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Conflicted Feelings Over the BCS Loss

By on January 9th, 2014 in Member Post 14 Comments »

                                                                                                             (photo:Vasha Hunt,
After having a few days to digest all of the great accomplishments and the one bitter disappointment of this past season, I think I’m finally coming to grips with one thing: I was completely full of crap. I told everyone that would listen that I would be happy no matter what happened Monday. I was so surprised with this season that nothing could bring me down from the high that was induced by the 2013 Auburn Tigers’ football season.

Well, I was wrong. As the final seconds ticked off the game, I just turned off my TV. I didn’t want to watch Jameis Winston smile and hoist his trophy. I didn’t want to hear Jimbo Fisher explain how they won it, or what the keys to the game were. This loss HURT!

I was mad at myself for letting it hurt. Didn’t we just have one of the most amazing seasons ever? Didn’t we exceed the expectations of everyone in the college football universe? Why am I so damned pissed? I went to bed right after the game, but I couldn’t sleep. I obsessed over the 13 seconds left in the game when FSU scored.

My mind was filled with “what ifs:” -What if Tre had not scored so fast? -What if Cody had made that damn field goal? -What if the only holding call in the game hadn’t come just after we had converted a third down? -What if they hadn’t called pass interference? -What if that kid hadn’t come up lame during the kick return? -What if someone had stayed home during the fake punt? -What if the refs had decided to call one of the umpteen holding calls I saw on FSU’s O Line? (Come on, Dee Ford spent half the game pulling his jersey back down over his shoulder-pads).

I’m sure there were more, but you get the point. UGH! 13 seconds! I think the most painful thing is that we had them right where we wanted them: a close game deep in the 4th quarter. As the Tigers were driving for the go-ahead touchdown, I kept saying “That’s right, Gus! Run it down their throats! They can’t stop it! Run it down next to nothing and put it in!” Then Tre Broke free. I shouted “YES,” then whispered “Oh God… too much time…” I hate being right sometimes.

Don’t get me wrong. I love this amazing team. I love what they accomplished. I’m not some bammer that expects my team to win the NC every year, nor is my entire world destroyed when my team loses. But this one hurt, and it hurt deeply … I’m not going to pretend it didn’t. WDE!


  1. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    …..I’ve been following the minutinae of Auburn football every game since 1974. This was my 40th season of that. We’ve got exactly three unbeaten seasons during that time, and 7 SEC titles. Thirty seven of those years, we had at least one loss. This was a great year. I refuse to yield to negativity. How one handles failure is at least as important as how one handles success.

    …..Looking back at some of the beloved Auburn teams I’ve experienced… The Amazins’ of 1972 took a 35-7 blowout loss in Baton Rouge. The 1983 robbed of a national championship team lost to Texas in Jordan Hare 20-7. The best Auburn defense of my lifetime lost the Earthquake Game in Baton Rouge, and were denied in the Sugar Bowl by Deion Sanders and Florida State. The 1989 “First Time Ever” team got run over in Knoxville, and in Tallahassee. Auburn went undefeated in 1993 and 2004, and didn’t even get to play for the title. Were these things disappointing? Absolutely. But we moved on from them.

    …..The point is that losses happen. We celebrate the years when we have just a few, and we are ecstatic when we go undefeated. Any reasonable fan knows that it takes luck to go undefeated. The dice almost fell right for Auburn this year, but we came up a field goal short. In my opinion, you absorb the disappointment, keep your head up, and shake Seminole hands. And now, it’s time to go back to work for next year.

    • Third Generation Tiger Third Generation Tiger says:

      Deion Sanders flat out mugged Freddie Weygand on the goal line in that Sugar Bowl. To this day, that remains the worst blown call against us that I have ever witnessed, at least in my opinion. If Freddie catches that ball, or if the penalty is called, there is no way we wouldn’t score for the win.

      • AubTigerman AubTigerman says:

        I’m with you on that.

