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Counting the Votes at Auburn

By on November 5th, 2012 in Football 45 Comments »

Saturday’s win over New Mexico St. was like leaving the bar at the end of the night with an ugly girl. It’s better than going home alone, but certainly not something you’d brag about to your friends.

As has been the case all season, the real action took place off the field. With the smallest crowd since stadium expansion in 1987 looking on, Tim Jackson, whose official title is executive associate athletic director, but who refers to himself as general manager of the football team, was not in his usual spot on the sidelines close to Gene Chizik.

On this day, he was up in the executive suites begging for his job along with those of his boss, athletic director Jay Jacobs and Chizik. While Election Day is tomorrow, they’ve already started counting votes at Auburn. For Jackson, those luxury boxes might as well have been Ohio.

With Jackson kissing every ass he could get his lips on, the football team was doing him few favors in the first half. While a win was good for the players, it did nothing for the three under the most fire.

Publicly, Jacobs and Jackson continue to talk about the future of the program under their leadership. On Friday, Jackson met with the Athletic Advisory Committee and pledged to do what’s right for the football program.

Speaking to a media member in Dothan over the weekend, Jacobs held to his timeline of evaluating the football program following the season. While on the surface laughable, privately, they clearly know the end is close at hand.

Phillip Marshall at Auburn Undercover reports that on Friday night at the team hotel, Jackson asked the players to pray for himself, Jacobs and Chizik.

Meanwhile, the first casualty of the year came yesterday with the firing of Joker Phillips at Kentucky, following its worst defeat to Vanderbilt in 96 years. Derek Dooley’s release at Tennessee could come as early as this week.

With calls growing louder by the minute for action, Auburn president Jay Gogue, who has famously said that he fires athletic directors, not coaches, is beginning to be questioned himself.

Fair or not, his foremost responsibility is keeping the $100 million football engine growing, something that clearly hasn’t happened this season. Those that know him best say he’s a top notch leader. How he handles the next three weeks will be his legacy at Auburn. That’s life in the Deep South.

In the end, what’s likely to sink Jacobs and all those closely associated with him is the buyout clause in Chizik’s contract. Over the objections of some on the board of trustees, including former member Bobby Lowder, Jacobs convinced the group that a substantial buyout was warranted to keep Chizik from going to Texas, a claim that has shown to have little merit.

Jacobs got his way following the 2010 title run and now Auburn sits on the hook for $7.5 million should Chizik be fired. The ill-advised move essentially tied Chizik and Jacobs’s fate together.

Against this backdrop, Auburn now turns its attention to Georgia. A win over Auburn secures the SEC East title and a spot in Atlanta on December 1. Sitting at number five in the BCS, they clearly have a shot at a championship. Needless to say, they’ll have plenty to play for Saturday night.

While hardly road warriors this season, it’s hard to imagine Georgia having a letdown. The Dawgs open as 16 point favorites. Another win would mark six of the last seven in the series – another reason change is on the horizon. It will take Chizik’s best shot to have any chance.

With the temperature still hot and the play cold, it just doesn’t feel like the first stop on Amen Corner.

When will the agony end?


  1. KoolBell KoolBell says:

    UGA looks to return the favor. In 2010 we clinched the West by defeating the Dawgs, and now the tables have turned.

    I have a serious question for all of you.

    Let me preface the question with this: Jonathan being named the starter at Auburn has give a beleaguered offense a shot in the arm.
    If Auburn truly starts playing up to potential, and sweeps the next three games, making 4 straight wins to end the season, are Jacobs, Jackson, and Chizik off the hook? I

    • KoolBell KoolBell says:

      Here is another in the long list of deaths surrounding this Auburn team this season. I did not know about this one until today.

      “Robinson’s father, Greg Blackledge, died at the age of 54 in April, four days after A-Day, and dealing with that loss has been the toughest part of the redshirt freshman’s first season”.

