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Don’t Panic Yet! Auburn’s Defense Matches Up Well With Florida’s Offense

By on October 9th, 2006 in Football Comments Off on Don’t Panic Yet! Auburn’s Defense Matches Up Well With Florida’s Offense

Despite the doom and gloom surrounding the Auburn program this week, the Tigers outlook for this weekend’s game with Florida is much brighter. Simply put, they match up better with the Gators than they did with Arkansas. Tommy Tuberville loves to recruit speed over size on defense and it works most of the time. He likes the speedy linebackers that can swarm to the ball.

The problem is that anytime he plays a big physical offense, he gets whipped. Smartly, Tuberville has built his defense to counter the prototypical SEC offense. Arkansas is not typical. They have huge offensive linemen and like to run directly at you. They are very much like the old Pat Dye offense’s. 

Auburn ran into the same trouble last season at the Capital One Bowl. Wisconsin ran a similar offensive scheme, lining up and running straight at the Tiger’s undersized defenders. In other words, they attempt to be more physical and it usually works. If Auburn is going to contend for a national championship, it’s going to have to learn how to stop these teams. 

Florida runs more of a finesse offense. They have no dominating running back. Chris Leak likes to throw down field. They like to spread things out. It’s an offense that Auburn is suited to play against.

Only a few gave Arkansas a chance this past week, the same is being said for Auburn Saturday night. However, when you break down the two units, Auburn stands a chance. Look for the Auburn defense to keep the team in the game. Now they’ve got to figure out how to jump start the offense.

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