      • NoVaFan34 says:

        Actually, it wasn’t Deion that mugged Weygand. The guy’s name was Hodge or something like that. You can pull up the full game on YouTube. It was flagrant….basically nailed him in the back of the head right before the ball got there.

  2. AubTigerman AubTigerman says:

    I know how you feel SMT but I console myself with the knowledge that no one hurts after a game like this one, more than the players and coaches. Consequently as Acid mentioned, we have to celebrate what was good about the season: All-SEC players as well as All-Americans on this team, an SEC Player of the year, a Heisman finalist, a 3-9 season to 12-2 season, not being ranked in 2012 to No. 2 in 2013, from no bowl to national championship game, from last place in the league to Champions of the toughest conference in the nation, and finally a National Coach of the year who I believe will get the Tigers into the new playoff which means … we’ll be back!

  3. Tiger on the mountain Tiger on the mountain says:

    Honestly, I think it’s cool that you’re being honest about your football feelings. The loss sucked. There’s no getting around that. And I think the best way to start appreciating this season is by staring the big ugly feelings straight away and just deal with them.

    I’m irrationally sad that Tre Mason is gone. There you go. I said it. Do I think it was a great decision on his part? Absolutely. But, he’s awesome. And his leaving, just accentuates the finality of the season as a whole. Stupid football feelings. Damn them.

    But maybe that’s the lesson. Because of the awesomeness of this season-we give a crap again. Auburn football is fun again. Worth jumping up and down and screaming at the tv again! Worth getting so invested that turning off the tv at the end was the only possible action. I say embrace it. Embrace all of it. And then buckle up for next season. It will be an amazing ride.

    War Eagle, SMT!!!

  4. domaucan1 domaucan1 says:

    These wonderful Auburn Tigers of 2013 proved that Auburn football is back and that the Auburn Creed is alive and well.

    As David Housel said in his “What Is Auburn,” “…Auburn is more than a football game.It is more than winning and losing. It is a spirit. It is an attitude. It is a way of looking at life and at one another. It is almost a way of living….Once you have experienced it, you will never be the same. A part of you will, forevermore, be an Auburn man or an Auburn woman.”


    WAR EAGLE !!!

    GO BIG BLUE !!!

  5. gonecoastal says:

    As soon as the game was over, I too, turned off the TV because I didn’t want to watch the FSU celebrations. Yes, I was hurt, and I think that any true fan will have to admit to that. Maybe I’m too simplistic, but by definition, you have to hurt some after a loss. If not, then are you really a fan?

    Judging by the hurt, I’m a huge fan, and it sounds like you are, too.

    But… the glass half full, half empty, or twice as big as it needs to be? I could make the argument that how this game affects you depends on how you look at it.

    After the 3-9 debacle that was last year, this Auburn team was playing for all the marbles in the BCS national championship game? Really? And Auburn came within a few seconds of pulling off a real-life Cinderella story? Get out.

    I look at what this team has accomplished, I see the emotions from the players, coaches and fans, and the hurt from the loss starts receding. I read Nosa Eguea’s letter, and get a glimpse into that young man’s character, and feel good about the future. The hurt diminishes.

    Tre Mason was hurting after the game, so badly that he apologized because he felt like he let the Auburn family down. He had 195 yards and two TDs (one rushing, one receiving)…He has absolutely NOTHING to apologize for!

    The hurt stops a little bit more with each anecdote that I see, or when I watch the video of the team getting home at the practice facility and being cheered and embraced by the fans.

    We are Auburn Tigers, we are proud, we step aside for no one, and we have no reason to hang our heads. Yes, we hurt some, because we care, but we take that and use it as a basis to come back stronger.

    Wow – I think I just channelled “Rudy,” or something.

    War Damn Eagle!!!!

  6. BeachTiger BeachTiger says:

    Personally for me, my year was complete when Gus Malzahn was chosen to be the Head Football Coach at Auburn University at the end of last season… what ran through my head was, “Damn, I thought we had lost him for good, and here he is back at Auburn”.

