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Coach Disgusting

By on November 28th, 2015 in Member Post 17 Comments »

I am writing this just minutes after the 2015 Iron Bowl. I’m immensely proud of Auburn’s effort but sick to my stomach by the actions of its defensive coordinator, who with his big mouth and uncalled for profanity gave Alabama 15 yards for a sideline interference penalty (on top of the 15-yard roughness penalty that had just been called on Auburn) and helped Alabama increase its lead to 9 points, effectively putting the game beyond redemption.

Yes, Coach Will Muschamp, this is directed at you. You need to grow up and clean up your foul mouth. You owe your team and the entire Auburn Family an apology. Playing against possibly the best team in the coun-ty is hard enough without getting shafted by one of our own coaches!


  1. wde1988 wde1988 says:

    Well. I don’t think you get your apology. But one way or another… Muschamp will get a raise. He will either get it from AU… or he will get a head coaching job from Missouri, USC or Georgia.

    So I guess in a way, you will get what you asked for. He will be gone.

    Do you think Coach meek can get us where we need to be then… when he doesn’t have Will anymore?


    • benjig3 says:

      I hate to disagree with an Auburn man but you’re out of your mind if you think Muschamp is going to be offered any of the aforementioned jobs. He might be offered at a 2nd tier school but no top program is going to offer him a job or even consider him for a job after our lackluster performance this year, not to mention his horrible record at Florida. I know we were improving toward the end of the year but still well below expectations. He may be ready for such a job in the near future but that is not here and now.

      • wde1988 wde1988 says:

        I don’t think we are that far apart in thought here – and – I am not asserting that I am the only one right… however, I think what you are seeing at Florida this season is a direct result of Muschamp’s discipline. There is method in his maddness. How could anyone argue anything else? Do you think McElwayne did all that in one year?? Not likely.

        Just like Malzahn didn’t do it all in his first year either. The previous coach either helps or hurts. No way the new guy makes that big an impact.

        I simply disagree that Muschamp is done. I mean if a guy like Petrino can get job after freaking job… it would figure an upstanding, pedigreed (albeit hothead) guy like Muschamp can get another chance?

        Just like I will disagree that Kiffen is done. He will be a coach again too.

        Coaching is a big pool of water. To think that jobs are finite… really doesn’t put things in to the proper prospective. It’s really what fish in the water are hot and what fish aren’t.

        I think Mushamp is a pretty hot fish still. And that’s ok. I just don’t want him as a HC at Auburn.


  2. SEC_Eric SEC_Eric says:

    The profanity (read lips) of Muschamp shown on TV came in a moment after the field goal – not before the penalty. The flag was thrown on the Auburn “bench” as there were several coaches on the field protesting – which was led by Malzahn. TV does not always give you the whole picture. Their cameras were focused on the ref down on the Bama sideline and not on the other side were the unsportsman like penalty was thrown.

    • wpleagle wpleagle says:

      Don’t think so. The flag was after the personal foul, before the field goal. I am deaf and the world’s best lipreader. The flag went down immediately after CWM clearly used a GD phrase directly behind the official.
      I’m in total agreement with your other comments.

  3. Can’t believe you would actually post something like this WPL. The problem was not Muschamp but the refs. Bama was holding our D-linemen all night long and no flags – even tackled Lawson in the backfield on that play and no flag.
    As regards pissed off coaches, no one curses and rides them more than Saban and he gets away with it over and over again. In fact Sat. night he made physical contact while cussing out a ref and got a warning BUT Auburn gets a penalty. Just goes to show the bias of the SEC office to allow it!

    • wpleagle wpleagle says:

      See my response to SEC Eric. The older I get (graduated from AU in ’66), the less tolerant I am of profanity. It’s just not necessary and does little or no good to one’s cause.
      Regarding CWM, one of my Gator friends says there were times when he was almost incoherent as he berated players and officials. While I respect his abilities, …..

    • wde1988 wde1988 says:

      They were holding Lawson all night.

      Still don’t make what was said any easier to hear or agree with. He lost me at the first four letter word. And then with the language he made it personal.

      Never a good idea when you are trying to persuade someone to your cause.

      The official could have made it a lot worse. They might have done us a favor and ask him to leave the facility. Frankly… I think at the point when the head official came up to Malzahn – he did the only thing he could do… he put his tail in between his legs and tried to defuse the situation.

