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Define Irony

By on April 13th, 2013 in Member Post 9 Comments »

Go back a few months now, right around the time the fate of Chizik and Co. ( C & Co.) was being debated right here on TET, and in particular, the conversations concerning C & Co.’s buyout.  Do you remember those?  Do you remember how some concerns were raised with regards to the cost of the buyout versus the potential impact of that financial decision related to the cost of tuition?  I do, vividly. 

I also remember, in particular, how one student’s assertion that she didn’t think it was a good idea to fire C & Co., because it required a buyout of several millions of dollars and that she was afraid that the cost would be levied on the backs of the student body, was met with a large chorus of how athletic money comes from a different pot than the tuition money, yada yada yada..  Ringing any bells?

Funny thing happened.  The Board of Trustees got together the other day and decided it has become necessary to raise tuition by 4.5%.  Ironic right!?  

So, for clarification purposes, could somebody give me some clue as to why my tuition is being raised by $203 PER SEMESTER and out-of-state tuition is being raised by $587 PER SEMESTER?  I’m not a math major and I don’t have the exact enrollment numbers handy, but by my rough calculations, the increase comes in somewhere around $95,000.00 PER SEMESTER total.  One on hand, I guess I should be honored and happy that I get to look forward to the benefits of my increased educational value, and maybe some new desks and stuff.  On the other hand, they did raise football ticket prices…wait, what?  They did raise them right?  Wait, you don’t think that this new revenue, raised squarely on the backs of the student body, will be used to pay…….nah, it’s a different pot of money. 


  1. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    …..$95,000 wouldn’t even pay the interest on Chiz’s buyout. It’s over $5 million.

  2. AubTigerman AubTigerman says:

    Not sure about tying the two together but I like the way you express yourself. You need to post more often.

  3. auh20 auh20 says:

    In a statement from the athletic department, they said ticket prices and TUF contribution levels would not go up. I know faculty priorities did not. Did tickets ?

  4. Col.Angus Col.Angus says:

    Wel, since you asked.
    To quote the character Ineugo Montoya from the Princess Bride, when Vizzini says “INCONCEIVABLE!!!” for the umpteenth time when the hero, Wesley, defeats yet another of his challenges, “I do not think that word means what you think it means.”

    As an alum myself and hopefully a father to a future alum, this situation is not ironic in the slightest. It would be ironic for you to have argued that the tuition would somehow increase with a Chizik firing, and that it led to an actual DECREASE in the tuition. The word irony…ironically….is almost always used incorrectly. Irony is, as in this case, is often used to state that something has happened that you expected to happen. Irony, when used correctly posits that an event or action that will lead to the opposite of the planned result. Perhaps you meant conincedental in this case, A sequence of events that although accidental seems to have been planned or arranged. That was what you were arguing, that somehow the funds for Chiziks firing would find their way into the tuition cost. That indeed seems to be the case….it was coincedental that you were right…..not ironic. If Auburn is increasing tuition, they need to make sure that everyone that goes through freshman composition knows this.

    Now that we have that out of the way. As someone who worked their way through college, I really feel for todays student that is paying almost 10 times what I did, only 20 + years ago. Is it appropriate for tuition to go up? Absolutely not. If it can be proven with a degree of certainty that one led to the other….as seems to be the case, the cost should be incorporated into the cost of tickets. If the fans/season ticket holders wanted a change and a buyout of Chiziks contract, that cost should be born by them, not the students. A degree from Auburn is only worth so much….trust me, I know….and placing a premium on the education so that the football program can flourish is shortsighted. My opinion is that Dr. Gougue and Jay Jacobs are on the hook for Chiziks payout and that they should pay for his failure, not the students. The roughly $300,000/year they would have to pay out for his failure/tuition increase would serve as a very real reminder that entangling the university in very expensive contracts without proper oversight to make sure that investment is well founded and incorporates a sound return, is THEIR responsibility as administrators of the university. Jacobs and Gougue did neither, and all of the Auburn family is paying a very REAL price for their incompetence. I as an alum may not want to pay more for tickets to go to the football games, but that choice is up to me. If I have to go, I will pay the freight. If my son goes to Auburn and gets a tuition increase levied on him because the administration made a boneheaded decision that hurt the university, I would be PISSED…just as you rightly are. I think it is time for the students to demand the repeal of the tuition increase and for Dr. Gougue and Jay Jacobs to resign. Academia needs to learn that there are consequences to bad decisions and I can guarantee you that if my company’s CEO made a deal that cost our company $5 million dollars, he would be “future endeavored”.

    • Orange Talon Orange Talon says:

      Sorry about the delay in responding to your incredibly detailed response to my post, but I’ve been crappie fishing, playing some good golf, and just enjoying the great outdoors.

      I must say that I am not familiar with the Princess Bride Col. Angus. Is it a movie, a book? Guess I should check it out.

      Anyway, I’m really sorry about my colossal misuse of the word “ironic” in that instance, my mistake, or I guess I should say Mea culpa out of fear of infringing on ones intellect. I’ll be more astute with my use of words going forward.

      Coincidentally, ironically, strange, odd, interesting, q***r, quinky-dink, whatever the proper part of speech required, the simple observation was that there’s was a buyout, football ticket prices didn’t increase, and that tuition did.

  5. Tiger on the mountain Tiger on the mountain says:

    Um, the increases in tuition are being levied because state and federal funding have dwindled in combination with the rising rates of keeping the lights on and the University staffed (amongst a myriad of other things)…but, yeah, if we could blame Chizik for this–that works too.

    The fact is tuition rates are going up around the country–at many places that don’t have to levy a $5 mill buyout package.

    • Orange Talon Orange Talon says:

      Yep, that’s logical. It is, however, ironic…oops, there I go again.. COINCIDENTAL that the university has apparently decided not to draw from a very deep revenue stream to help pay the electric bill. At lest I think so anyway.