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Bye Week Number Two

By on November 9th, 2019 in Football 15 Comments »

The stadium is empty this week, but Amen Corner is dead ahead
(Photo by Acid Reign)

    War Eagle, everybody! We are three quarters of the way through the 2019 college football regular season, and Auburn this week takes time off to prepare to host Georgia, Samford and Alabama in the last 3 regular season games at home. I’m glad for the team to get a chance to heal and polish plans for Auburn’s biggest rivals of each season.

     I was wondering how long till until we started seeing public complaints from reporters about the new press box Auburn built a couple of springs ago. I remarked at the time that it was quite possibly the worst location in the stadium for such a thing, without even a view of the jumbotron. In a piece this morning on Auburn Undercover, esteemed writer Phillip Marshall calls it an embarrassment. Here is a link to the article, but it is behind the paywall. I have noticed the past couple of seasons that announcers on both the Auburn Radio Network and television were having a really difficult time spotting the ball and what yard line it was on. Now we know why.

     There is much hand wringing going on about this Auburn season, and I’m not really sure I get it. Before the season started most experts had Auburn losing to Oregon, a pick ’em at Texas A&M, losers at Florida and LSU, and losers at home to Georgia and Alabama. Ergo, a 6–6 or, at best, 7–5 season. Instead, Auburn is 7–2, and has a chance to wreck the seasons of UGA and Alabama in Auburn, where the Tigers have been tough under the current coaching staff. Auburn has accomplished this with a true freshman quarterback and the team’s best running back out with an injury in the two losses.

     Visiting Auburn’s opponents this season and their results, foes have compiled a 45–26 record outside of their games against Auburn. Folks, that’s a pretty tough schedule that will only get tougher when Georgia and Alabama visit. I’ll be disappointed if Auburn drops both games. I’ll be pleased with a victory against either, and I will be jumping for joy if Auburn can wreck both Bulldog and Tide seasons!

     It is Auburn’s bye week, but there are some interesting SEC matchups to look at this Saturday. I’ll also take a look at each team’s record, and postseason prospects.

Saturday in the SEC after the jump!

     Opening the action at 11:00 AM is Vanderbilt visiting Florida. I know Florida is disappointed after the loss last week to Georgia, but I just don’t see Vanderbilt having much chance in the Swamp. Florida’s division hopes are probably shot, but it can stay mathematically alive by beating Vandy and winning at Missouri next week. For Florida to surpass Georgia, it would also need the Dawgs to lose 2 out of 3 SEC games against Missouri, at Auburn or Texas A&M. Vanderbilt will likely pick up its 7th loss in this game and be out of bowl contention.

     In other early action, Arkansas hosts Western Kentucky. The Hilltoppers are 5–4 and fighting for bowl eligibility. Arkansas is already out of contention at 2–7 and have been in disarray in recent weeks.

     The much-vaunted “game of the century” in Tuscaloosa kicks off at 2:30 PM between number one ranked LSU and Alabama. The winner gets the inside track on the SEC West title, and the loser might well run the table and still get into the playoff. Both teams are currently undefeated.

     Ole Miss hosts New Mexico State at 3:00 PM. The Aggies are 0–8 this season and might be the worst team in the FBS. They have been blown out by 21 or more points in half of those losses. Ole Miss is currently 3–6, and should stay in the bowl race another week. Bowl hopes will likely come crashing down when LSU comes to town next week, followed by the Egg Bowl as the season finale.

     At 6:00 PM, Missouri visits Georgia. At one point this season, we were talking about Missouri as a dark horse candidate to win the SEC East. That was before a loss to Vanderbilt and much struggling. However, the Tigers still control their own destiny. If they win at Georgia, and next week, hosting Florida, they control the division but still need to beat Tennessee and Arkansas. Missouri is currently 5–3. If the Tigers can win just 1 more game, they go bowling. Georgia is going bowling with a 7–1 record currently. The Bulldogs are in the driver’s seat in the SEC East but need to with this game as well as either at Auburn or against Texas A&M.

     Also at 6:00 PM, Appalachian State visits South Carolina. The Mountaineers suffered their first loss of the season last week against Georgia Southern and fell out of the Top 25. I expect that they will visit Columbia with hurt feelings and a big chip on the shoulder. South Carolina currently stands at 4–5 and is in danger of missing a bowl trip this year. They have Appy State, then at Texas A&M, and finish the season with Clemson. South Carolina has to win 2 of 3 of its remaining slate or stay home for the holidays.