      Again – this started under Tuberville with the last 3-4 years of his tenure. We have made a slow slide into mediocrity with our defense. Changing the culture you need someone that teaches basics and toes a hard line.

      I don’t want them to like Muschamp. I think Will has a task and purpose. I still think that. Is he the long term solution for Malzahn? Heck no. Never thought he was. He won’t stay here that long.


  4. GBAU83 says:

    Although I don’t like his use of profanity, especially when dealing with an official, I am pleased to see him up in their face (without contact) fighting for his guys. They know he has their back as much as he has their backside when they mess up. He pushes his troops but backs them up as well. The reason he got the flag was Carl Lawson was being held (mugged, wrapped up by the blocking back, call it what you want but it was egregarious) on that play and the White Hat SHOULD have flagged it but did not. Go back and see that play and focus on the blocking back taking on Carl Lawson – you can see him with his arms wrapped around Carl’s shoulders and then pulling him away from Coker as Coker starts to run the other way. We get no call on what was obvious and pitiful and they get a questionable-at-best call on a late hit. Muschamp should have been on the official’s case. And I am a high school official, so I know when I missed on and should get my but chewed by a coach ( and as long as he does curse me, he can have his say).

  5. zotus zotus says:

    Dear a.k.a. wpleagle,

    I understand that, as TET Copy Editor, you are responsible for making sure the text is grammatically correct, clear, and consistent.

    Please forgive me for saying this, but it’s not clear to me what point you are trying to make, concerning profanity, in this piece of yours titled (gasp) Coach Disgusting.

    Let me explain:

    1) In the first paragraph, you seem to be saying that you have a problem, not with Coach Muschamp’s (alleged) profanity, but with Coach Muschamp’s “uncalled for profanity.”

    2) In the second paragraph, you admonish Coach Muschamp, and directly say to him: “You need to grow up and clean up your foul mouth.” Here you seem to be saying that you have a problem with Coach Muschamp’s (alleged) profanity, whether it’s “uncalled for profanity” or not.

    Q1) Are you offended by “profanity” and those who use it when the situation may call for the use of attention-getting language, by the lights of the person that uses the profanity?

    Q2) Are you offended by “profanity” and those who use it when the situation does not call for the use of attention-getting language, by your lights?

    Q3) .. or, are you offended by something else, entirely different as it pertains to Coach Muschamp?

    Maybe, as as TET Copy Editor, you could clear this up for your readers.

    Inquiring minds what to know.


    BTW, I offer you this link for your reference:

    See all these holding violations that should have been called as penalties against Alabama players in the Iron Bowl?

    Coach Muschamp got pretty Pi$$ED-OFF, by the 4th Quarter with Alabama players getting away with holding his defensive players.

    Coach Muschamp got pretty feed up, if you like.

    I’ll leave it up to you, after you look at the photos, to decide if Coach Muschamp’s (alledged) profanity is of the “uncalled for” variety of profanity, or of the “called for” variety of profanity.

    Inquiring minds what to know.


    • wpleagle wpleagle says:

      Wow! Was off the air most of yesterday and certainly will respond to your detailed points in due course.

    • wpleagle wpleagle says:

      Dear Zotus,
      I admire Coach Muschamp’s passion, and to directly respond to Q3, I have no “something else” issues with him.
      I do not like profanity. For me, since I am a skilled lipreader, Coach Muschamp’s profanity is not alleged: I saw it.
      I used the term “uncalled for” because I believe that strong, passionate thoughts can be expressed without profanity. Remove the G.D. and the F-bomb, and I am in complete agreement with every thought that Coach Muschamp conveyed to the official. So, the answer to your Q1 is yes. He didn’t need the profanity to express his unhappiness fervently.
      The answer to your Q2 is also yes. I don’t like profanity.
      Having said the above, and baring my soul, I have worked consciously over a number of years not to be profane. Period. I don’t even like the expression “War Damn Eagle” because I think it demeans Auburn, and I don’t believe it makes War Eagle one bit more passionate.
      You are on the money about the officiating. Coach Muschamp was upset and had every right to be. I just don’t think he needed to use profane language, and I think that cost Auburn an additional penalty.
      What happened, happened. I accept that. My admonishment was for Coach Muschamp to learn from a situation that was costly to his team and not to repeat what I considered to be a mistake on his part.
      For what it’s worth, I ran my comments past one of TET’s editors to be sure that they were not out of line. The post was published as written.
      Hope this answers your questions.

