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Ellis Johnson arrives in Auburn for DC Interview

By on December 5th, 2012 in Member Post 19 Comments »

 Ellis Johnson

Phillip Marshall is reporting that long time SEC Defensive Coordinator Ellis Johnson is in Auburn today…   Your thoughts?



  1. AubTigerman AubTigerman says:

    I hope they reach agreement for Johnson to come to Auburn. He is one of the best in the business. If Gus doesn’t hire him, you can bet some one will … and fast.

  2. wde1988 wde1988 says:

    Well, before i get overly excited… I should state for the record that I thought BVG was a great hire.

    Whomever he gets – he has to ensure he has complete buy in and committment. AU must change the philosophy of this program post haste.


    • beezybub beezybub says:

      I agree.. I thought BVG was an awesome. I wish Gus would give him a chance. And with added beef to our defense, his scheme would work. But, things were going to change and we all saw that coming. Johnson in my opinion would be a good hire though. WDE

      • DothanTiger DothanTiger says:

        I liked him at first too, but later couldn’t believe it when he said he has problems defending spread attacks. Since Ellis worked with Spurier, maybe he wouldn’t have that problem.

  3. beezybub beezybub says:

    I’m also hearing rumors of Chad Morris as OC. and others of Tracey Rocker (For what position I don’t know.) Just rumors as of now, so we’ll just have to wait and see

  4. Col.Angus Col.Angus says:

    If he can come in and stop a ball control attack and slow down a spread attack…I say hire him. He did pretty good at USC.

  5. Wombat Wombat says:

    Of course, Johnson isn’t that big on HUNH offenses like Gus brings:

    Johnson said, “One thing that has gotten into it that I’ve been pretty outspoken, that I really think is starting to deteriorate some of college football is the hurry up offenses. There is nothing wrong a pace and speeding up the play on the operation side. I get that.”

    “What it’s about now is who can snap the football before the other team lines up. You can’t hardly get your players on and off the field. You can’t get your signals in and out. It’s become who has the best signal system or verbiage system. “

    “Frankly, I don’t know what that proves except someone has a better verbiage package. It’s not about blocking, tackling, running, route running, throwing, and so forth. It’s something the college football world needs to look at.”


  6. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    ……And Ellis should know. He got absolutely torn up in two games against Auburn in 2010. USC sat back in cover two and Cam and Co. ran all over them in game one. We lost two early fumbles in that one, or it would have been worse than 35 points. In game two in the Ga. Dome, he went blitz crazy and got lit up in the passing game.

    ……Rules have changed just a bit. If the offense substitutes, the official will stand over the ball till the defense gets their substitution done, too. As things went on last Malzhan go-round in Auburn, there was a whole package of about 4 guys that came off the bench for the wildcat.

  7. beezybub beezybub says:

    Confirmed… Ellis Johnson has been hired.

    (Edited) Or maybe not.. we’ll have to wait some more. See comment below . WDE

  8. Third Generation Tiger Third Generation Tiger says:

    I hope he wasn’t wearing that sombrero when he interviewed.

  9. Fuzzy says:

    Wow, big hire

  10. wde1988 wde1988 says:

    Phillip Marshall has confirmed.

    Ellis Johnson is our new DC. Honestly, not everyone is cut out to be a headcoach… especially at 61. Considering Malzahn’s experience… hiring a 61 year old who has been around the block… is a great move.

    I see wisdom here.