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ESPN: Heisman Newton’s to Lose

By on October 17th, 2010 in Football Comments Off on ESPN: Heisman Newton’s to Lose

As we boldly proclaimed a week ago, not only is Auburn QB Cameron Newton a Heisman candidate, but according to an ESPN article today, he is the front runner. With Michigan losing again yesterday, it appears that QB Denard Robinson is out. With Nebraska losing for the first time this season to Texas, their freshmen QBTaylor Martinez‘s hopes have been dashed. Terrelle Pryor‘s ballot suffered mightily in Ohio State’s loss to Wisconsin on the road, and we all know Ryan Mallettwas knocked out of the game and the race yesterday. 

Regardless of those losses, the play alone of Cam Newton stands head and shoulders (literally) above the rest of them. There simply isn’t a better player who is as exciting or who does everything his team needs him to do when they need it. After seven games, Newton is 2nd in the nation in passing efficiency with 180.5, behind Boise State’s Kellen Moore. He’s 4th in the nation in rushing–including running backs–with 860 yards and that includes no rushing attempts in the tuner game against UL-Monroe.

How closely is Newton’s campaign for CFB’s highest honor tied to Auburn’s continued winning? Very close, as contemporary winners typically come from highly ranked teams. But as I said last week, if Auburn were to simply win the SEC and accept a BCS bowl bid, I still like his chances. If Auburn continues to roll, only a politically correct pick of Kellen Moore could derail our hopes, as CFB looks to throw some sort of bone to the Boise State Broncos and their milk run schedule. The first BCS poll comes out today. Maybe that’ll be their gimme.

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