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College FBS Football PR #1

By on January 11th, 2013 in Member Post 4 Comments »

I certainly am glad to finally see that there will be the beginning of a playoff system for D1 FBS football. I wonder if we will get a new name for football bowl subdivision ?

Whatever they call it, it is a first step toward more fairness. I have long said that football on the highest collegiate level is based upon perception and public relation as much or more than winning on the field.

Maybe in the future, any team can come from the bottom on a previous year with the opportunity, through winning,  to play for a championship the next, not just the traditional darlings.

With PR being such a large part of the most successful of these darlings, I have often wondered why others don’t spend much more money in this area, considering it’s importance to reaching the top, unfair as it is.

Of course, on the flip side,  the PR machine from these successful schools may be used to characterize their rival in the worst possible light. It truly has become much more than just winning on the field.

Hopefully, the new playoff system, limited as it is, will be a beginning for shaping the future of collegiate football toward more fairness at it highest level.


  1. Third Generation Tiger Third Generation Tiger says:

    Much like warfare, especially modern warfare, champions are first created in the media. Certain teams throughout the country have long enjoyed the advantage of a clear media bias. I am old enough to remember journalists with integrity. None of them were sportsrs or sportscasters.

  2. Col.Angus Col.Angus says:

    The former journalism or as its now called, opinion promotion, has and will continue to be what will ever get the most eyeballs on the page. Most stories….and they are stories…are opinion pieces to further or drive an agenda by the r. The agenda on college football has been to drive television ratings and since the big market teams can’t do it on the field they have to be driven by the media. And since the SEC television contract is the richest in the NCAA, you will continue to see the top SEC teams get more than their fair share of exposure to help boost ESPN and CBS.
    I wouldn’t expect anything to change in the near future since there will always be SOME human factor in driving who gets into the playoffs and where they are seeded. There is also the impact that media coverage has on recruiting. As long as Alabama sycophants populate influential media sectors you will continue to see attacks against Auburn and articles on “possible NCAA investigations” as long as we remain even the most remote of a threat to their recruiting base.