      • zotus zotus says:

        So, it’s the profanity, then, period … that got you sick to your stomach . Got it! Thanks for clearing that up.

        P.S. That’s the thing about those pesky adjectives. Sometimes they can be uncalled-for … and, sometimes they can even muddy the water. 🙂

  6. zotus zotus says:

    Make that: “Inquiring minds want to know. ” … I don’t have a Copy Editor. 🙂

  7. I do not understand what the uproar is over Will Muschamp showing some passion towards a zebra. Frankly, watching the game, I was completely shocked that it didn’t happen sooner. I would rather have a passionate coach on the sidelines over one who cracks a smile once in a blue moon. Yikes. As others have stated, Saban was in a ref’s ear, hands on arms, etc. and received a warning. Now Saban being elf-like in stature may have helped his cause, but that’s all highly speculative and besides the point that Auburn, and Will Muschamp specifically, were not given the same courtesy……so meh about the f-bombs, etc..

    I can think of other things to be upset about–Oh Like [for example, while we’re chatting], remember that time in the 2nd quarter, when we were driving and things were going well? We were 3rd and 2, and inexplicably, we PASSED the ball? Remember how that passed ball was predictably (sadly) not caught and fell to the ground (because our passing game has been reliably unreliable all season), setting up an unsuccessful field goal attempt? Recap: 3rd and 2, in the red zone, no real passing game, yet we inexplicably pass, drive is effectively killed [in the red zone], ergo no points for that specific offensive ‘effort’; related: a team needs [more] points if they want to beat the other team. Oh, I yelled a lot of four letter words at the tv then–and I promise you that if it were not for 2 sleeping children, I would be yelling them now. Just recapping that particular play, has me boiling mad. I feel like Clark Griswold hovering over a bowl of eggnog, and I just pitched my moose glass across the room. I mean for the love of eagles!! WHHHYYYYYY???!!!! I am hoping by the bowl game that the memory of that whole 3rd and 2 debacle will fade [doubtful]… ridiculously stupid play call seemed to sum up the entire season in one concise drop of a pass. Ugh. Onward.

  8. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    ……I grew up with profanity in the 1960s and 1970s, but my parents didn’t approve of the kids using it. It was definitely a case of, “do as I say, not as I do,” though! I remember my mother being mortified when I let go a GD-cuss-bomb at 4 years old at Sunday School. I got a few whacks with the hair brush, for that one! Hey, I thought imitation was the sincerest form of flattery, right?

    …..The generation I grew up with, I’d say at least 70 percent of the teenagers/young adults would let S & F fly without much thought. Then we started having kids, and experiences like my mother’s tended to tamp it down. Hopefully! When your kindergarten kids start getting in trouble for swearing, most reasonable folks are going to try to set a better example at home, right?

    …..I gave up swearing in public a long time ago, but sometimes still lose control at home. Like last Tuesday night, when a full brining bag burst all over my kitchen floor when I was trying to move it from one fridge to another. This giant bag had a raw 21 pound turkey soaking in a brine containing a lot of brown sugar and soy sauce. The bag burst, and my kitchen floor was inundated with stickum and poultry juice! I’m told that I spewed expletives for about a minute and a half… (It took three times soaping up and mopping the kitchen floor, till our shoes stopped sticking to the floor!)

    ……I discovered bulletin boards, message boards and blogs and such, while my kids were young. I’d already been forced to clean the language up at home by that time, and I decided as I was creating my first online persona that I’d leave swearing out. By that time, I’d realized that profanity-laced rants impress no one, and are more likely to offend than to amuse.

    ……As someone who gets paid in the real world for hopefully providing leadership, I don’t think one needs to swear, to lead. Coach Muschamp’s outburst in the professional world would result in an uncomfortable little meeting with Human Resources, at best. Some companies would have him escorted out the gate on the spot.

  9. wde1988 wde1988 says:

    This was an excellent thread. Don’t know why but I found extremely entertaining. Well written back and forth!



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