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Coach Malzahn and Staff Have Done a Superb Job!

By on January 30th, 2013 in Member Post 5 Comments »

[show_avatar email=Asymmetric Warfare align=left show_name=true avatar_size=200] It amazes me that slightly more than a moth ago Auburn University was announcing the firing of Coach Gene Chizik after a 2010 undefeated season and a national title, following the school’s worst record (in 2012) in decades.

Many sports rs were putting the Auburn story front and center for all to read, and unfortunately setting up Auburn as the butt of many gut wrenching jokes and slights.

Well, how things have changed in this very short time. After the search committee selected arguably the best possible candidate to the beloved Auburn Tiger football program, things are most definitely looking up.

Coach Malzahn went to work immediately and assembled a “dream team” of a coaching staff (with more total SEC experience than any other current SEC team); and just as important, a team of the best recruiters in football.

I say this because look at where we are today. Sure, the Auburn Tigers have had their share of de-commitments from some outstanding recruits, but Coach Malzahn and crew have recruited hard.

The difference here is that the kids they are now getting commitments from, fit well in the future scheme of  the football program. I don’t know of any other time or situation where a program that was so devastated has remained so viable through the recruiting process.

Sure, I know that the pundits will say the proof is on the playing field. But if they play as well as I expect, based on the place we were at a month ago and where we are at now, my expectations will will most assuredly become reality. WAR EAGLE and FAMILY ALL IN!!!


  1. Orange Talon Orange Talon says:

    While it is true that we have a promising new coaching staff, and we have had a very descent recruiting run given that GM had to try and hold the class together while recruiting others, unfortunately we are right where we were a month ago, three months ago, a year ago.

    New offensive scheme, new defensive scheme, no front runner at the QB position, not to mention we are still undersized and very young at the skill positions, there’s still a pretty large gap to bridge.

    I respect your optimism. Mine is a tad bit more guarded.

    • Asymmetric Battlefield Asymmetric Battlefield says:

      @OT…I don’t totally agree with your assessment “we are right where we were a month ago, three months ago, a year ago.” Here’s the difference…when Coach Chezik brought in Coach Van Gorder and Coach Loeffler, this was truly a complete change in the scheme from a HUNH offense to a more pro style down hill offense. That change was dramatic and was a scheme that many of the players were not used to playing. This required a dramatic learning curve and I believe, one that the QBs did not fit. After a year of difficult adjustments, they are now faced with returning to the system that Coach Malzahn had in place during his previous 3 year tenure at Auburn. The veterans on this team will refresh their skills and the players new to Auburn will adjust rapidly. The HUNH system that Coach Malzahn brings is much easier to adjust to than last years system. I am very optimistic that Coach Malzahn’s and crew’s coaching and mentoring skills will translate effectively to the team next year. A tremendous problem from last year’s team was also the lack of player development. A major point I tried to relate in the post above is that the coaching abilities and skills of the new staff will translate to the players rapidly and most effectively. Coach Malzahn’s resume clearly reflects that. War Eagle!!!

  2. KungFuPanda9 KungFuPanda9 says:

    I’d say we are about where we were in 2009, except the OL has yet to manifest some heman swagger.

    8 wins plus a bowl first year. Not too shabby.

  3. Orange Talon Orange Talon says:

    @AB – I agree that with the offensive personnel AU has, we are better suited for GM’s scheme. I think where we may disagree is that I believe last year’s poor performance was primarily due to the very young, very undersized, and out-skilled players, and you believe it was primarily due to the shortcomings of the previous coaching staff.

    Here’s the question that I seem to always come back to: If we didn’t have Cam that year, would we have won the SEC much less the NC?

    Same coach has returned with the same system, it’s a new day for Auburn football, but Cam is in the classroom and not on the practice field. Reckon we’re all about to find out.

    War Eagle!

  4. Asymmetric Battlefield Asymmetric Battlefield says:

    @OT–Good point. However, as good as Cam was, there were others on that team that were talented and maybe not as much of the reason for the undefeated season as Cam, but still significant contributors. Fairley, Ethridge, Darvin Adams, Ziemba, etc. There may never be a QB like Cam, however the team had other bright spots. I believe the talent that CGM has pulled in as well as his ability (along with his staff) to develop the kids he previously recruited, be the change that Auburn needs to make a run next year. The NC, may be a stretch next year, but I believe Auburn will be 2 or 3 in the SEC West. Come 2014, with another recruiting year, the NC may be a better chance.