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Dbbhawkins is Embarrassed

By on October 28th, 2012 in Member Post 1 Comment »

I have been an Auburn fan for over 40 years- tried and true orange and blue!! I have been through many seasons of losses, wins, and ties but never have I been embarrassed by an Auburn team as I am this year!!  I can handle winning- I can handle losing- both graciously. What I can’t handle is seeing players who could care less and have no motivation to support their teammates. They have no leadership amongst themselves and no wish to improve and quit embarrassing the entire Auburn nation.  There is 1 bright spot and that is our little freshman Wallace. I am just afraid the rest of the team will influence him and he will become as passive as everyone else. The coaching is a disgrace- not in calling plays, etc. but in their obvious acceptance of this type of behavior from everyone concerned.

Auburn needs to clean house- start with the A.D. If you keep Jacobs then we will just continue to get more of the same. Get someone in there who cares enough to have the guts to make a stand; and get Auburn back on track with quality people who care enough to do what is needed to bring Auburn tradition back to the level we are used to having. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.  We need different results so some changes need to be made. I have never been one to want to fire anyone BUT this is beyond embarrassing. It is humiliating to see this type of thing going on at Auburn!!

War Eagle!!   

One Comment

  1. wde1988 wde1988 says:

    Chizik’s latest press conference:

    Aware of historical lows? “I haven’t studied the record books, but you have to know historically it has to be at the very bottom, or very close. That’s obvious to everyone who was at the game.”

    “I feel like there’s an urgency. I’ve been very proud of the players, this is very difficult. For our coaches as well. Day in and day out when we go to work and we put ourselves in the middle of it, there’s an urgency. There’s never a sense of ‘woe is me’.”

    Have you been through something like this season before? “Probably not like this, no. When you do this long enough, you have a chance to come to these valleys. We’re in it, and we’re going to work to get out of it.”

    Thoughts having No. 120 total offense, No. 119 scoring offense? “It’s very disappointing. You try to submerge yourself in work and improve and get better. You can pick out areas that are disappointing, but none more than the fact we’re 1-7.”

    On fans leaving early and keeping them engaged? “I feel a high responsibility to our fans. We have great fans and they want to see us win. When we looked at the film, you could see a lot of them left. Based on the production on what they saw, I understand. I want to encourage them there will be a better day and part of Auburn is coming to support their team. I want to encourage everyone to come out and support our guys, it’s all about the players. I want to reach out to them.”

    Aware of anger in fanbase? “I don’t have time for the outside, although I respect everyone’s opinion. I’m sure at 1-7, there’s a lot of upset fans. That comes with the territory.”

    Thoughts on President Jay Gogue’s statement? “I’ve got one focus, and that’s our young guys going out and getting a win. It’s the only option (now), and it’s the only option when you’re undefeated too. I’ve never been able to pay attention to outside distractions, good or bad. When you’re great, everybody loves you. I don’t change and listen when it’s good, and not when it’s bad. If you’re focused on your job, you do your job. That’s not part of your job, in my opinion.”

    If Gene Chizik’s response doesn’t make you angry… you are non-human.

    His BL: I don’t care.

    I am right there with you D. And I was there on Saturday evening… well, at least up until the point I couldn’t take it anymore (42-7).

    Chizik is a clown. And his don’t give a crap about what anyone else thinks attitude is exactly what’s wrong with these players. That is why there isn’t any improvement… in fact, that is why this team has regressed, if not completely collapsed.

    Get ready. Because that loss is only going to be repeated by folks that don’t care about being merciful. The UGA and bama games…. I am not watching. I’ll be in the woods. Doesn’t mean I don’t love AU. I simply can’t take the beating like this without being able to do something. I can control only what I have been given the authority to control. This one is on Jay Jacobs and Dr. Gouge. I only hope AU is able to pick up the peices.

    I said it before… I will say it again….YEARS. It will be 5 to 10 years before AU fully recovers from Gene Chizik. The current count is two years… and running. Starting in 2011 till now we are 8 W’s-12 L’s so far. Its only getting worse… by the day.