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Christmas 2013, Did ya get something cool under the tree?

By on December 25th, 2013 in Member Post 11 Comments »

If your house is anything like the Sewell household right now, there are a ton of dirty dishes to be washed and put up. There is a pile of shredded wrapping paper all around and several instructions books that have to be studied before some new gizmo will work right.

I did this last year and hope to do it for many years to come. I think it is fun to tell the cool things you got for Christmas, especially the AU stuff.

Personally, I am going to look like I stepped off the pages of Bird Hunting GQ next year when AubTigerman and I hit the bird fields. I got some cool new hunting attire. I may not shoot many birds but they will all be impressed with how good the guy shooting at them looks.  Also a new bumper sticker that reads:


The Second

War Eagle

It will be on the truck tomorrow. I also got a cool pair of electric scissors for cutting new golf grips out of cowhides. I think it will save some old tired fingers. The War Eagle dog Cookie got a new AU collar and name tag and Mrs. Myauburn got new AU earrings and an AU purse.

Ok it is your turn now, what did you guys get?


  1. domaucan1 domaucan1 says:


    Great up. Where can I get one of those bumper stickers? I’d sure like to have one.

    My twin daughters, their spouses and children gave me a great E-gift certificate to the Auburn Fan Shop and an Auburn mug. I’m keeping the gift certificate until after the BCSCG in hopes that we can win one more and then I’ll get something really cool ! My son, his spouse and boys gave me a nice Auburn mug, a shop flashlight, an SEC Championship shirt and cap. My wife gave me a new printer for my computer since my old one has given up on me and another annual Auburn ornament for my Auburn Christmas tree. (I now have seven!) Fox Sports has a great u-tube video of a young Auburn fan getting tickets to THE GAME. I would have loved that but the trip was a bit out of reach. It would have been great if it had been in the Sugar Bowl this year, only 90 miles away! Maybe next time!

    AND, as I always say, WIN OR LOSE, EVERYONE KNOWS:


    WAR EAGLE !!!

    GO BIG BLUE !!!


    • MyAuburn MyAuburn says:

      The company who made it is called WEEZABI. There is a phone number of 205-682-2850. Stock number of this particular sticker is 13-9475. They could have others also.

  2. restless6 says:

    My wife got Victoria’s Secret stuff.

    That and my kids and granddaughter’s first Chrisrmas is all this Auburn fan needs.

  3. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    …..Probably kinda sad to most folks, but I’m most excited by the pasta machine I got. I can’t wait to start making my own! My kids got me rock CDs, including a 1994 Boston album I didn’t know existed. It’s already ripped to my car thumbdrive…

    …..Got a new grilling apron, too. Folks noticed this past year when I ruined a nice Jos. A. Bank dress shirt with BBQ sauce stains…

    …..You know, once upon a time in this house one would have been in big trouble for buying your spouse some sort of appliance for Christmas. Funny how that changes after a few decades! I’m fired up about making pasta, and my wife got one of those Ninja food processors that was at the top of her list. I may borrow the Ninja at some point, but I’ve always been kind of a cheap knife and cutting board cook, rather than messing up some machine I then have to clean… There’s nothing more therapeutic than mincing several onions!

    • MyAuburn MyAuburn says:

      You are right on the household appliance gift, after a bunch of years being married it is the same in my house. Mrs. myauburn got a new blender. I have a feeling it will get a good workout making margaritas at the next bunco party

  4. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    …..As to bumper stickers, I saw an orange “00:01” magnet on an orange SUV this evening in Hoover. Guy had an Auburn vanity plate with something like “AU POP” on it. He got a round of thumbs-up and applause from us when we went by!

  5. AubTigerman AubTigerman says:

    I got shoes, belt, ties, an Auburn button down shirt, and an SEC Championship T-shirt. But I’ll have to wait 12 more days for the No.1 thing on my wish list (a victory over the Noles in Pasadena).

    Hope your feeling better Bill.

  6. mvhcpa says:

    Wife got me new iPhone Friday after Thanksgiving (old one was going on the fritz, which is the only way I’d let her get that for me).

    Wife then got me an Auburn insulated cup to open up Christmas morning, plus an “Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader” (great way to spend time–you know–in THERE).

    I got Dad two books (autographed by the author), “God and Football” and “Love thy Rival” by Chad Gibbs, an Auburn man who s a funny column in the O-A News–think Dave Barry on a more local scale. (By the way, I jacked around on getting those books until almost too late, but Chad responded to my emailed plea, autographed and overnighted me the books THE NEXT DAY in time to wrap them before my trip home, and said just send the check to him whenever I got back from Florida–what an Auburn man–or just what a great guy–check out his books!)

    Dad got Mom a silver and enamel AU pendent on a silver chain, to replace one she lost recently (I think when she was shuttled to the hospital last month–Mom is reasonably okay now).

    Good socks, a cool scarf, my usual summer sausage and silver bells (Hershey Kisses) in my stocking–yeah, it was a good haul!

    Best thing of course is the chance to share Christmas with those I love (Mom, Dad, Sister & brother-in-law, all with my beautiful bride).

    And, we get to do the same with my wife’s family back in Georgia two weeks later–life can be good!

    Michael Val
    (who says MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS to all who grace our pages!)

  7. gonecoastal says:

    Family was the best part of the day today, as these occasions are going to be numbered, due to elderly parents. I got to serenade my Mom with “What Child is This?” and “White Christmas” on my guitar over coffee at sunrise today, while we waited for everyone else to wake up.

    The wife, a rabid Bama fan, gave me an Auburn Tervis tumbler. The daughter, who plans to be a freshman at AU in a couple of years, replaced the ratty old AU cap with a new one, and a nice long-sleeve T-shirt that says “Hey Bama – Need a second? Be careful what you wish for!”

    I haven’t been able to wipe that smile off my face all day long.

    I’m feeling truly blessed today, and hope everyone had as good a Christmas as I did.

    War Damn Eagle from the Alabama Gulf Coast, y’all, and Merry Christmas!!!

  8. Jeff81 says:

    Pretty fantastic Auburn haul this year. The wife got me Auburn coasters, an Auburn flag, an Auburn luggage ID tag, an Auburn vinyl decal, an Auburn keychain, an Auburn Christmas ornament, and an Auburn plaque commemorating this season along with limited edition gold flashed medallions for the BCS Championship game that should nicely spruce up my office. My brother-in-law got me a signed Cam Newton photo. Needless to say, it’s been a very orange and blue Christmas and I couldn’t be happier. War Eagle from Houston!