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Better Than TV: The Saga of Reuben Foster

By on February 4th, 2013 in Football 33 Comments »

I’ll admit I’ve never understood the fascination with recruiting. After this weekend, that has all changed. The Reuben Foster drama is better than Sunday night with Honey Boo Boo.

I’m ashamed to admit that I’m hooked. The continual updates on message boards this weekend became more intoxicating than a night at Charlie Sheen’s house.

Where’s Reuben now? Is he here or in Tuscaloosa? What about his mama? Who’s she talking to? What happened Friday night between Foster and the Auburn player? What about that tweet?

The drama has been every bit as low brow as an episode of Keeping Up With The  Kardashians, and judging from the traffic, Auburn people couldn’t get enough of it.

If you had better things to do this weekend than follow the trail of an 18 year-old star linebacker and I pray that you did, let me fill you in.

The five-star recruit from Auburn High School arrived on campus Friday for his much ballyhooed official visit to the Plains. According to numerous sources, Foster had a disagreement with an Auburn starter shortly after arriving that resulted in him leaving town the next day and heading to Tuscaloosa.

Alabama wide receiver Chris Jones tweeted Saturday evening that he was hanging out in Tuscaloosa with Foster and running back prospect Alvin Kamara. Minutes later the tweet disappeared; but as we all know by now, nothing ever goes away entirely on the internet.

At 10:30 p.m. Saturday, Bryan Matthews of 247 Sports confirmed that Foster had left Auburn and was in Tuscaloosa.

Message boards across the South exploded and Auburn fans around the state had another drink. This is what has become of college football in 2013 – tracking an 18 year-old kid who’s not yours on a Saturday night. It’s sad on so many levels, yet so damn fascinating.

Then word came that while Foster paraded his AU arm tattoo around T-Town, his mother remained back in Auburn huddled with the coaching staff. Was (is) she maybe still on-board with Auburn?

Yesterday, Matthews posted that Foster was terribly confused. You think? Hell, we all are at this point.

As for the Auburn player involved in the rumored Friday night flair up with Foster, I won’t go there and divulge his name. You can easily find it on your own. There was even an unconfirmed tweet by him saying he was not sorry for what happened. Then it disappeared. Who needs HBO? We’ve got Reuben.

The season finale is expected tonight at 6 p.m. when Foster makes his announcement on Fox Sports. To add to the drama, the show will not actually air until 9 p.m.

I really hate to see it end. Who knows what could happen if we had another week. I guess I’ll have to wait until Mad Men starts back this spring to get my fix.


  1. WDErichie WDErichie says:

    Really ready for the 6th of feb to hurry up and get here!!!!! Can’t take the suspense any more.

  2. DBAU81 says:

    Good luck to whatever school ends up with this kid. They’ll need it.

  3. mikeautiger says:

    Cut him loose. He sounds like trouble to me. Another immature premadona we don’t need. We already know he has character issues by having a little kid and not out do HS. Now we see he has commitment problems by not staying and finishing his commitment to finish his visit and leaving like a immature boy. And he apparently has interpersonal problems too as he gets into an altercation with an upper class-man probably tying to strut his stuff like he thinks he owns the place and because we are sucking up to him like a Hoover.

    I remember some great QB turned defensive back had the same problem and some upper class-man set him straight and he and his daddy left crying, never to be heard from again. Maybe his mom can straighten him out and a little dose of college reality can set him straight and help him mature but right now he is irresponsible and we will be without him. I’d rather give him a chance to stand up and be a man and mature, but I will not be waiting with baited breath to see what he says tonight. And if he does choose AU tonight little Nickey Satan will be on him til Wed. The tat is no problem all you have to do is make the U run over the A.

    One man does not make a team. It takes team to win championships.

  4. uglyjoe says:

    We don’t need this guy.

  5. KoolBell KoolBell says:

    First off, he was scheduled in Tuscalooser on Saturday. He had already made those plans. Whatever happened between Foster and Dismukes will be taken care of if Foster comes to AU. I am still above 90% sure he signs with Auburn.
    That does not mean he will not change his mind again. Look at Mike Blakely, he was torn between Florida and Auburn, now he has chosen not to be at either one. Good luck Mike.

    • Pine Mt Tiger Pine Mt Tiger says:

      How could Foster be “scheduled in Tuscalooser on Saturday” when he had been announcing for a week that he was taking the final weekend as an official to Auburn and that he “owed that to them?

      • KoolBell KoolBell says:

        Good question. His Mom stayed behind in AU while he drove to Tuscaloosa. Why? Another good question. What is this kid thinking? I wouldn’t hazard a guess! I’ll be glad when his saga is over! I can’t imagine what Gus is thinking.
        One thought I did have was this. What if Foster drove to Tuscaloosa to deliver his final decision? He is announcing tonight on Fox Sports South college recruiting show. 6pm I think…

        • Pine Mt Tiger Pine Mt Tiger says:

          Respectfully, you didn’t answer my question.