      • mikeautiger says:

        Yes Koolbell, I was shocked to see that too. This aspect has been so under estimated. We have Reed wearing Phillips jersey Saturday because it is still with him and the rest of the team! It was a great way to help him and the team take one step in working through this compounded grief. Robinson is still dealing with the death of his father’s death, doing it in a healthy way, but if he is thinking about playing for his dad, then he is distracted from the task at hand. It is also helping him play hard but distracted. Multiply this by most of the players that knew the 2 killed this Summer with the other deaths just a few months and days ago you see the affect on the team and coaches with false starts, mental errors etc.

        Who ever the coach is we will have a good year next year. Lets give them all time to heal in the off season, keep Chizik instead of starting from scratch again and let’s win championships next year. It will bare fruit!

        War Eagle
        Chaplain Mike

    • freddy007 freddy007 says:

      “If Auburn truly starts playing up to potential, and sweeps the next three games, making 4 straight wins to end the season, are Jacobs, Jackson, and Chizik off the hook?”

      Koolbell, it’s not going to happen but, I would say JJ, Jackson, and Chizik would receive another mulligan. Truthfully, the average Auburn fan uses the LSU, Arkansas, Georgia, and Bama metrics to measure a successful season. Under Chizik, we are 4-14 currently.

    • rn4au rn4au says:

      My meager opinion is no… I have been a Chiz supporter until this year… however, having had this much talent recruited in the past few years we should not be sitting in this spot and I can only credit coaching with the horrendous performance. If it were a trend upward I would feel differently. Having said that I do as a nurse give some credence to the article written a few weeks ago about compound grief and its affect on teams…there was a lot of good information in that article. However, if that is the case here, it is still a mismanagement of the circumstances by the coaching staff to not recognize this and get counseling help to the players as well as keep the fans abreast of what is affecting player performance. Chiz has a close to the vest mentality, but in this case it is making him appear checked out… not what you want to be seen as at this point. Regardless, we are going in the wrong direction and it isn’t lack of talant… I say Chiz goes but more importantly than that, Jacobs needs to be going out the door first! Look at where we are in athletics in general? Basketball? Baseball? etc.. Do you see massive improvements in performance on any front here? I don’t and who is responsible for all of these hirings? Anyway… this is just my opinion.

      • Tiger on the mountain Tiger on the mountain says:

        Glad to see you back and chatting! 🙂

      • AubTigerman AubTigerman says:

        Agree. You’ve been missed around here Rn.

      • ATL_AU_FAN ATL_AU_FAN says:


        • rn4au rn4au says:

          Hey! Missed you guys! Been in the land of competitive swimming on weekends and management/oncology nursing during the week with my MSN thrown in there to make it run right over the plate… I have recently decided that I need some personal recreation added to my life (insert said TET blog here 🙂 so that I am not a complete and total workaholic…Got out of management to finish up my MSN and finally have some time to have a little bit of a life anyways! Missed all ya’ll too!!

    • Tiger on the mountain Tiger on the mountain says:

      Simply, No. They are done. Whether Gogue pulls the plug now or later, I think that they are gone. Chizik might be the only one safe if we beat Bama…but I think that you and I both believe, it will take some pretty strong Kool-Aid for that to happen….

    • Randyc37 Randyc37 says:

      Perhaps Chizik will stay, but Jacobs and Jackson need to go. A win against UGA and Bama will be big this year.

      In 1978, UGA came into Auburn heavily favored and Auburn held them to a 22-22 tie. It was one of the best football games that I have seen on the Auburn field. Ironically, Barfield was the coach at the time.

      I will be watching this one from Home for luck this time.


    • CapnVegetto says:

      Hell no. As I’ve said many times, it’s not about 1 season. it’s about the entire body of work. The lack of improvement, and the complete mediocrity and terrible play of any team that doesn’t have Cam Newton on it warrents his firing.

      I can’t for the life of me understand why ANYBODY would want to keep him. I just can’t.

  2. mav34 mav34 says:

    I think there are a lot of Auburn fans , who like me , believe that Gene Chizick is a good person and wanted to see him be successful. I think he has done a great job recruiting . The thing I like the most about him is the the way he has sold Auburn as a community and family. No matter what happens, in the end I will always be grateful for the atmosphere he has generated around Auburn.
    I think the ultimate undoing of Gene Chizick will be his decision making process on the offensive side of the ball.

