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Bash the Bulldogs! (Auburn vs. Mississippi State Open Thread)

By on September 30th, 2017 in Football 3 Comments »

Can Pettway get loose again?
(AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis)

     War Eagle, everybody! It’s another college football Saturday! This afternoon, the Auburn Tigers will host the Mississippi State Bulldogs. It’s another all-important SEC Western Division game and a long running rivalry in the SEC. The two teams have battled every year since 1955. On Mississippi State’s last visit in 2015, the Bulldogs throttled the Auburn offense and won 17–9. Auburn returned the favor in Starkville last season, blasting out to a 35–0 halftime lead en route to a 38–14 blowout. Today’s matchup will kick off at 5:00 PM Central Daylight Time, and it will be nationally televised on ESPN.

     The latest lines on this game have Auburn favored by 8 points, and I feel like Mississippi State proved in last week’s 31–3 loss at Georgia that the Bulldogs are much less impressive when they are away from home. On the other hand, this may be a subdued Auburn campus, after the shocking announcement of the arrest of basketball assistant and Auburn legend Chuck Person. Furthermore, published a piece Friday evening stating that Athletic Director Jay Jacobs is on his way out.

     Fairly good weather is likely on tap for this one. It should be partly cloudy at kickoff with temps at or just under 80 degrees. It should remain dry, and rain is not expected.

     As always, feel free to join in and enjoy this thread. I’ll be in and out this afternoon, but I will not be available during the game for a play by play.

BeachTiger BeachTiger October 1, 20178:41 pm

Watching the hi-lites was awesome!

ATL_AU_FAN ATL_AU_FAN October 1, 201711:13 am

BeachTiger BeachTiger October 1, 20178:06 am

Great game for Auburn! Although the game was long over in the fourth, I was somewhat disappointed that ESPN decided to flip over to the Bama game. I tried going to my ESPN Watch app but it would not connect… so I missed MW’s 67-yarder. I hope someone will post it. Take care Auburn family… and War Damn Eagle!

gulfsurfing September 30, 20179:43 pm

24-7 Troy over LSU 8:15 left in the 4th

audude audude September 30, 20179:17 pm

Malik Willis runs 67 yards for a touchdown Tigers!

audude audude September 30, 20179:16 pm

And Troy is upsetting LSU in the 3rd qrtr with 8:00 left 17-0(rgeron)

audude audude September 30, 20178:53 pm

Davis with the interception and pick 6!

audude audude September 30, 20178:47 pm

This is what the O is supposed to do. Take the ball and score!

CapnVegetto September 30, 20178:38 pm

What is up with the OL? Where have these guys been all year?

ATL_AU_FAN ATL_AU_FAN September 30, 20177:01 pm

133 pass yards; 90 rush- 223 total to 45 for MSST. And still 13:38 left in first half.

War_Eagle_2010 War_Eagle_2010 September 30, 20176:40 pm

Play calling looks really good so far.

CapnVegetto September 30, 20176:31 pm

This team is so stacked with talent, all they need is a coaching staff that doesn’t have their heads up their rear ends.

CapnVegetto September 30, 20176:31 pm

I love this defense. God I wish we had ANY offensive coaching. Stidham isn’t the problem. It’s the OL and ESPECIALLY the coaching.

jlobailey September 30, 20176:23 pm

Again, Stidham looks horrible in the pocket.

CapnVegetto September 30, 20176:08 pm

7-0 after 3 fails. Gus better have a good year. If Jacobs is gone, so is his safety net.

Acid Reign Acid Reign September 30, 20174:57 pm

…..Work calls, and I’ll be absent from here forward, today. Expect a grade report probably Sunday afternoon, late.

Acid Reign Acid Reign September 30, 20174:56 pm

…..Kentucky and Eastern Michigan are all tied at 7.

Acid Reign Acid Reign September 30, 20174:56 pm

…..Jake Fromm on the keeper, and UGA is up on Tennessee 17-0, midway through the 2nd period. Looks bad for the Vols.