          You said, “First off, he was scheduled in Tuscalooser on Saturday. He had already made those plans.”

          Where did you get that info from, when all of Foster’s statements for the past week have been that he was giving Auburn the final weekend, and ALL the recruiting sites were saying the same thing. I follow pretty close and saw nothing anywhere to say he was planning on splitting time between Auburn and Bama?

          Can you provide a link to where you got this info from?

          • KoolBell KoolBell says:

            No, I can’t provide a link. So, I’ll retract that statement, apologize to all the Alabama fans about the Tuscalooser comment(poor attempt at humor), and all of you.

          • KoolBell KoolBell says:

            Let me add this…

            I have a lot better things to do than sit around and watching what a bunch of teenagers say and do. Most of them have been sheltered most of their life in school, and don’t know a thing about true responsibility.

            I do however love Auburn football, and this is part of it. My least favorite part of it, but part of it nonetheless.

          • Pine Mt Tiger Pine Mt Tiger says:

            You don’t owe me any apology. I have no problem with “Tuscalooser” used it before myself.

            I was just confused that you said he was scheduled to be there and had already made those plans. It’s just that I really respect what you say. Usually when KB says something like that, he got it from somewhere. And I was just curious where the info came from.

          • KoolBell KoolBell says:

            I can’t find where I read that he had a scheduled meeting with the Alabama coaches. His statement about an official visit with AU was that he felt he “owed them that much” Take that for what it’s worth.

            I don’t know what to read into that statement of his, because quite frankly, he has been all over the board with his mixed messages. Most people assumed his OV was for the duration of the weekend, as did I. The news that he left early to go to Tuscaloosa caught many of us by surprise. The fact that it was surrounded by stories of a disagreement with a current player added to that shock. Makes Foster look childish.

  6. audude audude says:

    I remember reading that we need players who want to be at AUBURN.

    Agree with the “let’s get it over” sentiment and get on with the process of rebuilding. Fortunately I did not watch any net news over the weekend!

  7. bornatiger says:

    This kid is trouble we are better off without him Lawson reaffirmed his comitmentment m.adams may be picking up steam we will be fine I would rather get another big runningback wde

  8. Tiger on the mountain Tiger on the mountain says:

    “One man does not make a team. It takes team to win championships.”

    Indeed, Mike, Indeed!!!

    If the rumor of racial slurs is true, then any player involved in saying those things needs to be excused from the team.

    If all of this is rumor and he truly had planned well in advance to split the weekend between Auburn and West Vance, well, negative reactions say more about us than about him…….

    If he ends up coming to Auburn, I hope that he comes with a clear head and is ready to dig in and work. If he goes somewhere else, I wish him the best.

  9. Randyc37 Randyc37 says:

    If Foster wants to go to the other school in Alabama, then I wish him well. If he does not sign with Auburn, I am sure that Ellis Johnson has another kid that can be coached up to fill the slot. Johnny Manziel was only a 3 coming out of college and look how he turned out.

  10. Col.Angus Col.Angus says:

    Please, please, please, we ALLL know whats going on here. Rueben is on his last leg of the “show me the money” tour. He’s Trooper’s boy and we all know he came to Auburn under very suspicious circumstances, at least enough to draw NCAA scrutiny, after he decommitted from Bama. Then he got that big Auburn tat….which is EXACTLY what I would’ve done if I had no job and had a toddler at home, and I came into about $500 bucks. Then of course when Trooper is shown the door, that probably severed whatever “arrangement” the two had for coming to Auburn, which precipitated all the antics that have occured since.
    I have seen this movie a few times now, so I’ll bring you up to speed on how the screenplay goes, and as most screenplays go it has two drafts.
    Draft 1: Rueben struggles with his decision, he gets on TV with mama and his baby and sits at the table with hats of Auburn, Bama, and UGA. He fidgets with them, picks up the UGA hat, puts it down, then looks at the Auburn hat but picks up the Bama hat, makes sure the bill is straight, then puts it down, goes to pick up the Auburn hat and then immediatley plants the Bama hat on his hat and says ROLL TIDE! Rueben, baby and Mama go to Tuscaloosa, where Mama gets a new job making about $80k, enough to support baby. Rueben sits on the bench for the better part of 3 years after redshirting, starts his Junior year at 6’3″ 260 rock hard pounds and plays lights out All America ball for the Tide for two years. Rueben enters the draft and is a top 10 pick with Mama and 4th grader in tow.
    Draft 2: Rueben fidgets with the Bama hat puts it down and picks up the Auburn hat and puts it firmly on his head, mama and baby cry with him as he signs at Auburn. Everybody at Auburn is elated. In May, its found that Rueben isn’t going to make his grades and he has to go the Juco route. Two years later he signs with Oklahoma. He never plays a down for Auburn. Or worse, he gets investigated and we get nailed for violations. Cut its a wrap.
    Trust me, if we sign this kid, it won’t end up working out good for us. He’ll work out fine for the Turd, just not us. Thats not how these types of high-drama signings work.