    • mav34 mav34 says:

      The disconnect with the fans is going to be making a drastic change from the spread to pro style and then hiring a young unproven coordinator to install it. All this while making him work with a staff already in place who are more known for recruiting than being positional coaches. There is no doubt in my mind that GC is a good defensive coordinator, but I think a lot of people are really beginning to question his ability to judge offensive coaches and talent and put them in a position to have success. Glaring example this year is Jonathan Wallace and his comments about freshmen quarterbacks after the A&M game. I am starting to look at the one year everything went right and realize that we had smart offensive mind calling the plays, a once in a lifetime quarterback who the team believed in, and a controversy that gelled that team with an us against the world attitude.

      • Third Generation Tiger Third Generation Tiger says:

        The only reasons Chizik and staff had ANY success at Auburn were:

        1. Cam Newton
        2. Tracy Rocker
        3. Gus Malzahn

        End of discussion. It’s time to hire a real coach.

      • Hobbes says:

        Chizik’s defenses as HC, both at Auburn and at Iowa State, have ranked nn the bottom half of NCAA Division 1-A in every major category. Roof goes to Penn State this year and U’s defense improves marginally and PSU’s looks good. Chizik was a good DC at Auburn and at texas but he has been unable to transmit that as HC.

  3. Todd92 Todd92 says:

    Kool I don’t know what will happen under any scenario….. But I think that Jacobs is toast under any scenario and therefore so is Jackson. I still think that the new AD will be the one to make the decision on Chizik and his buyout along with the NC may buy him one more year. And while I have my doubts that Chizik can right the ship at this point at the very least our recruiting class should remain largely intact. Whomever inherits Chizik’s talent pool will have plenty of weapons if he can get them to put forth the effort.

    • Mike jimithing78 says:

      After President Gouge’s email two weeks ago, I agree this is the course of action that will take place.

      People keep bringing up the buyout. It’s not that bad and it’s not one sided. Gene’s going to get a job somewhere else and that salary is deducted from the buyout total. How many other buyouts have you heard of like this?

  4. Todd92 Todd92 says:

    Jay, good up. I too am expecting Gogue to fire Jacobs and hire an AD quickly.

  5. Col.Angus Col.Angus says:

    Whatever they do, they need to get started quickly and do a THOROUGH vetting of the candidates. One of the biggest mistakes in hiring Chizik was that his defensive philosophy….like Van Gorders…is no longer in pace with the times. Most teams run some variation of the spread and Chizik and Van Gorder both run a base 4-3 that is more geared towards stopping a traditional offensive attack heavy on between the tackles power runs. Chizik, Roof and Van Gorder have done little to adapt to the times. Whoever we go with in the next hire needs to be able to adapt to stop the spread AND a power run attack. There isn’t a need to scrap the 4-3, but we do need to scrap the philosophy on how to attack out of it.

  6. Tiger on the mountain Tiger on the mountain says:

    Excellent article. While the win against NM State felt good–there’s no way in hell that we beat Georgia AND Bama. I think that we are lucky if we beat Alabama A&M. I love this team and the players, but not only are they dealing with issues of mortality, but suddenly, they have their coaches jobs on their shoulders as well. It’s unfair for any of the coaches, especially an Admin like Tim Jackson, to dump that big stinking pile of guilt in the students, I mean athletes, laps. Who are the adults here anyway???

    AND we still have the same yahoo(s) calling the same ridiculous plays that lead us to being 7-0 at the half against NMST. Come on. We were only 21-0 because Bates finally had enough and unleashed his inner-Fairley (we always knew that you could, Baby. War Eagle).

