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Bulldog Payback Week!

By on September 12th, 2013 in Football 34 Comments »

                                  We’ll pound Mississippi State when the sun goes down!

War Eagle, everybody! SEC play begins Saturday, for our Auburn Tigers! This will make the tenth year in a row that Auburn opens their SEC season with Mississippi State. To find a non MSU Auburn SEC opener, one must go back to 2003 when the real season opened with Vanderbilt, with Auburn already 0-2 against Southern Cal and Georgia Tech. Those Tigers broke out against the Commodores, with a 45-7 win.

     In Auburn history, the only teams Auburn has played more often than Mississippi State are Georgia and Georgia Tech. Auburn owns a 60-24-2 record against the Mississippi State Bulldogs, and the 60 wins are the most Auburn wins against any opponent. However, these cowbell-clanking Bulldogs have been problematic at times in the past 25 years for the Tigers. Of Auburn’s 24 all-time losses to the Bulldogs, 8 have come in the past 25 years. Mississippi State’s biggest win over Auburn came way back in 1946, with the Bulldogs hanging a 33-0 loss on the Tigers at Birmingham’s Legion Field. Auburn’s biggest victory over Mississippi State also happened in Birmingham, in 1970, with Pat Sullivan’s team handing the Bulldogs a 56-0 loss.

     After last season, I think most folks who follow Auburn practice reports tend to shudder when the head coach starts talking about “good practices this week.” We’re hearing more of the same, this week, even with a new head coach. We’d hear that last year, and lose by three or more touchdowns. Still, like moths to a flame, we’re encouraged by Gus Malzhan’s comments about practice:

     “I thought we had a solid practice, a big third-down day,” Malzhan opined. “Our guys were a lot more intense today, even more than they were yesterday and I thought that was a good thing. We need to have another good one tomorrow.”

     We’re still not getting a solid answer on whether Auburn defensive starters Dee Ford and Justin Garrett will play this week, but according to reports, they’ve been practicing for two weeks now. And I don’t think it would make much sense to throw them into the fire totally cold, at LSU. No, I think we’ll see both of those guys this week, at least for a bit of a tune-up.

     I know Mississippi State coach Dan Mullen is one of the more hated SEC rival coaches among Auburn fans, because of some suspected role in the Cam Newton hoopla back in 2010. Mullen really had nothing bad to say about the Tigers in this week’s teleconference.

     What may be telling is that he spent a lot of time talking about his team’s youth. “The team, we’ve got a young group of guys. I think our last game, we only dressed five seniors on offense and defense. So I think it’s a pretty young team, and that will change as they come together. It’s still developing, that whole overall personality of the team.”

     Acid’s Take on Fluker-gate, after the jump.

      Unless you’ve been off the sports internet or the TV news the past 12 hours, you’ve probably heard that there’s a breaking story involving arch-rival Alabama’s D. J. Fluker taking money from an agent last year, from I’d encourage anyone who wants to pile on this thing, to read the actual post. Yahoo says that they’ve got the goods, receipts, text messages, and evidence on this deal. Is it like Danny Sheridan’s “bag man” proof? Or are they for real? You’ll notice if you read the Yahoo article, there are a lot of charges and claims, but they’ve NOT said where these receipts and the like came from. Show me the money, I sez…

     IF Yahoo actually has the goods, names names, publishes the receipts, the NCAA still may do little. It has become impossible to predict what that organization will do. They absolutely hammered Penn State over a criminal situation that had nothing to do with NCAA rules violations, and let several repeat rules offenders off with a slap on the wrist this year.

     If there’s any consistency left in the NCAA, what will hurt Alabama is that former Alabama football player Luther Davis is the alleged “bag man” in this one. If Yahoo can prove Davis paid D. J. Fluker last season, typical NCAA protocol will be Alabama to forfeit all of their wins for last season. As a former Tide player, Davis is defined by the rules as a “booster,” automatically.

     I always want to beat Alabama badly in any sports, and tend to laugh out loud when they lose. But I’m torn on the justice of a possible NCAA hammer-down on this. Thus far, no evidence has come out that Alabama administration knew about any of this. I fail to see the fairness in robbing a team of an earned national championship, when one player was taking money under the table, and the school had no way of knowing.