Acid Reign Acid Reign September 30, 20174:12 pm

…..UGA with the score, and they lead the Vols 10-0, in the first quarter.

Acid Reign Acid Reign September 30, 20174:06 pm

…..As I say that, they luckily recover a lost fumble, and are knocking on the door.

Acid Reign Acid Reign September 30, 20174:05 pm

…..Georgia looks sluggish. Might be a classic letdown game, for them.

ATL_AU_FAN ATL_AU_FAN September 30, 20173:45 pm

TN throws an INT on their opening drive but still manage to hold UGA to FG.
13:37 remaining in the first
3-0 Georgia

Acid Reign Acid Reign September 30, 20173:31 pm

…..We go final, in Gainesville. Florida 38, Vanderbilt 24. Arkansas topped New Mexico State earlier, 42-24.

Acid Reign Acid Reign September 30, 20173:20 pm

…..Poor Vandy. They get Florida to 4th and 1, and call timeout to get one more chance, trailing 31-24. And BOOM! They don’t get a good defensive call in, and give up a 39 yard breakaway TD.

ATL_AU_FAN ATL_AU_FAN September 30, 20173:13 pm

Vandy kept to close for a while.

Acid Reign Acid Reign September 30, 20172:51 pm

….Northwestern’s upset special was shut down in the 2nd half. Wisconsin leads that one, 31-10.

Acid Reign Acid Reign September 30, 20172:40 pm

…..Afternoon CBS entertainment will be Georgia at Tennessee. The Vol defense has been shaky thus far this year. Can they make a game of it?

Acid Reign Acid Reign September 30, 20172:39 pm

…..Florida pulls out to a 31-17 lead on Vandy, and this one is likely over.

Acid Reign Acid Reign September 30, 20172:32 pm

…..Garbage time in Arkansas. The Razorbacks lead New Mexico State 42-24, early in the 4th period.

Acid Reign Acid Reign September 30, 20172:31 pm

…..Florida is looking to put the pesky Commodores away. At the end of the 3rd, it’s Florida 24, Vanderbilt 17. And Florida is first and goal at the one.

Acid Reign Acid Reign September 30, 20172:29 pm

…..No retraction at, of course.

ATL_AU_FAN ATL_AU_FAN September 30, 20172:23 pm

And according to, President Leath released a statement regarding Jay Jacobs
“The report is inaccurate,” Leath said in the statement. “Jay Jacobs is the Athletics Director, and I have had no such conference call with the Board of Trustees.”

Acid Reign Acid Reign September 30, 20171:44 pm

…..There was a contingent that wanted to hire Leach at Auburn, after Chizik was let go. I wonder how that would have worked out?

Acid Reign Acid Reign September 30, 20171:43 pm

…..The Apple Cup may be for all the marbles out west, this year. You know, it took Mike Leach a few years before.Texas Tech was very good. Now, Leach is in his 5th season at Washington State, and is making some noise.

Acid Reign Acid Reign September 30, 20171:42 pm

…..Notable nationally, Northwestern leads Wisconsin 10-7 at the half, in an upset special. Anyone who was able to stay awake late last night, saw a great football game in Pullman, Washington. Washington State pulled out a 30-27 win over Southern Cal. Wazzou is now 5-0 on the season, and is out front in the PAC-12 standings.

Acid Reign Acid Reign September 30, 20171:36 pm

…..And we are live! Checking SEC early action, Arkansas is having their way with New Mexico State, leading 28-10 at the half. In Gainesville, Florida is all tied up at the half with Vanderbilt, 17-all.


  1. auburnelvis says:

    Tigers looking good tonight!

  2. Squeakywheel says:

    Pettway looks slow as molasses and keeps coughing up the ball. Bring back Kerryon!

  3. Squeakywheel says:

    Pick six! War Eagle!