    Hopefully, Wallace has some teachable moments in the upcoming games that don’t crush his spirit (like they have Moseley and Frazier). I looking forward to a future with less strife and I believe for that to happen, Jacobs and Jackson have to go….If we could somehow keep Chizik in a recruiting capacity, that might be a way to lessen the blow of ill advised 7.5 mill buyout…

    Also, I said it on Saturday in the open thread, I believe that KY will pick up Petrino…’s just a gut feeling….The upside will be that at least it won’t be us trying to cage that snake…

  7. BigDaddyAU says:

    Did anyone watch the game Saturday and see the stat about how close this team has actually been going into the 4th quarter in games this year. I would not have believed it but we were realistically “in” 5 games this year going into the 4th quarter. Looking at the inexperience we have (I choose not to use youth here tho you could substitute) I would say that we are much closer to being an average team rather than a poor team based on our record. Average is not acceptable but it does look a bit different when looking at the team objectively. Auburn and New Mexico State were both 1-7 going into Saturday. What we saw was a vastly more talented and “deep” team wear the other one down. We have the talent, we need experience in big games. Does this excuse poor play it excuse other glaring but it does show that we are perhaps a bit closer than we might believe. Winning in the 4th quarter are what experienced teams do..we don’t have that experience on the field, however, we are gaining it now.

  8. Jonathon Jonathon says:

    It seems clear to me that Jacobs and Loeffler are the first two on the chopping block. Jacobs going is an easy call but letting Loeffler go is tough in that we then have yet ANOTHER OC coming in to switch things up. We’re already shoehorning in the players we have with new schemes.

    This also leads me to the thought of Chizik staying on. Wouldn’t it be hard to ask a new AD to come in and make a quick hire not really knowing all the inner workings of the program? Surely the new AD would need at least a year to sort things out and see where we stand.
    That would also give Chizik a year to right the ship without Jacobs and Loeffler around. This would allow Chizik to prove his worth outside of 2010. I think you have to make a case for Chizik staying because of his hefty buy-out and the possibility of a new AD coming in.

    Chizik sticking around would keep some sort of a continuity within the program. Cleaning house all at once is a tall order for anyone to expect immediate success. No coach has ever been perfect and only a handful have a resume that includes a National Championship.

    I’ll admit to calling for Chizik’s head this season. Now that we are coming down to the wire, the season has played out and firing Chizik won’t bring us any more wins or success this year. We have to move forward and I’m starting to view as many sides of this situation as I can. I’m also not saying Chizik deserves another 5 years here either. But maybe, just maybe we stick it out one more year with some other changes in place. If Chizik can’t capitalize this next year then we might be in a better position for the new AD to make the best call for the program on a ‘splash’ hire that is the best fit.

    • BigDaddyAU says:

      I woke up Sunday with a different attitude on my Tigers. Referenced in my above post I think we are close and need experience and some tweaking in certain areas. Play calling, fix it! I almost think bringing in yet another new OC would hurt. You now have a true Freshman starting..they have simplified the offense and regardless who it was against on Saturday it pretty much worked. They executed for the most part. I saw some mistakes made in the passing game due to youth which can be corrected in the film room. OL blocked well for the most part, evidence no sacks, and the running game that worked between the tackles. Defensively we were still weak in the short hitch and curl patterns but that is scheme so they didn’t get beat deep.

      Again I saw some things to be encouraged about regardless of who we played. Guys the talent is there…we’ve been close as I mentioned and as the stats bear out….maybe this really is inexperience/youth. Maybe it’s scheme. Maybe, just maybe, we’ve had rotten luck, bad bounces. Think about how “bad” it’s been then look at the games as a whole…close into the 4th quarter with almost everyone (A&M and MS ST excluded) and the more experienced teams have won.

      Makes ya wonder!

      • Third Generation Tiger Third Generation Tiger says:

        I also wanted to be optimistic after the game but the fact of the matter is there are some high school teams that could beat New Mexico St. We struggled in the first half with one of the worst college football teams to ever put on pads and helmets.