     Tennessee visits Kentucky in another battle for bowl eligibility. Neither team will clinch a bowl trip with a win nor be eliminated with a loss. Still, losing this game will make it really tough for one or the other. Tennessee currently stands at 4–5 with remaining games at Kentucky, at Missouri, and home against Vanderbilt. Winning 2 of 3 might be attainable by this squad, which has played improved ball in recent weeks. Kentucky has a 4–4 record. Their remaining games are Tennessee at home, at Vanderbilt, UT Martin and Louisville at home. The Wildcats need to win 2 of those 4 to go bowling. I think they will.

     Texas A&M has a bye week and currently stands at 6–3. The Aggies host South Carolina next weekend, travel to Georgia and then host LSU to finish the season. The Aggies are already bowl eligible.

     Mississippi State is also off this week. The Bulldogs are in a tough situation at 4–5. They host Alabama next week, then Abilene Christian, then Ole Miss. The Egg Bowl likely will decide whether the Bulldogs go bowling or not.

     Auburn has a bye week, getting ready for Georgia. Auburn stands at 7–2 with a slim mathematical possibility of winning the Western division but most likely will not, even if it wins out. It would take collapses down the stretch by both Alabama and LSU. Auburn is fighting for pride and to move up in the bowl mix.


  1. easyedwin easyedwin says:

    Stan has corrected Andy soo many times on the yard line of where the ball lies. Now I know why!
    Winning against U of A would make many fans happy. This is because we are forced to live with bammers and their chatter for 365 days. Many Auburn fans will tell you that the Iron Bowl is all that matters in any Auburn season. These type fans do not see the big picture. I am old enough to remember U of A as a “meh” football program before 1961 and U of As natty.

    A 10-2 record is what I want to see. And it is “difficult, but not impossible”. We shall 2 putt the 18th green on the 18th hole and celebrate the 19th hole in unison.

  2. WDE7385 WDE7385 says:

    War Eagle, everybody.
    Well, if you’re going to put it that way:
    “Instead, Auburn is 7-2, and has a chance to wreck seasons of UGA and Alabama in Auburn, where the Tigers have been tough under the current coaching staff. Auburn has accomplished this with a true freshman quarterback and the team’s best running back out with an injury in the two losses.”
    I would have to agree with you. Nothing would make me feel better than having Auburn finish with a 10-2. That would leave UAT swinging in the wind with 10-2. I would kinda like to see LSU and UG go at it for an hour.

  3. Orangeblood says:

    I think the tigers played tough at both the swamp and in red stick.
    Oh, If only we would have had just a little more offense!
    We get these games at home and the crowd noise is in our favor.
    I think both games will be won by whichever team get’s points in the upper 20s.
    Come on Bo… throw for over 300 again!!!?

  4. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    …..Gonna have to throw some quick hitches and slants, on first down to set up the run on both teams. I also like that little quick-out to the slot. Finally, we need to target Jay Jay Wilson more than twice a game. He has good hands!

  5. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    ….Don’t know how many folks are watching Auburn basketball vs. Davidson, but this has been an entertaining, and frustrating game. Davidson keeps hanging around, but Auburn has dumped a couple of blocks on runouts, and a big alley-oop jam has Auburn up 10, in the late going. This would be a quality win against and NCAA tourney team, if it holds up. Stay tuned….

  6. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    ….Davidson cuts it to 7 on a long three. Clock under two minutes.

  7. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    ….Missed jam by McCormick, goes down hard. Foul, and will go to the line. Rattles the first in.

  8. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    …..Second is rimmed out. Auburn by 8.

  9. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    ……..And the Tigers give up an easy layup. Davidson calls time, trailing 72-66, with about a minute left. Auburn has the ball.

  10. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    ….Tigers get an easy basket, Davidson misses, and a foul with 29 seconds left.

  11. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    ….Doughty hits both free throws. Auburn by ten.

  12. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    ….And Davidson turns it over out of bounds! Time running out…

  13. Acid Reign Acid Reign says:

    …..Auburn takes down Davidson, 76-66, on a neutral Navy court!

  14. neonbets says:

    On the hand-wringing, I think you’re conflating time-frames, Acid. The hand-wringing occurred at the end of each loss. Those were one-game mindsets borne out of the frustrations of games that could have been won. Maybe even ‘should have’ been won.

    The appreciation of a 7-2 record, however, is more of a longer term retrospective without the passions that occur after a tough loss.

    As for the 7-2 record, I appreciate what they’ve done, but by no means am I satisfied. I imagine you’re not either. The fact that we’re not satisfied (or ecstatic) just means there were some pockets of frustration.

    Of course, 2019 isn’t done yet. Should Auburn lose to both UGA and bama at home…well, them there’s a whole lotta pockets!

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