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ex A.D. put us here repost from 11-21-16

By on November 12th, 2017 in Member Post Comments Off on ex A.D. put us here repost from 11-21-16

Here we ago again. We must eat the sandwich of Ga./Ala./Ga. and have some luck. Maybe someone will learn!


Let’s look at the A.D.

By on November 21st, 2016 in Member Post Comments Off on Let’s look at the A.D.

The Clemson series was announced in July 2014. Every year we play Georgia and Alabama after running the gauntlet in the SEC West. In 2012 we played the Georgia game in Auburn for the second consecutive year, thereby disrupting a long pattern of alternating playing either Georgia or Alabama on the road but not both in any given year.

We have the demands of playing in the toughest division of the toughest league. One of our two East division opponents is locked in to a rivalry game in which you can throw out the records as our opponent will be at the height of motivation for its season.

The schedule placed our team trying to make a resurgence this year in an impossible situation. We do not need to electively play a top-five opponent who is out of conference because as we go through the requirements of the schedule, we will play multiple teams in the top twenty every year.

Furthermore, perhaps we could move Georgia up into the first half of the schedule so we don’t always have the last two rivals waiting for us after the gauntlet. Why don’t we reset the Georgia schedule back to where we do not play away games at Athens and Tuscaloosa in the same year.

We have the most difficult situation in college football. The most successful football team in NCAA history is our in state rival. They are there for us at the end of every season. We have Saban at our throats at the end so why must we give the opportunity for his friend and former Alabama player Dabo to take a swipe early on? Are we trying to give him practice for when he gets the job in Tuscaloosa?

We need a new AD for many reasons. One is the disregard of the impact that scheduling makes on our team’s struggle. I think with the body count after we came out of the gauntlet it should be evident to all.

Other possible reflections on the season can be made including why we had not settled on the QB situation before the opening game, why another QB to run the entire offense was not developed by playing him (as an example) in the entire second half in blow out wins against Mississippi State and Arkansas in the event the starter was injured or why we insist on rushing our star back so many times in each game that injury chances are off the charts, or why we failed to have a five star dual threat QB on campus when we have had successful QBs at Auburn including Cam Newton.

The reflections are many and I will default to those with more football expertise.  The one fact is that the CEO of our schedule put us in jeopardy and we need someone that puts Auburn football first.



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