      • autgr4life says:

        I have to agree with the Big Daddy on this one. I also woke up with a little different feeling this morning. With all of the inexperience we have on this team and the schedule we have played and as daddy said we were in most of the games going into the 4th it is not all bad when you take a step back and look at the big picture objectively. When you consider that in football terms we have a second year starter at OC in Loeffler who is still learning how to game plan, call plays and make in game adjustments against the best defenses in country and he is doing that with a very inexperienced offensive line, QB, primary RB, second option receivers, and now down to backup TE’s is it any wonder our offense has struggled mightily. It was a recipe for disaster this year however it could be a recipe for excellence next year. We will return four of five offensive lineman who will have another offseason to get bigger and stronger, we will return three QB’s with significant game experience (this year we only returned one and he was hurt to start the year), we will return our primary RB with significant game experience, we are losing our change up at RB and return man, most of our WR’s will be back although we lose one of the best to ever strap a helmet on at AU, and our TE’s are showing promise even though we will be losing in my opinion THE best TE to ever strap on a helmet at AU. In short we are only losing four guys off of our offense even though those guys are some of the better if not the best guys to ever play the position at auburn only losing four is positive.

        I also look at the biggest problem for our defense in my opinion has been the lack of production on offense. Just take the TA&M game and if we could have mustered some 5,6, or 7 minute drives during the first half and capped those off with some scores then that game would not have been nearly the blowout loss it was. With that being said we do need to take a look at what is going on with our defensive line. I think everyone can agree that what is going on up front on defense is unacceptable. This was suppose to be our best unit on the team more talented and deeper that any other position on the field and they have not lived up to that billing and that is mainly due to the lack of interior line play.

        As of today I would be happy with no major changes with our coaching staff maybe some little tweaks here and there but I would like to see what Chizik, Loeffler and VanGorder can do with these kids next year. These guys have taken the punishment for the season they should get a shot at seeing what all of that pain can yield. While this might be wildly unpopular I would like to leave everyone with a little snapshot of our opponents so far, and when you add in what Big Daddy pointed our earlier about us being in almost every game going into the 4th quarter this team might not be as bad as we are thinking.

        Team Overall Record as of today
        Clemson 8-1
        Miss St 7-2
        LA Monroe 6-3
        LSU 7-2
        Arkansas 4-5
        Ole Miss 5-4
        Vandy 5-4
        TA&M 7-2
        New MS 1-8

        Think about that we only have two opponents that will not be bowl eligible by the end of the year. With two more that might not make it but have the possibility of being bowl eligible based on their schedule.

        Arkansas still has South Carolina, Miss ST, and LSU.
        Vandy still has Ole Miss, Tennessee and Wake Forest.
        Ole Miss still has Vandy, LSU and Miss ST.

  9. holdattiger holdattiger says:

    “Jackson asked the players to pray for himself, Jacobs and Chizik.” Maybe some of us with our, what sounds like Georgia Bulldog comments, should do for the coaches and team.

  10. DBAU81 says:

    I would be somewhat more inclined to give Chizik another year if this team had shown any semblance of improvement as the year went on. Against quality opponents, they simply haven’t. While I certainly felt better after a decisive win against an overmatched WAC team on Saturday, now is the time to stay focused on the big picture. The central question is: in four years, has Chizik truly shown that he is capable of developing and sustaining a winning program in the toughest conference in college football? The clear answer, at least in my opinion, is no. We are a far weaker program today than we were four years ago, even with (if the recruiting rankings mean anything) more talent than Tuberville had at his disposal. Gene Chizik is a fine person who truly cares about his players, but so was Doug Barfield. He’s had a fair opportunity to prove himself as an SEC head coach, and notwithstanding the meteor ride in 2010, he hasn’t done it. It is time for a change.