    At the beginning of this year, all I wanted was a winning season and an invite to the Poinsettia Bowl. Little did I know, huh? We beat Bama to end the season at 11-1, went on to win the SEC Championship, and on to play for the National Championship… WHAT A YEAR! WHAT A YEAR! Since my graduation in 1976, I can’t recall a more incredible year! WHAT A TEAM! WHAT A COACH! WHAT A COACHING STAFF! WHAT A COLLEGE! WHAT A FAMILY!

    Disappointed? NEVER!

    I’m proud to be an Auburn Tiger!

  7. Tigerstripe Tigerstripe says:

    Thanks SMT for communicating exactly what I’m feeling as well. I’m sitting at the same table staring at my coffee like you… Others, please don’t misunderstand the feeling but hell yes, I’m disappointed because of the time and energy the staff and players have put in. I’m not disappointed for myself…I didn’t run any bleachers…I wasn’t throwing up in trashcans back in the August heat… I just hate it for the seniors.

    It’s so extremely rare to even get to this level with 120 teams with the same goal and we’ve had the fortune of doing it twice in the same recruiting class. Yes, FSU is a good team and yes, Winston is a stud and yes, the officials were letting them play but I will always be disappointed when we lose games that we should have/could have won. Period.

    I hated that we weren’t considering a fake punt which if we would have been prepared for, we had the momentum and would have scored and it would have been a 14 point swing and we would have been up 28-3 at halftime… Do I blame anyone? No because I know when you win it doesn’t mean you did everything right and when you lose doesn’t mean you did everything wrong. I know, I know. I’m living in the ‘what if’ but I was living that way the whole year… ‘What if we beat TAM?’…’What if we beat UGA?’… ‘What if we beat bama?’…’What if we beat Mizzou?’…Well, we did; all of them.

    Let’s face it, one of the benefits of fanhood is getting to brag when you win it all. I don’t brag on myself because I chose a good team to follow (again, trashcan, vomit, August). I brag on the players, the program, the coaches; they are the ones with skin in the game; not me. And I still do brag on those things but it makes it a whole lot sweeter when you’ve won it all and you are undisputed at the highest level. FSU would have felt the same way if the free shoe was on the other foot…

    This team and staff will always be the team of overachievers and I will love and respect them as such but it will also be the season for the worst gut punch for not being able to finish. I’m just not ready to move on yet from my disdain… Thanks again SMT. No need for anyone to comment on my rant. It was therapeutic enough just to type it out. I’m feeling better already.

    War Damn Eagle!

    • win4au says:

      “I will always be disappointed when we lose games that we should have/could have won. Period.”
      Tigerstripe, This is exactly how I feel. If this game was a blow out, I would be fine with a loss. But we were winning this game…by a fairly large margin at one point. I guess that is the frustrating part for me. I get so emotionally involved in every Auburn football game. We had this game in the bag. Everything I thought or read on this site was happening right in front of our eyes. Our D was pressuring JW, our O was finding a groove, it seemed like we were doing everything right to win, but it got away from us and that was tough to watch.

      Please don’t misunderstand, I LOVE everything this team accomplished coming from a dismal 2012 season. But that damn crystal ball was ours. August can’t get here fast enough! I can’t wait until next season! WDE

  8. Third Generation Tiger Third Generation Tiger says:

    SMT I think we are all disappointed or worse. My disappointment is tempered by the fact that the future at Auburn is brighter than it has ever been during my time on planet earth. The loss in the national champonship game will be the impetus that drives future Auburn football teams to achieve great things. I truly believe this is the beginning of a Golden Era of Auburn football.

  9. WarEagleAtlanta WarEagleAtlanta says:

    Good post, SMT!

    I didn’t turn my TV off, but I turned the volume down and started playing on the internet.

  10. aubb says:

    we will play fsu again next year and lay a vengeance upon them that the college football world is like to never see again