Alabama over the last 30 years if:
    We have beaten GA
    Won at least 8 games going into the Iron Bowl
    In 2017 we have both beaten GA and have won 9 games so far
    These are the years it happened: 13, 10, 05, 04, 2000, 97, 95, 93, 89, 88 and 87 (11) times
    We also beat Bama in 02, 03, 06 and 07 (15 total)
    Let the fun begin can’t wait until Saturday. WDE

    • BirminghamEagle says:

      Thanks for that Tiger5711- good stats! WDE !!!

      • Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

        …..I figure we could clarify that Auburn has beaten Alabama if Auburn beat Georgia, AND had 8 wins going into the Iron bowl. We have beaten Georgia and lost to Alabama, in 1990, 1999, and 2001. None of those dawg-beaters got to 8 wins in the regular season.

  2. BirminghamEagle says:

    All my bama friends and family are so sure they’re going to win. I hope the team feels just as cocky because they will be surprised like Georgia was when Auburn hits them in the mouth.

  3. audude audude says:

    Living in Ohio, with the OSU vs UM game this Saturday and the local is media trying to drum up interest. I am relishing the fact we control our destiny and the Buckeyes don’t!

    The RV’s and campers moving in already reminds me what my late father told me growing up:
    “In the Big Ten football is a sport, in the SEC football is a religion”. I agree with ATM, let the frenzy continue!


  4. Tigers5711 says:

    Most Bama fans will be overconfident and cocky and that’s to be expected as they’ve been on a strong roll. However Saban is a smart coach and will be reminding his team all week what happened in 2013 and what happened to GA last week at Auburn. So Bama will be at it’s max and I’m sure we will too. It just depends on how well each team plays and who gets the breaks. WDE.

  5. wde72wde says:

    How about…the Son of the Mother of All Iron Bowls?

  6. brooksforehand brooksforehand says:

    Looking forward to this weekend’s game… The Mother of all Iron Bowls!!!! Friends (Bama) from Minnesota are flying in Thursday and we will let the Pre game tailgate begin upon their arrival… Last time they visited they went home in shock (Kick Six)… I can only hope they bring the same luck this time like they did on the last visit… wde!!!

  7. Tigers5711 says:

    In the last 30 years Auburn has this record vs Bama:

    Auburn has won 8 of 13 games at home
    Auburn has won 5 of 9 games in T-Town
    Auburn won 2 of 8 games in B’ham

    At Auburn 13, 07, 05, 03, 97, 95, 93, 89
    At T-Town 10, 06, 04, 02, 2000
    At B’ham 88, 87

  8. Tigers5711 says:

    The last 4 times Bama came to Auburn they were headed for a NC in 15, 13, 11 and 09.
    They went on win a NC 3 times but we stopped them in 13 and played for the NC ourselves.
    The same is true this year and we need to stop them once again.

  9. Tigers5711 says:

    Last 4 time Bama came to Auburn:
    We lost the 15, 11 and 9 games since we were too weak.
    We had won only 6, 7 and 7 games before Bama.
    In 13 we had won 10
    In 17 we have won 9

  10. AUFan1 AUFan1 says:

    I’m so pumped for this game. Can hardly wait!
    Beat bama & WDE!!!

  11. Tigers5711 says:

    It’s Iron Bowl week and if wrote an article every 5 minutes that wouldn’t be enough…..

    • Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

      …..I have been writing and revising a pregame post in my head, most waking hours, this week! That is… when I’m not thinking about the food I’m fixing for Thursday! Hopefully I’ll have some thought-provoking stuff ready for Thursday morning! War Eagle! I am so stoked for this Iron Bowl! I hope I’m not peaking early, and especially not the team…

      • ATL_AU_FAN ATL_AU_FAN says:

        I will have something for Saturday morning prior to the Open Thread – but I have no clue as it what it will be. But, I’m guessing my feeble brain will lean toward the Iron Bowl. I could be wrong but I wouldn’t bet against it.
        Also, we will have our usual tailgate set up – corner of War Eagle Way and Village View Lane – and for this game we are leaving everything set up during the game. Any and all are welcome and, if you don’t have tickets, feel free to stay and watch the game!. We have others who are staying so please drop by!

        War Eagle!!

  12. Tiger Tiger says:

    Well, it’s been another strange season, but now that our favorite team is 9-3, with a win against uga, I’m pretty happy. I really didn’t think this would happen. I was wrong, and we’ve still got more work to do. War Eagle!

    I won’t be watching the Iron Bowl this year, as Auburn has lost both games I’ve watched. We lost Clemson badly, and I watched all of that mess. We lost LSU in the final few minutes, which is when I turned on that game. Since LSU, I’ve been keeping up only by the radio and TET play-by-play. I hope all of you enjoy watching the IB in real time – I’m with you in spirit.

    Happy Thanksgiving, stay safe, and again, War Eagle!