  11. pushinwithrope says:

    being reminded today that i have to go vote tomorrow made me thankful that the auburn athletic program is not a democracy. Passion is always to be appreciated, respected, listened too when reasonable, but theres not a successful company on the planet that appoints their most passionate employee as their chairman, c.e.o. , etc. Im glad a guy like gogue is in control, and i hope he doesn’t listen to the masses, but rather makes an informed decision (every decisions a gamble to some degree) , points the compass accordingly, and let the chips fall where they may in regards to “fans” feelings. Id bet everything ive got that the more irrational the statement by any given person, the less and less likley it is that the person has ever had any type of leadership, influential,director level job of any sort, ever. The one question i hope gogue is stuck on in the season ending evaluation process (that begun weeks ago), and to date ive asked going on a hundred people and cant get a reasonable answer is, WHO is going to sign up for career suicide and take our “coveted” job? Insert your answer and then decide if its an upgrade. Feelings aside, after you pour enough firefly in your lemonade, If you’ve had any expericence making executive level decisions, you’ll arrive at the same place gogue is living in currently, Highly unlikely that anyone that would be deemed an”upgrade” is going to come to auburn in its present state.CHiz and co. can get it done. Hiring a new coach cast a “three year grace period” over our program. if we are going to give anybody “time”, why not give the “time” to see if chiz and co can do it?

  12. wde1988 wde1988 says:

    Holy Cow! You know its bad when “NEVER TO YIELD” weighs in the fray. Check this out:

    Auburn is in a pickle…. we are about to engage two of the top contenders in the conference and I have a bad feeling that these two games may make the Texas A&M game seem like childs play. We could see our worse losses in Auburn football history.

    This isn’t about “liking” or “disliking” anyone anymore. In my opinion, this dynamic changed when AU loss the way it did to a happless Ole Miss team. The frustration I believe is focused on our university living up to its full potential. It’s obvious that under the leadership of Gene Chizik as coach… and Jay Jacobs as AD this isn’t getting done. And I have news for Dr. Gouge…. you’d better be making some decisions and moving some levers soon… because the spot light will soon be focused on you.

    What is happening at Auburn defies any logic that I have heard used to explain what’s happened to date. This isn’t about redshirting. This isn’t about injuries. This isn’t just about recruiting. And it’s also not just about records. It’s about getting a good coach. It’s about allowing that coach to control the destiny of the team without involvement of the University. Considering what happened with Pat Dye… I completely understand why the dynamic changed. But if we get the “RIGHT” man… we can once again learn to trust.

    BL: Auburn can NO LONGER AFFORD TO GET a penny coach. We need to get a tried and true, battle tested, ready to go leader who can build a championship program and then get the hell out of his way.


    • Third Generation Tiger Third Generation Tiger says:

      Auburn can’t afford a penny athletic department, which at present is precisely what we have. I sincerely hope Dr. Gouge is thinking major league and not minor league.

      • wde1988 wde1988 says:

        That is interesting. I don’t necessarily disagree with you… but if AU continues its current practice, it won’t matter if you have a dead ringer as the AD. AU’s net gain will be zero.

        We know what happens when we go cheap. Let’s recap: Doug Barefield, Terry Bowden, and Gene Chizik. The programs don’t get better… in fact they get worse and further damage is done to the program.

        So folks need to quit settling for the Turner Gill’s of College football. AU deserves much, much better. We don’t need to bet the farm on finding the diamond in the ruff. The guy doesn’t exist… and no matter how much pressure is exerted here… you still will have a piece of cheap coal when the dust clears.

        AU needs a hero. A tried and proven coach.

        Still, I don’t disagree with you that we need a AD that has vision, business savy, and enough common sense to get the hell out of the way and allow the coach’s to run their programs. Keep the program in the black!

        Anything less… and AU will simply spin its wheels. Get out your checkbook Dr. Gouge. And do it quickly.


        • Third Generation Tiger Third Generation Tiger says:

          I don’t think top knotch coaches want to work for weak ADs. Would a Nick Saban, a Pete Carroll, a Chip Kelly, or a Chris Peterson even consider working for JJ? (No, I don’t consider any of these guys potential candidates) Not bloody likely.

          • wde1988 wde1988 says:

            Wait a sec, some here have said Mal Moore is weak.

            I am not sure I understand what you mean TGT. Because when an AD starts weighing in on team decisions… hell, to me, that is when you run of your talented coaches.

            Regardless of that debate… an AD doesn’t have to be John Wayne or Donald Trump for that matter…. he just has to meet the parameters of what is described above.

