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Clint Moseley, Starter for Vanderbilt Game

By on October 18th, 2012 in Football 4 Comments »

“He’s got to be consistent like he was at the beginning of the (Ole Miss) game last week …  It’s all about managing the team and not turning the ball over, protecting the football. He’s got to be able to do that.”

That’s what Auburn Head Coach Gene Chizik said tonight about Clint Moseley  as he announced on his weekly radio show that Moseley would be the starter for Saturday’s game at Vanderbilt.

He reported that regular starter, Kiehl Frazier is still nursing a injury to his throwing arm. An injury which kept him out of  last week’s game>

Talking about Frazier, Chizik said the bottom line is, “Kiehl has a nagging injury that he’s just going to have to push some work through.”

Clint was 8 for 8 in passing in the first half last week but finished 11-of-18 for 112 yards, no touchdowns and  one interception.

Vanderbilt has a very tough secondary, ranking 7th nationally against the pass, but is near the bottom of the league in defending the rush. So if the Tigers can establish a running game in Nashville, Clint ought to be able to connect on some passes to open things up and maybe the underdogs can come away with a win.


  1. AUdacious_Dude says:

    I mean no offense to either Clint or Frazier, but they are both terrible QB’s. Clint is better between the ears, but a worse athlete (Clint would not start for ANY other SEC school, not even Vandy or KY). Frazier is a good athlete but dense between the ears.

    And I don’t blame it all on the coaching. Frazier should not be standing back there for 20 seconds holding the football. You learn not to do that in the pee-wee leagues. He reminds of of Campbell during his first two seasons with his infamous deer in the headlights look. The only difference is Campbell at least had the good sense to at least throw the ball away.

    I have a strong suspicion that something is wrong on the team behind the scenes with the players — something worse than most people realize. I don’t know what exactly it is, but it’s clear most of them don’t have any confidence (and haven’t since game one), some of them are outright rebellious (tweeting how they’re going to quit). Then you have players calling out teammates and seniors calling team meetings (which insiders say have resulted in fist-fights). Then you have all the arrests. And now we get Chizik being snarky with the media and calling out “1968 alums” for making comments on the Internet. However, I will say in that press conference that Chizik was at his most honest and animated I have ever seen him. He cut-out most of his “coachspeak” and canned lines he usually spews at press-conferences. It’s obvious he is feeling the heat.

    I don’t deny that there is a lack of leadership from Chizik, but sometimes there’s just nothing a coach can do. As Cool Hand Luke says, “some men you just can’t reach.” I think there is a bit of that in AU’s situation. I don’t blame it *all* on the coaches, but they will certainly take all the blame (and probably should with their salaries).

    As Pat Dye said, this season is over. Right now it’s just a matter of the coaches just trying to salvage what little of the season they can. Deep down they know it’s over too. It’s just a matter of hanging-on and keeping the fingers crossed that they survive until next season.

    I just hope we can retain BVG. He and Boulware are the ONLY coaches who have earned their keep this year. Get rid of the rest of them.

    • Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

      …..I’ll stand up for Curtis Luper. His backs have done pretty well, especially Mason and Prosch. I think it’s also not fair to blame Grimes too much when he’s got two freshmen and two sophomores starting on the O-line.

  2. DothanTiger DothanTiger says:

    Who would have ever thunk it, Auburn underdogs? To Vanderbilt?

  3. wde1988 wde1988 says:

    This is the kiss of death.

    We wait ALL week for this nugget?

    Chalk up #6.

    And while we are chalking… chalk up #1. What you ask? Auburn’s first recruit defection. TE Arshad Jackson.

    It begins.

    Here is another nugget: ten years. That is going to be how long it will take before AU is a competitor in the SEC.