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Does Tre Mason Deserve to be a Heisman Candidate?

By on December 9th, 2013 in Football 18 Comments »

                                                                                                            (photo:Jullie Bennett,
One of the nation’s best running backs has flown under the radar this year despite leading the SEC in rushing. Outside of Auburn fans and opposing defenses most people didn’t know his name. But that changed Saturday.

Now after his record breaking performance in the SEC Championship game, the entire nation is talking about Tre Mason.

Some have even touted him as a late Heisman Trophy candidate. And why not? Mason entered the game with 1.317 yards and left with 1.621. It was a record breaking performance as he put up the most rushing yards ever in an SEC title game.

However, one game does not a Heisman candidate make. But a season full of great games should qualify. Tre has averaged 6.1 yards per carry this season and had seven 100 yard games including Missouri, LSU, Texas A&M, Georgia, and Alabama. 

He has outdueled more well known names like LSU’s Jeremy Hill, Alabama’s T.J. Yeldon, Georgia’s Todd Gurley, and Missouri’s Henry Josey. And today he is first in the SEC in rushing yards, first in rushing touchdowns, and first in all-purpose yards.

Yet some have tried to downplay Tre’s ability saying that a lot of backs could do well in Gus Malzahn’s read option offense. However, that argument is completely debunked by the fact that 2013 is the second consecutive year the Auburn junior has rushed for more than 1,000 yards. He did it last season in Scott Loefler’s pro style attack. So two different offenses; same result … a 1,000+ yard season.
does Tre Mason deserve to be a Heisman candidate? He convinced many Saturday including  ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit. Herby tweeted Sunday:

Kirk Herbstreit ‏@KirkHerbstreit7h

@MAHamer90: @KirkHerbstreit does Tre Mason get to New York?” I think he will. We’ll see.

Mason’s 304-yard performance against Missouri not only broke the SEC Championship game record but was the second-highest total in Auburn history. His 1,621 yards season total is second only to Bo Jackson in the history of the program. In addition, he broke Jackson’s record this year for all-purpose yards with 2,137 yards and his 22 touchdowns broke the school record set by Cam Newton in 2010.

When Gus Malzahn was asked about his star running back, his response was “He’s one of the best players in college football. He proved that (in the SEC title game).”

I have to agree Coach, because when you break Bo Jackson and Cam Newton’s record … you deserve to win the Heisman.

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  1. CapnVegetto says:

    Tre Mason has more yards, more yards per carry, and more TD’s then Mark Ingram had when he won it for the Updykes. The difference? ESPN wasn’t pushing for Tre Mason all year.

    Mason deserves it as much or more than Ingram. He is an integral part of the best rush offense in the country playing in the National championship game. Who else deserves it more?

    • KungFuPanda9 KungFuPanda9 says:


      Auburn (and by association Tre Mason) has been punished this year for our poor season last year. This carried over to where the team was ranked, how long it took the team to get ranked and move up, and has continued right up to today when we are still not accepted as “belonging” or “deserving” as equal to the task. Our success was attributed to luck, not skill.

      Part of this is bias against being a running team. ESPN loves quarterbacks who throw, even though they admire bama because they are a power team. We are not seen as a power team for some reason, even though we are a power running team. The perception of Auburn is that the team is “one dimensional.”

      Bama was going to kill us because they have a balanced attack. Mizzou was going to kill us because they have a balanced attack. FSU is going to kill us because they have a balanced attack.

      Tre Mason is one of, if not the best, running backs in college football. According to how the Heisman has been awarded in the past, Mason deserves to be in New York for the ceremony. He is the most productive offensive contributor on the currently #2 ranked team in America. And by season’s end, he may be the most productive member of the #1 team in America.

  2. Todd92 Todd92 says:

    I agree, Mason is as deserving as anyone in the country. My vote would be:

    1. Mason
    2. Winston
    3. Williams
    4. Carr
    5. McCarron

    Yes I know you said vote for 4 but I would have a hard time leaving either McCarron or Carr off.

  3. KoolBell KoolBell says:

    I am one of the few that thinks that Jameis Winston is over rated. Not saying that he is not a good QB, he just doesn’t impress me with his decision making when being pressured. The problem is, he hasn’t been prssured much with that cuddly soft schedule FSU has played.

    My votes were
    Tre Mason
    AJ McCarron
    Jordan Lynch
    Aaron Murray

    My 1st place vote goes to Murray. He did more with less this season than any other player in CFB this year.

    • Third Generation Tiger Third Generation Tiger says:

      I’m with you regarding Winston. I don’t think he has been truly tested in a real pressure situation.

      For what it’s worth, my four are:

      Tre Mason
      Aaron Murray
      Andre Williams
      A.J. McCarron

  4. Tigerstripe Tigerstripe says:

    Commonality of Heisman winners is that you must have the stats (check), you must do it in a tough conference with tough opponents (check), your team must be successful as part of the individual’s accomplishments (check), you must be a player that rises to the next level of the NFL (check) and you must be a candidate that will act graciously to not embarrass the committee or members (check)…

    Tre fits all of those criteria…and who has made it possible? his linemen. They get Tre the first 2-3 yards and he gets the rest.