    By all accounts he is “supposedly” a good kid, but the klaxxons are ringing in my ears about him and as I flail my arms all about, all I can say is “DANGER GUS MALZAHN!!…DANGER!!”

    • Tiger on the mountain Tiger on the mountain says:

      Rec’d for awesomeness!

    • Ricky Bobby says:

      I’m sick and tired of watching this same flick every year.
      I truly cannot stand the recruiting process.

    • WoodrowAU95 says:

      Agreed. I’ll go with Draft #1. This whole thing stinks. I think people are getting tired of his shenanigans. I am.

      I hope AU is NOT his choice.

  11. spanky says:

    I don’t care anymore. Until he is wearing a jersey on Saturday lets stop writing about him.

  12. Malakai Malakai says:

    Wanna bet the school he chooses tonight is not the same one he signs with? I mean come on, keeping his word for two days is just not shocking enough for this guy!

    I’m telling you. I see him being a disturbance in the locker room that a fragile AU team DOES NOT need. I don’t care if Cam wanted to come back and play at Auburn. If he had the same attitude this kid has he is more of a hindrance than a help. I don’t give a damn how good he is.

    Let Nicky Satan have him. I think that’s probably the only coach in America that could get this guy to actually check his ego at the door.

  13. wde1988 wde1988 says:

    I am hearing he picked bama. But with this kid it won’t matter until his commitment comes in on the fax. Even then there are things about this kid I find troubling.

    Honestly, I don’t think AU needs another Mike Dyer. We need a Kodi Burns! Somebody who understands that Auburn is bigger than any of us… no matter what folks say.

    War Eagle!

    • wde1988 wde1988 says:

      Best of luck Reuben! Your 15 minutes of fame are over until you are at least a junior. And that is only if you get lucky and get to hang around until then. I am betting that you aren’t going to make it… let’s be honest, the odds are NOT in your favor.

      I hope your new friends and fans enjoy your AUBURN tat. That is a good way to make friends! You will be different! Stand out in a crowd! LOL.

      War Eagle !

      • wde1988 wde1988 says:

        Incidentally AU is in the mix for the following:

        5-star Montravius Adams DT

        4-star Toby Johnson DT

        4-star Elijah Daniel DE

        4-star Johnathan Ford RB

        4-star Tashawn Bower DE

        4-star Deon Mix OL

        4-star Corn Elder Ath

        4-star McKensie Alexander CB

        3-star Mackenroe Alexander Safety

        4-star Tarean Folston RB


  14. WoodrowAU95 says:

    AU has plenty of great guys coming in the fall that want to play for AU. Keep recruiting these guys hard and move away from this one. There are several big names with interest in AU. Keep on top of those. Go get ’em, coaches!!! WDE!!!!

    Glad the circus is over! ——-until Wednesday. Oh, man!!! HA!!

  15. Col.Angus Col.Angus says:

    If you didn’t see his announcement, all I can say is “Thank God He didn’t pick Auburn!”
    First off, I’m sure he is not as ignorant as he sounded, but good god, he BARELY put a sentence together….but not a coherent one. If he graduates and qualifies to go to Alabama, I don’t know what that says about our educational system, but it ain’t good. (bad English for emphasis)
    Secondly, all he had to say about Auburn was that Trooper got him to Auburn and that he loved Trooper and then he mumbled something about business being business and loving Alabama since he was a pup. Basically what he was admitting is that The Turd pays better…well, shocker. I am sure he will be a great player for Bama, but after seeing that performance I am certain that he would have only brought the NCAA and disappointment to Auburn, at best he would have been Trey Blackmon 2.0, a supremely talented player without the smarts to utilize that talent.
    In any event I hope things work out for his daughters sake, she didn’t ask to be born to an immature and uneducated teenage daddy, so his getting to the NFL is her best chance at having a decent life.
    God speed Rueben, hope you survive the process.

  16. mccullars says:

    Auburn dodged a bullet.

  17. Tiger on the mountain Tiger on the mountain says:

    I am much relieved and wish the young man, happy trails.

  18. bornatiger says:

    So glad he went elswhere wish I could be in the lockeroom to how that tattoo works its real funny that a Alabama man has a auburn tattoo that is great wde

  19. theboogins says:

    Heard a great conspiracy theory:
    Rube was committed to Bama all along, he was just acting as a dbl agent to try to get Trooper to offer something under the table. Tattoo was a bit over the top for that.

    Wish him well, would love to know what Dismukes supposedly said to him.

  20. sparkey sparkey says:

    Thanks Reese, yet again you screw up everything. I’m tired of that guy. He needs to go now. His name is too often involved with trouble. Why he is still on the team I’ll never know. Regardless of whether or not you agree with what he was saying, you don’t do something like that right before NSD. The fact that it hasn’t gotten public steam yet with ESPN shocks me and I hope it stays that way. From what I understand, Reese will not be on the team much longer. I say good riddance to you! Go drink somewhere else!