     Of course, we know how this will go, in Bama-land, even if the NCAA does take away all wins for the 2012 season. Bama’s still going to claim the AP title, and they’ll wear those “got 15?” T-shirts with no shame. Honestly, it’s pure semantics when the NCAA issues “vacations.” Even if the NCAA demands forfeits, Alabama will still be the only “legitimately crowned” “national champion” of the 2012 season. The AP doesn’t revisit those sorts of things, and the BCS will simply show a vacated title, like they did in Southern Cal’s case back in the mid ‘aughts.

     Unless sanctions involve scholarship limitations or a TV or bowl ban, Bama may suffer a bit under some NCAA bite on these revelations, but I’d think Tennessee and Mississippi State fans should be far more worried, as this tale involves some of their players, too. Both schools are already on probation…


  1. KoolBell KoolBell says:

    I recently tweeted that I found it odd that there were more Miss St players named than bama.

    Seems that if, and I emphasize “if” there is a school with repeat offender status, it has to be State.
    It’s no secret that I despise Dan Mullen for his comments about Auburn early in his head coaching career. So that may be influencing my thoughts here, look at the evidence yourselves.

  2. Todd92 Todd92 says:

    Acid, I appreciate your caution. Especially when so many stories lately have either lacked credibility or simply could not be backed up with a paper trail. However, this time the are starting with the paper trail, i.e., the text messages, invoices, emails, receipts, bank records…. Some of these were published with the yahoo article. Also if I understand correctly these were turned over by someone who was auditing an agent or agents for inappropriate or unethical behavior by an agent?

    The irony of it is… After all the crap dished out by the turd nation about AU having to forfeit or vacate our 2010 NC because of “$cam Newton” the only team that will be vacating a title or have a big fat asterisk beside it will be the Turds themselves. I have absolutely zero pity for any of them…. Now excuse me while I go blare “go on, take the money and run” from my stereo and call my bammer brother. (JK, but only because I’m not a bammer)

  3. Karma.
    Don’t feel one bit sorry for this occurrence. I said a month ago that I thought the REC was gonna regret their handling of Johnny Football. They are not dealing with AU this time ~ who hasn’t fought back or even spent the money trying to. These Texas guys have more money than these bammer guys. The war is on. Gene Stallings KNOWS how the bammers work.

    Convenient that it came out the week of the game……

  4. How many time did we hear “WHERE THERE’S SMOKE THERE’S FIRE!!!?” It’s hard to feel bad for them. Yeah, Fluker’s Twitter account was hacked…right. Bammers are always the first to cast the first stone.

    This reflects negatively on the SEC. Fans across the country point fingers down south and complain that the teams are dirty, despite the fact that this stuff happens everywhere.

  5. Todd92 Todd92 says:

    If you want some cheap entertainment that’s bound to keep you chuckling for days… Go read the meltdown in the comments at RBR…. Lmao

  6. If the allegations are true (which based on the evidence provided I feel is a near certainty) then Fluker would have been committing these infractions while Bama was still on probation. So I would think that puts them in the same boat as the Vols and Bullies.

    On a side note, has anyone else noticed how ESPN and many other members of the national (and local) media are just ignoring this case or even justifying (!) it. If the this was Auburn they would be declaring guilt and demanding the death penalty. I doubt the NCAA will do anything to their beloved Turds.

  7. sparkey sparkey says:

    The money has been shown Acid. I’m not sure what else you’d want there. It’s a hell of a lot more than vague “sources” that came about with the Newton fiasco. The source ended up being Dan Mullen’s wife. There’s a whole lot to this Fluker thing. I said nothing would come of it with Suit-Gate. This time, it’s a whole lot different. I do think this is going to tear down the palace at the Capstone. This one is the one to do it. Now, things are just getting started. There’s so much there. I was beginning to think nobody would ever have the guts to come out against the cheating school. Finally, justice is coming to T-Town but it’s going to take a while.

    • You’re right Sparkey. There may actually be something there as opposed to the hack job on Cam and Auburn. My questions are:

      How did Yahoo obtain bank statements?
      How did Yahoo obtain Western Union money transfer info?
      Which UA staffers knew about what was going on? There’s absolutely no way that they were unaware. Saban’s staff is so organized the have their players BMs timed.