  5. Col.Angus Col.Angus says:

    Mason absolutely benefits from the Auburn system but what I don’t think many of the pundits point out is that Mason is the guy who makes it the dominating system that it is. Marshall does a great job of hiding the ball on the handoffs but Mason MAKES the defense defend him on the inside AND outside. Throw in that the defense has to stand flatfooted for a full second to maintain lane defense discipline and find the ball, and Mason is deadly.

    He has such great balance, power and speed, but its his patience to wait for blocks and explode forward at the right opportunity that makes him special.

    If this makes any sense, I would pick Aaron Murray or McCarron to build my team around, but I think Mason is the perfect running back for our system and is our MVP. He has been there with big performances when we needed him, but I think its a case of A LOT to late. If he could have put up the kind of numbers in September that he did in November, I think he would have literally run away with the award. As it is I think the actual vote will go down like this:

    1, Winston
    2. JFF
    3. Williams
    5. McCarron

    My vote would look like this:
    1. Murray – who like KB said, holds all the SEC records and was basically working with 2nd stringers half the season. Murray is a warrior too, I’m glad we don’t have to play him anymore. If the Bulldogs stay healthy, its probably UGA vs FSU in Pasadena.
    2. Winston – soft schedule or not, he has dominated his competition
    3. Mason – had his best games against the best in college football but it took a month for him to assume the workhorse roll in the backfield. I expect him to show why he should have gotten the Heisman on Jan. 6th.
    4. Williams- that kid is a beast, if he goes for big yards against Clemson and USC, I think he would have been the frontrunner. Again A LOT too late.

    • Tiger on the mountain Tiger on the mountain says:

      Yeah, what he said.

      Honestly, it would be a travesty if JFF got enough votes for #2. His high numbers of interceptions, by themselves, should send him further down the list. He’s scrambly and a beast to defend, but give Aaron Murray a quarter’s worth of solid execution and great playcalling, and you’ve got a deadly offense.

      My vote:

      1. Murray
      2. Mason
      3. Winston
      4. McCarron……he quietly led that offense. He’s not a flashy player, but gets the job done and, frankly, makes it look easy.

  6. GreenvilleAUfan GreenvilleAUfan says:

    It’s good to see Tre get some props. IMHO it’s way over due. I hope he gets invited to New York.
    My list would be:

    1. Tre Mason
    2. Aaron Murray
    3. James Winston
    4. Andre Williams

  7. wde1988 wde1988 says:

    If I took the whole argument of embarrassing the Comittee thing as seriously as others did when Cam was considered… I would say that Winston couldn’t get it. While the state attorney general of Florida might be a FSU homer… who is to say that the case and evidence isn’t relooked? Or God forbid it happens again where he is mentioned in as a person of interest in a rape case? While they addressed his ability to compete… they didn’t clear up the cloud around the kid in my humble opinion. And we aren’t talking about a funky computer here…

    While I realize that it makes me look like an AU homer (and I am), the only guy that I think elevates the idea of the heisman is Tre Mason. He was one of a handful that contributed during AU’s down season. And he and his work ethic have elevated the game and this team the further this season goes along. He got 300+ yards in the SEC championship game. He scored 4 touch downs. Against the #2 (now after the game #9 defense in the conference) Come on!!!! Are you kidding me??

    McCarron wouldn’t even get a whiff.

    And JFF – well, he is a good player no doubt. Does he deserve a relook after his off season and this season combined? Hell no. Sorry. He don’t even come close.

    Who else you going to give it to? Ohio State Luckeyes? Are you kidding me? After the choking sound heard in Indy on Saturday night…. no way. Sorry Braxton. Might want to go ahead and commit to go to the NFL now. You ain’t getting it with Oscar Meyer. He loves you. That’s about it.

    To me it’s elementary.

    Vote Auburn and Tre Mason. Afterall, as he has once again proven…. we ARE RUNNING BACK U!


    • Todd92 Todd92 says:

      I disagree about Winston and the incident being “cleared up”. I am not one toile light of such a serious charge or favor one side over the other without facts. But I also don’t know what burden of proof would be possible beyond what has been revealed would be possible other than the plaintiff (no I will not call her a victim unless some crime has been proven) comes our and says he didn’t do it. To assume the youngan is guilty is wrong. Not to beat a dead horse but the facts are that within a few hours of the alleged assault the young lady was examined and a “rape kit” gathered and other than the presence of semen no signs of rape were present. The young lady had said that she had 5 or so “shots” of alcohol and became light headed…. Her blood alcohol percentage by blood test was found to be .004 and was estates to be .010 at the time of the alleged incident…. That doesn’t add up using any kind of logic. It is just as likely that the young lady had a case of extreme embarrassment when she realized that her boyfriend and or friends were aware of her actions. Short of her recanting the accusation in public there could never be a clearing of the young mans name and that is also wrong.