            = Have vision

            = Business savy

            = Keeps the program in the black

            = holds coach’s accountable

            What else is there?

          • Third Generation Tiger Third Generation Tiger says:


            Alabama has excellent all-around athletic programs (football,softball, baseball, gymnastics, basketball, track and field, etg.) I din’t think a weak AD can maintain that type of success. Auburn is curently competitive is swimming and diving and that’s about it.

            No I don’t think an AD should weigh in on team decisions. They hire good coasches and let them coach. I’m not sure that Auburn has a single good coach in any sport on campus, save swimming and diving.

  13. wde1988 wde1988 says:

    My last comment:

    For those that like interesting comparisons:

    Doug Barefield: 27-27-1

    Auburn finished in the SEC: 6th, 3d, 3d, 3d, 9th

    Gene Chizik 37-36 (5-19 record at Iowa)(8-5 2009)(14-0 2010)(8-5 2011)(2-7 2012)

    Auburn finished in the SEC: 2009 tied for 4th in the West, 2010 1st in the SEC, 2011 tied for 4th in the West, 2012 tied for dead last in conference.

    bama National Championships during each respective era:

    Barefield: 2
    Chizik: 3

    The prosecution rests. It’s time for action.


    • wde1988 wde1988 says:


      National Championships for Chizik should be: 2*

      Bama is making a strong case for #3 currently – we will know the out come of that right before thanksgiving.


      • Todd92 Todd92 says:

        Just out of curiosity how will we know of the outcome of Bama’s NC quest shortly before Thanksgiving?

        • wde1988 wde1988 says:

          Todd, I believe if I recall correctly that is when their regular season is over. I have watched a lot of football this season (unfortunately not a lot of AU because how this season has gone). Regardless, bama is the BEST team in the Nation today. Hands down. I don’t believe anyone outside the SEC will touch them.

          I know we see different Auburn’s but I can’t get around the fact that bama has established itself as a true dynasty. Something USC couldn’t do. Call it what every you like… I call it pretty impressive.

          And if they somehow screw this up – bama fans should wear black for a year… run Saban out of town…. and think about this moment in history for a life time. They have been at the pinnacle… and stood where not many have.

          Speaking for myself… I am not ashamed to say I am abit envious.


          • Todd92 Todd92 says:

            I have no doubt that Bama should be number 1 in the polls right now and in my mind they are the odds on favorite to win the NC but there is a reason the games are played. I won’t anoint anyone NC til the las second ticks of the. Lock of the NC game. If Bama stumbles, which almost happened in Baton Rouge, what happens then? Or do you think that can’t happen? Stranger things have happened. And they had better not look past a&m.

          • wde1988 wde1988 says:

            “They” would be accurate. Because it certainly hasn’t been “we” this year.

            Personally, I give a tinkers damn about bama. I am just saying from what I have seen – bama has the guns to do just about whatever it wants. The NC is theirs to lose.


  14. sparkey sparkey says:

    I doubt anybody will read this, but absolutely not. We cannot bring Chizik or the three stooges back. I don’t care if we win the next three games. It just can’t happen. We have no fundamentals all over the field. We can’t tackle. Both lines are getting blown off the ball on a consistent basis. The problems at Auburn are much deeper than play calling. Chizik meddles too much and won’t allow his assistants to coach on their own. Yet again, you have another reason not to keep him. I’ve tried to open myself up to Chizik, especially after 2010, but now I realize I was right all along on him.

    Jacobs has witnessed nearly ever program in the athletic department take a nose dive due to his leadership. Now, he is responsible for ridiculous buyouts and what if Barbee ends up not being a great coach? Has anybody looked at his contract lately? That’s not a contract you want to give somebody with the two seasons Barbee has had either. Furthermore, you can’t tell me Jacobs isn’t a Dye boy and that’s the ultimate reason why he’s here.

    The house needs cleaning, and it needs cleaning now. There is no reason to keep Jacobs his two dumb and dumber assistants and Chizik. The need for change is clear and obvious. Let’s hope it comes quickly.