    • tigertracker says:

      Based on the assumed fact that they have text messages between fluker and davis it would lead me to believe that a jilted Davis spilled the beans. Saw where he got released from bills or some team in 2011 I think and probably did this to make a living. Guessing an agent screwed him out of some money so he’s burning the place down. Doubt fluker talked despite his tweet early in the year that was “hacked”.

      Agents confirmed they gave Davis money but didn’t know what for…really??! Flukers mom not knowing the last name of the “long time friend” that bought her plane ticket to Miami?? Figure it will be hard to consider Davis a booster since he is involved with multiple schools, but if one of the agents is in fact a spuat grad who knows.

      Oregon cut a check for $25k directly to Willie lyles and what happened to them? One payment allegedly happened in may 2012 and Nama didn’t get off probation til June 2012, but figure worst case this turns out like Reggie Bush with BCS and wins vacated.

      The last few min of Saban press conference on the RBR site was priceless. Say what you will about chiz but he handled newton situation with extreme coolness. Or possibly just blissful ignorance 😉

      Saw something briefly about Barron and Chapman but didn’t get a chance to read up on that to see how it factors in. Figure espn will break it all down all day saturday. The part about the bedroom suite was pretty damning too.

      Guilty or not I’m at least enjoying the schadenfreude just like the bammers did in 2010. Smoke, fire, what can happen when NCAA investigators show up on your campus, yada yada ad nauseum.

      • Tigertracker what do think the odds are that nobody on Saban’s staff knew about any of this? If it can be proven that a staffer knew any portion of the story Bammer could find themselves in deep fecal matter.

        • tigertracker says:

          I’m sure somebody knew something at some point. Getting them to cooperate with an investigation is another matter. Take the interview with cj moseley yesterday where he talked about the agent education that bama gives the players and then says “that won’t happen AGAIN”. Rather than saying “that didn’t happen”. Too lazy for link right now but you can find it all at RBR. I suggest lurking so you don’t get fecal matter on you.

          • Cooperation isn’t required IF the paper trail leads to them or IF the players involved start really spilling the beans. I suspect REC $$$$$ has already been doled out to keep key peeps quiet, but where does the rest of the paper trail go. This just the tip SI’s iceberg.

            I lurked on RBR a little while yesterday. By the time I left my IQ had dropped 70 points, I wanted to cut the sleeves off of my shirts, and cancel all future dental appointments.

  8. Tigerstripe Tigerstripe says:

    Is there any way to insert pictures into comments??? If not, that’s too bad.

  9. restless6 says:

    Yahoo also mentioned Mark Baron getting paid in 2011. That story should be coming soon.

    Don’t forget, Ed Stinson’s name is in there too.

    The wheels are coming off boys.

    Count on it!


  10. It should be an NCAA infraction for me to enjoy this so much!

  11. Indeed this is highly entertaining, BUT at this point there’s no evidence that anyone in the bammer admin knew or helped to arrange these payments. When it comes players currently in the nfl, I doubt that the NCAA has much jurisdiction.

    It just goes to show, nothing is perfect, even West Vance.

    • NCAA can vacate wins, obvs, but it will be interesting to see what happens if the university admins can prove that they knew nothing of it…..

      • Todd92 Todd92 says:

        I don’t believe USCw was ever proven to have knowledge about Bush’s parents swank home… A lack of institutional control does not require knowledge of the incident… Just a lack of a mechanism to prevent or stop it. Not that this is going to happen in turdville but…

  12. MyAuburn MyAuburn says:

    Makes me want to get a Bammer 15 Nattys shirt, cross out the 15 and in 14:)
    I am just loving this. As of a couple hours ago the comment section on RBR about this had 388 OMG’s…comments.

  13. chief says:

    Sorry to bust anyone’s bubble about the Fluker affair, but as long as the Emmert/Saban relationship continues to exist the E. Mississippi Turds will get absolutely nada in punishment (unless of course satan orders ice cream cones for everyone).

  14. AUJTJarhead AUJTJarhead says:

    C’mon Yahoo. show us the proof! Help bring down the cheating Updykes!

  15. restless6 says:

    If the NCAA doesn’t drop the hammer on the boogs, then Miami should be cleared as USC should be too.

    I hate Alabama with all of my might. I hate every damn thing about them.

    Yahoo has the proof. We will see what the NCAA is made of.

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