      • Todd92 Todd92 says:

        Damn autocorrect

      • BhamTiger99 BhamTiger99 says:

        Rape survivor here. You may know football, but you should really consider educating yourself on some things before you post anything as flippant as your comment above about rape. Need more info? is a great resource. Here’s another: And here’s some great reporting specific to this particular case:

        Even if the survivor was 3 sheets to the wind, you cannot give consent if you are incapacitated. It’s still rape. Kudos to her for reporting it as quickly as she did; that shows presence of mind and strength of character. And it’s not a “rape kit,” it’s a rape kit.

        Secondly, rape is one of the most under-reported assaults that exists; many, many women do not report rapes even when they occur — sometimes because they don’t want to be the focus of the sort of “slut shaming” going on here^^ and also because it is an incredibly demeaning, horrible, awful invasive crime. And because rape is incredibly under-reported, it is HIGHLY unlikely that a woman would consider going through the humiliation of a rape kit and intrusive police interview because of “extreme embarrassment.” That makes no sense.

        Thirdly, I sincerely doubt that you or I or anyone else in the media has been privy to all of the evidence in this case.

        Fourthly, do not even get me started on the complete lack of care, extreme indifference, and absence of investigation shown by the Tallahassee police.

        Bottom line, she may have made some bad choices with regard to her alcohol consumption, but that should not in any way diminish what she experienced. And if he did what she alleges — which is highly likely — I’m not very concerned about the clearing of his good name. I’m very concerned that this young lady may have experienced a life-changing trauma, and here it is the subject of a casual, football related message board conversation. Please consider having more tact.

        Sorry for the rant, but I couldn’t in good faith read past this post without commenting. I now return you all to your regularly scheduled Heisman picks…

      • wde1988 wde1988 says:

        While i think every man, regardless if he is young or not, should always be on guard for such things – the question i can’t get around is putting himself in the situation to begin with. That is damning enough. And its hard to sidestep guilt regardless if it was rape or not.

        You actually made my point. That we are discussing is enough reason to eliminate him from the competition.


        • Todd92 Todd92 says:

          No I didn’t make your point for you… You can’t hold something against him that he is not charged with. You might as well say Cam should give his heisman back using your “logic”.

          • wde1988 wde1988 says:

            First of all, I am not holding anything against Winston. What I am saying is that whether he was convicted or not… he gets up on the stage he has the cloud of an insinuation surrounding him. It will always be there thanks to the Attorney General’s way of “clearing him for play” and NOT settling the controversy. He simply said there wasn’t enough to get a conviction. Your proof? You throw up info about the character of the woman. And you think because of these facts that makes him innocent? We will have to disagree.

            I’d say that the saying “innocent until proven guilty” counts in just about everything… except rape. Accordingly, I believe he got off on a technicality. And if there was more there to prove otherwise… shame on the State of Florida for doing the kid this way. I think they cost him the heisman.

            And who does Winston have to blame? Well, only himself. He is the one that put himself in that postion after all.

            You want to argue about Cam’s issue with the law and the stolen computer… and think he should have to return the trophy? Like it’s the same kind of “thing”? Really? Well, for starters it was a laptop computer. There is a big difference between the two cases. The problem was that Cam paid his due – regardless of the story you believed. And ultimately I think that was the very reason he got the Heisman. To hold him in contempt after he has faced his crime (or mistake) and paid his due… well, that’s hard to do. And the issues with the bagman and all the other nonsense… well, that was never proven by anyone. So I am not really sure what “logic” you are refering too.

            For the record I have no idea how the vote will go. I simply point out that I think this is a MAJOR detractor for Winston. Today on Sports illustrated they ran a mock vote: Is it possible the guys that actually vote will vote on simply his ability? Sure. But I would also say… that somewhere in the back of their mind…they are thinking about the truth in the matter dealing with Winston.

            Incidentally, want to guess who placed third in the ballot? Here is a hint… he is the guy I talked about above that is the current QB from FSU.


  8. War_Eagle_2010 War_Eagle_2010 says:

    Not sure why everyone is hating on Maziel. Sure he’s a brat, but it was HE who won their eight games (Evans wasn’t even a huge factor outside of the AU and UAT losses). The TAMU defense was nonexistent all year. I was very impressed by his perormance this year. Having said that I would vote:

    1. Mason (no baggage, GREAT against the best collection of run defenses in the country, on the #2 team, undisputed leader of the team IMO).

    2. Manziel (see above)

    3. Williams (carried Boston College on his back all year)

    4. Winston (good stats against vastly inferior schedule, and really doesn’t look that great on film IMO)

    99th. McCarron – seriously? Not even close to being the best player on his own team!

  9. MechTiger says:

    It looks like they agree with us…Trey is now officially a Heisman finalist! War Eagle!